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We all spend a notable portion of our time schedule on the roads, either traveling or walking. Due to busy lifestyle and poor traffic conditions, our roads often become public war zones! Majority of people on the roads are strangers, hence the situation may go out of control. Mentality of each person, and crowd as a whole, can influence the situations on the roads. Here are some points related with the traffic psychology, which is not applicable to the whole population, but expressed by a few among us!


Mentality while driving


Someone crosses the road: While driving, when the drivers notice someone trying to cross the road, there is a tendency to sound the horn and double the speed in order to prevent the person from crossing the roads until the vehicle crosses that point. This is done even on the zebra lines, which is actually meant for the pedestrians!


Overtaking other vehicles: Many drivers are crazy to overtake other vehicles even if the situation does not demand. They also do not give any consideration for the vehicles coming from the opposite direction.


Rough driving: Rough and careless driving is an expression of our mentality. You might have noticed vehicles moving in zigzag direction!


Impatience: Impatience while driving is very common, especially in traffic signals. When the vehicle running in front takes a few seconds to start from the traffic halts, our impatience is expressed by continuous use of air horn, or even abusing the person in front.


Vehicle breakdown: while driving, if the vehicle stops due to some defect, others behind us often react badly even without knowing the actual reason.


Irritability: The main reason for irritability while driving is poor condition of roads and traffic jams. In traffic jams, there is always a chance for clashes.


Desire to drive against rules: Many individual are having a tendency to behave against rules, hence they ignore traffic rules and signals.


Accident psychology


Tendency to accident: You might have come across certain people having a tendency to recurrent accidents. It could be an expression of their mentality.


Immediate shock: An accident is an unexpected event. Hence, it results in a sudden shock, both for the victims and the people around.


Sight of wound/blood: Sensitive people often collapse while seeing a wound or blood.


Crowd psychology: The mentality of each person is different, but while in a crowd, they all develop a common mentality. Crowd psychology often works at the site of accidents, either positively or negatively.


Domination: When an accident takes place, the powerful person often takes the advantage. He may be responsible for the accident, but he will behave as if he is innocent. These powerful persons often get public support.


Public support: When a moving vehicle hits a pedestrian, the public support is often given to the pedestrian. In fact, his reckless crossing may be the actual reason for the accident. When a bus collides with a motorbike, public support is often given to the person on the bike. When two cars collide, the driver of the low priced car gets public support than the one who drives the posh car!


Walking away: People without any humanitarian consideration often move away from the site of accident. They do not take the pain to help the victims and take them to the hospital. They also do not want to face legal issues.  Recent Supreme Court judgment will definitely change this situation.


Post accident state


After an accident, a person may develop

  • Aversion to driving
  • Post traumatic stress
  • Fear of driving
  • Fear of accident


Mentality of pedestrians

Fear to cross the roads is common among the pedestrians.

Fear of moving vehicles is also common.

Pedestrians are the major part of the crowd; hence their mentality is often expressed in crowd psychology.

Fear of an accident scene may disturb some sensitive individuals for a long period.


The list is not complete. You can add more points related with the expression of mind on the roads.


Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

Family Homoeopathic clinic




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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on January 10, 2012 at 6:08am

Oh what a valuable information! May be responsible for the mental attitude due to the effects of these metals, a kind of proving on the roads. Since the vehicles move on the roads, the metal dusts are even triturated continously. We can observe homeopathy everywhere!

Comment by Dagný Ösp Helgadóttir on January 9, 2012 at 7:56am

I read somewhere that the metals leached from the exhaust pipes are the cause of road rage. Cadmium, arsenic, lead, tin, beryllium and polonium. And lead, silver and uranium are present in the air everywhere. So it´s no wonder people go a bit crazy on the roads

Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on November 13, 2011 at 6:19am

Thank you dr for your valuable comments.

Comment by Nira Andharia on November 12, 2011 at 11:20pm

I grew up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and have been living in US since more then a decade. The situation Dr. Rafeeque described is very typical of populated place! Lots of people everywhere you go and see. My input would be such: Over population will give people sense of Competition, lack of patience, lack of sense of let go, lack of space both physical and mental aspect, competition will lead to hurriedness, neglegance, self centered thinking,  high on ambitions, and more. A great aggressive force is needed to achieve and be successful in life.

In such environment if a child or middle or old aged person has fear of crossing the road or fear of driving , I think its a legitimate fear, as a homeopath one should be able to distinguish between these.

Tendancy to break the rules may come from the social arrangements like joint families, study enforcements on children, and again tremendous compitition in all the fields forces a person to be in certain position only so they let loose when its possible.

Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on November 9, 2011 at 5:41am

There are a number of related rubrics in our repertories, which ranges from fear of accidents to post traumatice troubles. Our medicines can reach areas which are beyond the reach of a scalpel. I feel proud to be a homeopath!

Comment by Debby Bruck on November 9, 2011 at 12:48am

Car accidents can definitely end up in mental, emotional and physical trauma. These can be handled by emergency medics and also counseling and other holistic forms of healing, including homeopathy.

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