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In spite of strong opposition from some vested interests, Homoeopathy is flourishing.

Right from the inception of homoeopathy, we are facing a number of threats from the opponents of this science. But, it is interesting to see that most of the opponents in those days later on accepted this mode of treatment as a passion and worked hard to promote homoeopathy worldwide. Dr Herring’s life is the best example. He was actually appointed to write a book against homoeopathy, but after repeating the experiments done by Hahnemann, he became the ardent follower of this science. In India, Dr Sirkar was initially against homoeopathy, but later on accepted the same and started the first homoeopathic medical college in Calcutta. Even now, many skeptical minded people are conducting “studies” against Homoeopathy. They just take a homoeopathic remedy, for example, Rhus tox and give that to many patients having arthritis. Finally they come to a conclusion that homoeopathy is not as effective as modern medicine. Instead of giving Rhus tox to all arthritis patients, they should have given the indicated homoeopathic remedy to each individual patient. They will never do that, because such approach will surely prove the efficacy of homoeopathy. Somehow they need to disprove homoeopathy in order to help the multinational drug business lobby.

Following The Lancet report, recently The Guardian News paper also released a “study report” against homoeopathy. It is also heard that in some countries the government is going to withdraw support for homoeopathy. One more weapon against homoeopathy is the insurance policies that do not consider this system as a true science. Whatever they do against homoeopathy, this science will exist forever, only due to the fact that there is a truth behind homoeopathy and its principle are derived from pure experimentation and observation. Of course, the credit goes to our master Dr Hahnemann and other pioneers.

Truth can’t be buried…

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque, BHMS.
Family Homoeopathic Clinic

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