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Is Fetishism Curable?  Dr. M. A. USMANI

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There shouldn’t have been any fetishism had man not committed the first sin. There would obviously be no such need and no such situation.  Eve and Adam were living naked without any sense of their nudity.  Perhaps they had a sort of rutting seasons, as most of the animal world has. Without that period they would not be aware of sex.  They would sit together, eat together, and bathe together, without peeping at each other’s genitalia.  Man perhaps is the most ill equipped among the entire animal world.  He doesn’t have the hairy coat or feathery skin as most animal have.  Nor does he have tail as they all have, to hide their modesty. There should not have been any incest. Incest? Yes, there would have been everything that goes with the incest, but without the stigma of ‘incest’. There is no mention that Adam and Eve had ever built a cottage to live in, or made a cot to lie on. All these activities began after the first sin. The first mishap that occurred to them was their getting aware of their genitalia, which created in them the need for habiliment, with a slow, but definite sartorial sense, for hiding or remedying their newly awakened sense of nudity. This start of the habiliment, with the acquisition of sartorial sense and art, is the beginning of man’s having fetishes. Wearing clothes created the inquisitiveness to see the naked body. Before this there were no fetishism, no voyeurism, no paraphilia, and no need for pornography. Scenes of copulation would have been drab and commonplace for them; (not something to sneak at, or preserve them for later on enjoyment, as pornography), as an intimate hug of the lovers, in public places, with lips sealed with each other, are so drab scenes in the permissive western society today, that no body heeds them.


So, we conclude, that the sin, the sense of having committed a sin, or disobedience, became the beginning of all wisdom, culture, civilization, with all its inquisitiveness, seeking and acquisition of knowledge. In a nutshell civilization and culture, in the real sense, began with the commitment of the first sin. A sinless person can be an angel, but not a human being.  This Original or the Great Sin is the father of all that is civilization today.  The poet says:

  • Ik umr ma’siat ko samajhta raha hoon aib

Ik umr zindigi se gurezaan raha hoon mein

i.e. A definite period of life I’ve been thinking (or taking) sin as vile; 

For that very period, I found, I had been living away from life.


The more restrictive a society, the more strange, but banal, fetishes we have. In societies where women are heavily clad and wear veils or drapery to hide their ornaments and make-up, we find such fetishes as hands, feet, and the white rotundity of heels that alternately become covered and uncovered as a lady, with long veils or drapery, walks at a public place. So we find poets and lovers, spending their whole lifetime imaging and composing couplets praising the beautiful hands or shapely heels, marbled tapering fingers or black, large eyes. We find in the West raging fetishes of foot and hands, thanks to the involvement of ladies in manicure and foot care. The celebration of ‘cleavage day’ is quite fresh in memory.


Fetishism is a psychological issue. It is a sort of fixation, which may grow into an addiction, or an all-consuming passion; and the person is madly in love with the object of his fixation. Whenever he or she finds a person of his or her liking, his/her eyes would start surveying the person’s body, striving to see the object of his or her fetish. Finding it, and finding it according to the standard of their taste, their adoration of the person increases manifold. Some persons are so consumed with the object of their fetish, that it is divested of the sex (or gender) of the person, his age or personality. If the object of their fixation is marvelously matching the image of their fetish, they are satisfied, may it be found on the person of an ugly or aged woman, or on the body of a person of his/her own gender. It is the beauty of the object of their fetish, not the person that is their concern. This is the height of their madness, when the fetish makes hazy the boundaries of gender, and obliterates every distinction between decency and indecency. What is the idea of having thousands of wives, where one or two can suffice. There must be some quest or seeking for the satisfaction of a sort of fetish, behind this madness.


Sometimes the male virility gets attached with the fetish. A man would be more potent (or virile) with the person on whose body his fetish is met. A wife, who has the beautiful instance of her husband’s fetish on her person, will be the life-long darling of her husband. And this availability of his fetish on her body would prove to be the sure bet for the stability of their wedlock.  Never will she ever taste the bitter morsel divorce. In his fetish is her destiny.  


Another quality of the craving or fascination of fetish is that it is insatiable. A fetishist has insatiable craving to go on seeking new and newest instances of the object of his fetish, as in the living world, video clips or paintings or pictures.  His faithfulness is through the fetish and with the fetish. And his search of fetish is his mystical journey.  The poet says:

            Hei haseen-e-taza her lehza maqsood-e-nazr;

            Husan se mazboot peiman-e-wafa rakhta hun mein.

i.e. A new beautiful person (with my fetish) is sought, every moment, by my eyes;

      I’ve a strong bond of faithfulness with the beautiful instances of my fetish, where ever they are met.


Now we come to our homeopathy. Which medicine has the garnering instinct, i.e. to collect the objects of one’s fascination? That is Sulphur, which I’ve amply explained in my article on Sulphur, long ago.
Visit:  Scribe Sulphur Personality or  Sulphur Personality


Homeopathy is a psycho-somatic medicine. A well taken case, homeopathically, is a case that has, with all the important physical symptoms, a strong anamnesis of striking mental symptoms. It is inculcated in the mind of a homeopath to give priority or precedence to mental symptoms, during his analysis of the case, if the mentals are very strong and indubitable.


Homeopathy has ‘open-door’ acceptance of Psychoanalysis and psychiatry.  These both disciplines have their own validity. A homeopath may not agree with therapeutic part of Psychiatry, but psychoanalysis’ role in finding and exploring the motivation of various behavior complexes, homeopathy can get insight from it. What the psychoanalysis solves by laying bare the past complexes of the present clinical complaint, and thereby inculcating the understanding of the symptom complex, and, thus bringing home the realization of the triviality of the cause of the whole formidable complex, homeopathy should praise it.  How beautifully the patient is relieved by the simple realization of the cause. Same realization can come through the caricature effect of the surgery of the object of fetish—seeing the surgical mutilating process, and the result of it, can liberate or mitigate the intensity, and the magic spell of the fetish. It would have an iconoclastic effect. Its effective example is the witnessing of the liposuction surgery on the abdomen. It dilutes the magic of belly-button fetish.


The most intense cases of fetish spells, I have found are Sulphur cases; which show that they are strongly psoric cases. Such remedies as Hyos., Stram., Phos., Plat., Canth., Staph., Tarent. Lil.tig. and few others are usually exhibited. (Carcinosin, and Tuberculinum are summarily the best remedies). But total ‘cure’ of fetishism is not possible, nor should it be sought. It is the spice of life. It is the spirit behind world’s great works of arts. Why Rubens likes gross bodies, (e.g. his famous painting, Three Graces), of middle aged women, with rather protruding bellies and indented nates? It must be his fetishistic vision of female beauty, fixed from his vision of his mother’s body or some other elderly lady; otherwise he was quite able to produce perfect sleek bodies of female torso.  



Is Fetishism Curable?

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