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Jackie Evancho Super Hero Voice Of An Angel


Jacqueline Marie Evancho, an angel from heaven arrives on earth to stun and bedazzle us. 

A young girl who is "possessed" by the music. I do not think she means "possessed" in a negative way, as if an evil force has taken over her body, rather that she is "in the flow" when she 'becomes" the music channeling through her from spirit. In perfect attunement, calm and a place of peace the music washes over her and us. Continue to breath while listening, even if you feel like all of your breathing has stopped.

The greatest gift of all, knowing your purpose on this earth, occurred through a series of coincidences. Her parents took her, at the age of 8, to see the show 'Phantom of the Opera,' which exposed her to the sounds that would greatly influence Jackie. Arriving home, she began to sing the songs. It wasn't until someone suggested that she enter a contest that her parents and Jackie recognized her innate talents.

Besides the fact that Jackie wears a continuous glowing smile, has beauty, poise, charm, she also has an incredible ability to speak numerous languages and adapt to the pressures of standing in the spotlight.

If ever she would have troubles with her voice, as homeopaths, we might think about the silver series, due to the affinity with performance, voice, hoarse throat, music, singing, speech, communication and sound. Additional themes consist of creative endeavors, inspiring ideas, aesthetics, artistic pursuits, science, mysticism. Her creative talents delve into composition and writing. Her desires to sing with the top opera stars and even expand out to pop culture hint at an incredible future. Expect to hear more of Jackie, an accomplished and rising star, who will gain even more experience and maturity as the years go by. 

Think of Jackie as the epitome of "success" in this series. 


The Periodic Table in Homeopathy by Ulrich Welte

The Silver Series - A Practical Guide with Case Studies


The Periodic Table of Elements was one of the most ingenious discoveries of all times. The nature and interactions of elements are present everywhere and at any time. This natural order of elements endows us with a new structure and order of homeopathic remedies. To translate this system of elements into homeopathic thinking and language is one of the most fascinating pioneer works of present medicine.

“Ulrich Welte has expanded the Element Theory and brought it vividly to life in his own practice. The cases demonstrate his full understanding of the essences of the remedies and of the problems in differentiating them. The chapter on the differential diagnosis of the stages clearly shows his deep and intuitive grasp of the subject. I can recommend this book to every practising homeopath and to all those seeking a practical and nuanced introduction to the Element Theory.”

Jan Scholten

E-Book Version


Introduction to the Silver Series



Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho pronounced (ɛ:van:kʰo) (born April 9, 2000) is a young soprano from Richland Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who gained popularity after a performance for America's Got Talent. Evancho sings in the "classical crossover" style of singers such as Hayley Westenra and Sarah Brightman. She studies singing with a voice coach, and also plays the violin and piano. Aired: September 07, 2010



Metals in Homeopathy by Patricia Le Roux

Core essences and paediatric cases for all the elements of the Iron, Silver and Gold series

The theory of elements is becoming increasingly popular in homeopathy. Patricia Le Roux, an experienced paediatrician from Marseille, demonstrates for the first time the use of this theory in the treatment of children.
The popular author describes with uncompromising clarity and simplicity all the remedies of the Iron, Silver and Gold series. She presents each remedy with an impressive case study, followed by an essence for each, as well as the remedy’s key symptoms.

The case descriptions range from infections, eczema, asthma, glomerulonephritis, rheumatoid arthritis and anaemia, all the way through to learning difficulties, developmental delays, depression and anorexia.
The book’s simple, almost abstract style convincingly conveys a sense that the author ‘lives’ these remedies and one sees how she prescribes with ease and accuracy. After reading this book, one is left eager to apply the methods in one’s own practice. The book really is “worth it’s weight in gold”.

“Patricia Le Roux is very good at looking for and finding the essence, in her patients and in the  remedies. She has a great talent for incorporating the new theories in homeopathy and elaborating on them. And she has a great talent for successfully applying those theories to her patients. Add to that her ability to write down her experiences in a precise and clear way and you will be convinced that this book is well worth having.” ~ Jan Scholten

Patricia La Roux



Homoeopathy and the Elements by Jan Scholten

A masterpiece! Since Mendeleev, the periodic table of the elements has proved to be a tried and tested system to describe and predict the chemical and physical properties of all the elements in the material universe. But the homeopathic interpretation had to wait until our time. Scholten discovered the themes of the elements from their position in the periodic table. Only the Lanthanides were not described in this book.

All elements in each horizontal row are characterized by a single common theme, and are known as a series. The seven series are each called by the best-known element of the series. So there is, for example, a Carbon series (characterized by problems with children's values, a weak “I”, and body image in general); an Iron series (problems with work, duty, routine and rules); a Silver series (corresponding to creativity and publicity, communicating ideas, such as found in artists, top sportspeople, middle management), etc.
Each series is divided into a maximum of 18 stages. The 18 stages correspond to the electron configuration in the outer shell of the atom, and so to the chemical behavior of the relevant element. Homeopathically speaking, these stages are the individual developmental steps of each series. This vivid understanding of the series and stages therefore enables us to capture the qualities of each element and use it in homeopathic practice. The points of intersection of the series and stages exactly define the theme of each element. Therefore, almost every imaginable situation can be depicted in terms of a combination of particular elements.

The result is an enormously powerful means of homeopathic prescribing, assuming that the new system is really understood. It is indeed a very worthwhile object of study, and we can say from our own experience that many patients have already profited from this new jewel of homeopathy.


Jackie Evancho just wants to make it to the top to follow her dreams. 

I'm also thinking about Coffea when she wins each round, feels like crying, is SO

amazed at each step up that mountain to the top. So, I wanted to finish that thought from the beginning of this article. The musical "gift" given to little Jackie at the young age of 10, impresses us because the epitome of perfection that the world witnesses openly, as if a true miracles. We must remember that each and everyone of us are a living miracle, as well.


The difference, for us, we must search and find our gifts to realize our 'why' and our 'purpose.' Some of us do know from our passions, skills and talents. The majority of people feel lost, unknowing exactly what we must accomplish in our lifetimes. 


We still must go day-by-day, step-by-step moving forward until that sequence of events clicks into that moment of realization. The waiting, the frustrations, the anxiety, the unknowing present itself, but we can still learn together and breath into our future. 



Visit her website | Listen to her heavenly voice on her new album

Jackie on MySpace

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