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Application of Homeopathy in practice is identical to Indian classical music where each raga carries definite notes and sequence (Materia Medica) and it is mathematical in nature (Organon), yet each of the performer creates the ragas, artistically with in the sphere of those notes, which is absolutely governed by the laws of rhythm and notes.Even the slightest deviation will change the color of that Raga. It is an art, but governed by certain stringent laws.

I will like us to dwell on the teachings of the Masters, on this subject


"Homœopathy is essentially not only many-sided but all-sided. She investigates the action of all substances, whether articles of diet, beverages, condiments, drugs or poisons. She investigates their action on the healthy, the sick, animals and plants. She gives; a new interpretation to that ancient, oft quoted saying of Paul, Prove all things--a new meaning, a new application that acts universally. Elimination of the useless may gradually take place with the growth of accurate physiological and pathological knowledge."


The Materia Medica can be learned by careful study and by using it. It can be understood but not memorized. All who would memorize the Materia Medica must ignominiously fail. To be constantly at hand, it must be constantly and correctly used. The continuous study of the Materia Medica by the aid of a full repertory for comparison is the only means of continuing in a good working knowledge. To learn the Materia Medica, one must master Hahnemann's Organon, after which the symptomatology and the Organon go "hand in hand." The Organon, the symptomatology, and a full repertory must be the constant reference books, if careful homeopathic prescribing is to be attained and maintained.

Allen H.C.

The life-work of the student of the homoeopathic Materia Medica is one of constant comparison and differentiation. He must compare the pathogenesis of a remedy with the recorded anamnesis of the patient; he must differentiate the apparently similar symptoms of two or more medicinal agents in order to select the similimum. 


What you want to know is exactly what this medicine will do. What would you think of a machinist who undertook to build a machine when he did not know how the, parts fitted together? what would you think of a physician who does not know the use of the tools he is about to employ ? You now intend to try the effects of this drug on some healthy person or persons. Will it produce alterations in the function or the nutrition of the body or of its organs? If so a symptom or symptoms will be the result. Symptoms, then, are indications of alterations in the functions or the nutrition of a part or of parts of the body. I have been accused of stepping down from the lofty heights of pure homeopathy and dressing myself in physiological livery. The statement made against me is that we cannot know what changes are taking place except through symptoms, therefore if one begins to talk about altered tissue, he at once pollutes homeopathy. This is true and it is false. It is true if you take this altered tissue alone. It is not true if you regard this altered tissue as a manifestation of the change in the vital force. I cannot see how there can be a symptom which is not at least the result of a change of function. I do not mean that you must give Bryonia because it acts on serous membranes ; I do not mean that you must give Aconite because it produces dry skin, heat, etc. I do not say that you shall give Belladonna because it produces hyperaemia of the brain and dilatation of the pupil; but I do say that these drugs produce these effects, and if these effects are not alterations in function what are they ? We can know changes in the vital forces only by results, and these results are symptoms.


In the exercise of any art which involves the use of tools or implements of any kind, the first condition essential to success is this: 

That the scope and limits of the art be clearly defined and well understood, in order that no attempt may be made to exercise the art under circumstances which do not call for it, and which would necessarily preclude success. 

A second condition no less essential is a thorough familiarity with the tools or implements of the art; the origin, nature, powers and capabilities of each, and their relations to each other. This knowledge will teach us properly to select our tools according to the work we have to perform.


To fasten upon the mind of the reader the strongest points in each remedy. Good off-hand prescribing can be done in simple uncomplicated cases if we have fixed in our minds, for ready use, the characteristic symptoms

 The elder Lippe was remarkable for such ability.

To try to discourage the disposition to quarrel over Symptomatology and Pathology. Neither can be ruled out, and it is foolish for our school to divide on such a bone of contention. Every symptom has its pathological significance, but we cannot always give it in words; but the fact that it has such meaning is sufficient reason for prescribing on the Symptom or Symptoms without insisting on, or trying to give, the explanation.


Our pathogeneses, in spite of showing many features due to the provers idiosyncracies, the translator’s command of idioms, clinical experiences and misinterpretations, are nevertheless excellent resumes which place the keynotes in their true light, as points of departure only for their abuse distorts natures image and often brings disaster which ends in scepticism or mongrelism. A concise view not only includes the time and order in which symptoms arise, but also the things which modify them—the modalities.

Of course this is not an end, we may add many more from the modern era, also.



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