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Launching the Walk for Homeopathy in Belgium


Spending an afternoon in the sauna with the friend, who was going to join me the first day of the Walk in Belgium, was meant to set the tone.  The Walk should connect, link and heal but… being enjoyable as well. 
And agreeable it was. We finally had (or made) enough time to catch up with each other while walking alongside the canal from Hasselt direction Beverlo next day. Another friend met us on the way and walked part of the track. Then she went home to prepare a meal. A friend in common came to see us and we enjoyed another great vegetarian meal talking all evening at the kitchen table.

Next day my calf muscle still hurt but with ointment and a bandage it was doable. Luckily the weather was mild again and the path through the woods and along the old miners sites deserted, and quiet.

While watching the countless pine trees I thought about how they all look alike despite being all different. No two pine trees are the same because they all have deviations from the perfect Platonic ‘pine tree idea’. Were they perfect, they would all be the same, or there would only be one pine tree: the perfect one. Isn’t that similar to human beings: all look alike yet different.
This difference is our singularity, our deviation from the ‘Perfect Human’.  With one basic blueprint it’s possible to create endless variation, deviating all somewhat from the perfect model.
And all those deviations are different and characteristic.
Homeopaths call the characteristics of the person: his vital sensation. When a resonating remedy restores balance, he will still have his own characteristic deviation from the perfect model but in the maximum harmony. Perfect in his imperfection. Do we call a blue gemstone ‘imperfect’’ because its color is due to ‘pollution’ with some element?
These kinds of thoughts a person gets when walking alone for hours.

Just as I finished a lovely hot bath Christel picked me up in the hotel to meet Rob Vaes, a homeopath, creator and director of the ‘Levenschool’, a training center for naturopaths. The school is an enormous success with hundreds of students. His new trainings center for apprentices, rooms for residents and a sauna complex is almost finished. We had an interesting conversation while being spoiled with the vegetarian cookery of his wife.  The basic line was that all health practitioners should unite in a bigger organization that can speak up for all.

The next two days Peter Guinee, a Dutch homeopath who is in business at least 30 years, joined me from Houthalen to Opglabbeek and then to Genk. Wednesday it was raining all day and somehow we ended twice on noisy roads. Luckily the B&B that was reserved for us (Bed and Beyond) turned out to be a pleasant surprise: fancy design rooms and a very warm welcome from the owners. A warm bath, a meal and a glass of wine helped forgetting blisters, wet feet and painful muscles.

Two anecdotes I recall from this first Belgian trajectory: while looking at the maps on a street corner, a woman with a headscarf stopped her car and asked if she could take Helga and me. During the conversation in the car, she said that her late husband was treated with homeopathy and it kept him high spirited and without pain until the end. Although it couldn’t save him, she was grateful for this palliative maximization of his quality of life. The second anecdote was in a grocery shop where we bought some fruits.  Answering the guy behind the counter‘s questions he admitted he didn’t know about homeopathy but he started telling us how he refused the vaccinations for his son because he informed himself and doubted the affectivity!

Proofs of common sense and personal conclusions I was delighted to find widespread at a grass root level !
Many times when we took a break for a coffee or a soup, people were interested in our project and encouraged us and wished us luck.

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on January 21, 2013 at 11:58pm

All the best Anne.

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