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Hypericum perforatum 

 1. This is a common plant found in the field and along hedges and empty lots. The stem is two edged and is from one or two feet high. The leaves are lanceolate, marked with lines, and have a great many transparent points on the surface which look like perforations the edges of the leaves roll back; the flowers are in panicles, star shaped and yellow. The fruit forms four capsules with three valves. This is a brown red and shines like resin.” 

 Dr. Charles C. Waltenbaugh 

 2. “The name Hypericum is derived from the two Greek words Huper Eikon. “Over an apparition because of its supposed power to exorcise evil spirits of influences; when it was also formerly called “FUGO DOEMONIORUM, “the devil’s Surge” the “Grace of God”, “the Lord God’s wonder plant” Hexenkraut with herb ‘amber’, “Hundred holes” and ‘Terrestrial sun” because it was believed that all the spirits of darkness vanish in its presence as at the rising of the Sun. 

 Dr. Fernie 

 3. For punctured wounds study Ledum; for lacerated wounds of sentient nerves study Hypericum; for bruises study Arnica; for open lacerations and cuts study Calendula. 

 Dr. Kent 

 4. When you have the bruised, black and blue and pounded sore feeling, use Arnica. If the muscles and tendons are involved use Rhus Tox, use Calcarea; use Ledum for the punctured wounds. Hypericum does not give much relief form the bruised and strained condition but is more satisfactory in another class of cases. You will find that Hypericum and Ledum run close together and they must especially be compared when because of an injury a nerve has taken on an inflammatory condition, as the nerves are the sphere of their action. The wounds of Hypericum are very sensitive to touch while those of Ledum are not. 

 Dr. Charles c. Waltenba

 5. Hypericum belongs to lacerated wounds and when there is laceration of parts that are full of small nerves, sentient nerves, give it at once, do not fool with Arnica because there is soreness, for the soreness is of less importance than the danger from nerves in lacerated wounds. In punctured wounds think of Ledum at once. 

 Dr. Kent 

 6. When the tenderness of a perforating would is worse than the appearance would suggest, think of Hypericum rather Ledum pal. 

 Dr. T.K.  Moore 

 7. A former worker comes into the office and shows a wound made by a manure fork. The skin and deep facia have been divided and there is slight laceration of the superficial muscles. The patient is apparently healthy and has no symptoms apart from those due tough wound, which is obviously contaminated with a manure. Now, beside any surgical treatment:- 

 1. What lotion should oneuse for cleaning the wound? 

 2. What dressing should be applied to the wound? 

 3. What internal remedy should be given? 

 I have had several cases of punctures from manure forks: in some cases almost four inches deep through the calf of the leg, and with the treatment, I am outlining there have been no untoward results and the patient is made a speedy recovery:- 

 Punctured wounds in farmer’s hands that have been contaminated from manure should be cleaned thoroughly with sterile water the Calendula or Ledum tincture in solution. 

 The dressing should be applied with a drain in a wound. Internal remedies may be given, selection according to the indications. If there is much burning, stinging pains, Apis may be indicated. If there is coldness in the wound, Ledum is strongly indicated when there are no particular symptoms connected with the wound, I have found that Ledum has always brought good results. 

 Dr. H.A.  Roberts 

 8. We all know of the wonderful action of Hypericum in punctured wounds, those wounds of rusty nails and so forth which the ordinary nonhomoeopathic physician fears so much. We can usually give a dose or two of Hypericum and go away feeling confident that there is going to be no further trouble. 

 Dr. C.L.  Olds 

 9. When the ends of the fingers or toes are lacerated or bruised by a blow from a hammer and the pain can be traced up along the nerve toward the body, stitching and darting, coming and going, then by all means use Hypericum. It is the remedy that will prevent lock-jaw for which your patient is headed. 

 Dr. Charles C. Waltenbaugh. 

 10. Punctured wounds of the extremities are best treated by cleansing the wound with Calendula lotion and by giving Ledum internally in the 30th or 200th centicimal potency. This is a more effective prophylaxis against tetanus than the anti-toxin and no risk of unfavourable serum reaction is incurred. Hypericum may be required in the required in the extremely few cases in which Lymphangitis develops with red-lines or streaks extending up the arm or leg. 

 Dr. Underhill 

 11. Hypericum is the remedy ‘par-excellence’ for wounded or injured nerves; from simple punctures from nails, splinters, pins, rat=bits etc., to severe concussions of the spine and brain and especially to parts rich in sentient nerves. It is to this kind of injuries what Arnica, Hamamelis, Ruta etc., are to the bruises, Calendula to lacerated muscular tissue and Staphisagria to cuts with sharp instruments. 

 Dr. Nash 

 12. Piercing wounds from pointed instruments should always be treated with Hypericum to prevent any untowards symptoms (Tetanus). 

 Dr. C. Hering 

 13. Nothing equals Hypericum in cases of mashed fingers. 

 Dr. Stearns 

 14. Sometimes a vicious dog will take hold of an individual through the thumb or through the hand or the wrist and run one of his great teeth through the radial nerve or some of its branches in the hand causing a lacerated wound. You may not find in the earlier stages the symptoms of Hypericum, but they will develop gradually and you will have them to treat. Do not cut the arm off but cure it. We cure all these injuries with medicines punctured, incised, contused and lacerated, painful wounds. 

 Dr. Kent 

 15. A remedy to compare in punctured wounds especially in dog-bits, is LYSSIN. I have had wonderful clinical results with Lyssin also called Hydrophobinum. 

 It takes the pain out of a dog bits as well as any remedy I know of. It takes the fear from the patient. You can tell him, this is a prophylactic against ’rabies’, and it is surprising what clinical results you will get with Lyssin in dog-bits. It is the same for cat-bites, bites of animals. 

 Dr. A. H Grimmer 

 16. “However I wish to call attention to another remedy that we do not know a great deal about in those conditions, and that is PHASEOLUS NANUS the common bean. I have used it locally in a good many cases of punctured wounds, not only in man but in beasts, particularly in houses. It is generally accepted fact among those who have horses that if they have a punctured wound in the foot of a horse it means death. I have never seen a case that has not been curd by the use of PHASEOLUS. Sometimes you get cases with such symptoms. I like PHASEOLUS comes in there particularly. 

 Dr. C.L.  Olds 

 17. I remember when attending lectures at Dunham college. Chicago, of seeing a horse that had picked up two nails which had entered the coffin joint, I was asked to look at the horse. History showed that the nails had been in the foot several days before they were removed. If Ledum had been given at once the trouble might have been avoided. The horse was cured by Hypericum. 

 Dr. Charles C. Waltenbaugh 

 18. A Shoe-maker may stick his awl into the end of is thumb or a carpenter may stick his finger with a brass tack and he does not think much of it, but the next night shooting pains extend up the arm with violence. 

 The allopathic physician looks upon that as a serious matter, for he sees lick-jaw or tetanus ahead. When these pains come on Hypericum will stop them, and from this state to advance states of tetanus with opisthotonos and lock-jaw, Hypericum is the remedy. 

 Dr. Kent 

 19. A carpenter ran a nail into his wrist at the junction of the hand. This happened in the morning and by late afternoon he was in such a pain and so sick that he did not know what he was doing. He wandered into my Office and I dressed his wrist and given him Hypericum. Early the next morning he came to see me and thanked me for saving his life. Surely a worthwhile remedy when correctly prescribed. 

 Dr. Charles C. Waltenbaugh 

 20. “Sometimes ago a lady, well known to us, but knowing nothing of homoeopathy, and our particular activities in this direction, came in to see us on business. Over our customary cup of tea, I noticed she was far from her usually jolly self, and looking a small blackening at the base of her finger nail I remarked “I bet you walked the bed room floor all night with that”. Somewhat started, she poured out her story. 

 The finger had been trapped in the slamming of a safe-door. Very little was visible but the pain was sickening. Her doctor seemed only mildly interested and  suggested bathing in hot and cold water. 

 The pain was increased over the the next few hours and a chemist suggested Arnica might be applied. That night the patient not only walked the floor, but literally wailed the town, and had finally faced her job the next day with the aid of large doses of aspirin compound tablets, finally coming into see us during the late afternoon. 

 She was given immediately Hypericum IM a single dose and was too miserable to notice what I was telling her about it, and why Arnica could not work. Within two minutes her facial expression began to change and within ten minutes we ascertained that all pain had gone. 

 She had never heard of Homoeopathy and eagerly sought all about it. I was happy to discuss it with her. I had been wanting to do this for a long time as I felt she badly needed help. 

 A very long story must be cut short, but the the outcome was a ‘convert’ to the homoeopathic way of thinking. She became a patient and regained her own health and has since brought along a number of people, mostly “incurables” who in time have been ‘converted’ and regained health. Quite a defend for a simple remark. 

 Dr. Malcolm Stemp 

 21. Hypericum is better than Arnica when the the injury includes the spine and especially when the cause has been more widely distributed as a shake-up in an auto or rail-road coach. Sheek under Hypericum whether physical or mental is much greater than under Arnica. And finally the pain extends into the face more under Hypericum than under Arnica. 

 Dr. George Royal 

 22. Hypericum does very nicely in cases of injury to spinal nerves and injuries to the coccyx, and when the pains travel up the spinal cord to the brain. This I have verified a number of times. Dr. Kent, lecturing at Dunham on Hypericum, brought out these points very clearly. I shall always remember. 

 Dr. Charles C. Waltenbaugh 

 23. Injuries of the spine give us another class of troubles requiring Hypericum. I remember a case as has been met with quite a good many times and such as we read of and hear about, one, however, that was not save. A sudden lurch of the car caused a man who was standing on the rear and of the car to be hurled back on his coccyx. He did not think much of at went home, had pans in the head and various parts of the body. Several physicians were called; nobody could find out what was the matter with him, and at the end of ten days he died. They turned him over and found that his coccyx was black and abscesses were threatening in the muscular region. It had been known Hypericum would have saved his life. Many times have I seen Hypericum cure like magic, injuries of the coccyx are among the most serious and troublesome injuries that the physician comes in contact with; injuries just like that, falling back and striking a stone, or something that bruises the coccyx; close examination reveals nothing more than soreness upon pressure, but many times we do have the description of pains shooting up the spine and down the extremities, shooting pains over the body and often exclusive movement.  

 When such things are present, any physician ought to be sharp enough to find out an injury, but even very astute physicians are blinded of injuries of the coccyx. 

        Dr. Kent, Medical advance 1903 

 (Reprinted in the Homoeopathic World. Dec. 61) 

 24. A women was standing in the sleeper when the engine was connected with the train and the shock made her sit down very hard. She was very heavy. In two or three days (I discovered those symptoms usually arise on the third day) she had many nervous symptoms. Hypericum cured her quickly. 

 Dr. J.W.  Overpeck 

 25. I would like to ask if any one has noticed a delirium from injuries that were treated by Hypericum I had one case. In fact, I reported a number of cases in 1927. One of these cases was that of a man who was in a train wreck. He was in the sleeper and his head struck the head of the berth. About three days later he came to me and was unable to walk straight; he had to be led. He was delirious and was hearing the voice of one of his close friends who had died a few years before. 

 Dr. J.W.  Overpeck 

 26. In many cases of coxalgia it is surprising how often Hypericum can still be a remedy, with no history. 

 Dr. A.H.  Grimmer 

 27. Profession J.G.  Gelchrist, from experience, placed Hypericum at the head of the lest when the cause was traumatic some blow on the spine. 

 Pain from the least movement, extreme sensitiveness to touch, fear of attempting to stand or walk were the ranking symptoms. Internally he used 5 drops of the third: locally the tincture one part to four of hot water, applied to the spine, a little hotter than the temperature of the patient. I have seen good results from Hypericum used as above stated. 

 Dr. George Royal 

 28. Hypericum in minute doses, is the right remedy to take in cases of hurts of various kinds. Nervous disorders from falls and injuries. Nervous shock, from fright or fall ailments from falls upon the back, even of years standing, such as cough, asthma, pain in the spine, pain in head, meningitis, inability to retain the urine or stool, inability to walk. 

 Dr. S. Jones 

 29. “Hypericum has aching in small of back and stitches and is especially useful in women who are forced to life or strain and go up and down stairs frequently”. 

 30. The pain in coccyx after injury at birth often due to the bruising of the nerves round the bone, when the gynaecologists and surgeons have despaired. This medicine will cure the complaint in a week or two in the mother who has given birth to a child. 

 Madras Hom. Journal 

 31. No operation is possible without injury to nerve tissue. In lacerations especially, but also on operations involving large nerve trunks of even considerable not works, filimentary nerves, Hypericum makes the patient more comfortable.  

 In neuromata, nerve stretching, inveterate neuralgias, brain tumours, with pain, and other surgical states of the nervous system it is the Arnica of the case. In mechanical injuries of the brain and spinal cord it is like-wise par excellence as also in punctured, incised, and lacerated wounds where nerves are injured and exposed. For the agonising pain from the catching of a nerve in a ligature it often gives relief. 

 Dr. C.E.  Fisher 

 32. Hypericum serves well after nerve trunks have been handled, stretched or bruised and when partial paralysis exists. Remember it is the paresis of the arm of hand when the patient had been inadvertently or unavoidably placed on the operationtable with the upper extremity under the body producing a postural paresis. Use Hypericum also for the paresis caused by the entanglement of nerves in scars. 

 Dr. Northrop 

 33. We used Hypericum externally when the patient seems much strained and exhausted. Coconut oil 95 parts and Hypericum tincture 5 parts. Hypericum is called as you know, the Arnica of the nerves. 

 Dr. Talcott 

 34. Stitches in the small of the back. Great aching pain and lameness in the small of the back. Violent pains and inability to walk or to stoop after a fall; motion greatly aggravated, coxalgia after confinement. 

 Dr. H.A.  Roberts 

 35. Hypericum administered in minute doses, and applied as a lotion 10 to 20 per cent solution in water is the best possible treatment for sprains involving the nerves- pains after amputation- pains from bites of animals, or mangled wounds, from wounded nerves-neuralgia in seat of old wounds convulsions after every slight injury, as a fall or pinch of the fingers- threatened lock-jaw from injuries received in the soles of the feet or palms of the hands, or form the prick of a pin or nail. 

 Dr. S. Jones 

 36. Hypericum will promptly relieve facial paralysis resulting from forceps delivery when Arnica fails. 

 Dr. R.B.  Das 

 37. Hypericum locally for neuralgia of the leg with profuse sweating (Sciatica). 

 Dr. Hiener 

 38. Sharp cutting pains darting along course of sciatic nerve after injury tormenting in twisting, or wrenching sensation in foot. Sciatic rheumatism. 

 Dr. H.A.  Roberts 

 39 You all know that in the proving of Hypericum it is markedly worse in cold damp weather. You also know that many cases of latent rheumatic conditions in the body settle in the injured parts. You do not always need to get the history of an injury. You may use Hypericum to advantage in some cases of rheumatism that may or may not settle in the injured parts. 

 Dr. A.H.  Grimmer 

 40. The great pain and sensitiveness of the affected parts is the key to Hypericum; the pain is disproportionately severe, showing that the nerves are attacked. 

 In rheumatism of the cervical muscles with the characteristic pain or in the rheumatism following amputations, or contused wounds with very severe excruciating pains Hypericum finds its principal use. 

 Dr. H.A.  Roberts 

 41. Hypericum compress in red inflamed suppuration takes away the pain and aids healing. 

 Dr. T.K.  Moore 

 42. Dr. Clarke quotes Rochring who consider Hypericum externally and internally, the nearest thing to a specific for bleeding piles. It works and should work, because Hypericum is the remedy par excellence for parts rich in sentient nerves of which the arm is assuredly one. 

 Dr. Tyler 

 43. Dr. Rochring, Germany said that Hypericum was the greatest of pile remedies. Applied externally it gives quick relief and taken internally it cures. No matter what the disease, so long as the piles are present, give Hypericum. He did not mention dosage but it runs from 5 drops of the tincture twice a day to 1,3 x or higher. 

 Dr. Anshutz 

 44. Hoarseness amounting to aphonia brought on by fog calls for Hypericum. 

 Hom. Bulletin 

 45. In extremely sensitive patient do not give A.T. S. but Ledum 200 4 hourly for 2 days and the Hypericum 6. 

 British Homoeopathic Journal 

 46. It opens obstructions and dissolves swellings. 


 47. Hypericum supersedes the use of Morphia after operations in my hands. 

 Dr. Helmuth 

 48. Hypericum oil is wonderful in ecchymosis about the eye, anywhere in the body. It takes the pain. 

 Dr. W.W.  Wilson 

 49. Hypericum is called the “Arnica of the Nerves”. 

 Dr. Dewey 

 50. “It has a peculiar headache. The patient feels as if lifted into the air and feels great anxiety of falling from that great height.” 

 51. Hard headache persisting after blows upon the skull. 

 Dr. Fisher 

 52. Singing followed by weeping Screaming and gasping for breath. 

 Dr. Breay 

 53. In impending tetanus we certainly have efficient preventives of the full-fledged disease. Aconite with fever anxiety, tension of muscles and numbness; Verat Vir and Hypericum with excruciating pain in the wounds. Belladonna, Cicuta, Silicea, and possibly angustura if the under is suppurating and has suddenly ceased to discharge pus. 

 Dr. Farrington 


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