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How Homeopathy Cures Disease: Let's Clear Our Concepts


Let’s Clear Our Concepts 

Dr. M. A. Usmani


A government, to be squarely in saddle, needs to be run with dedication, and must have all-embracing statutes, laws and regulations, for its harmonious running. Every institution, under the government, for their smooth running, must have their internal rules and regulations, to be immunefrom any sort of corruption and irregularities. Only such a government will be a guarantee for the felicity and satisfaction of its citizens, and the latter will feel totally secure as to their safe living and fundamental rights.


If any irregularity occurs in any department, of such a vibrant government, its internal regulations (i.e. its internal immune system) will, at once come into play, to set the wrong right. If the corruption or irregularity committed is, for example, of unwonted character, and has the scope of proliferation and recurrence, then the governing body of the office, partaking the dynamics and vigilance of the central government, will call an immediate meeting to draw some new regulations to cope with this internal situation. It will pass specific rules and measures, relevant to the situation. This activity of the governing body (that is the inner immune system) will be akin to the creation of anti-bodies. By this mechanism the office would attain immunity to such a corruption for a long time.


This will go on happening as long as the immune system is strong and working. This is possible only if the central government (i.e. the Vital Force) is dynamic and has full sway over all the working and organizing structures of the country. Antibodies will go on being produced, with the coining and enactment of ever new rules, to cope with any possible irregularity and unpredictable situation. As long as the central government (the Vital Force) is strong and dynamic, the immune system of every office and department works fine and in unison. The Vital Force includes immune system, but immune system does not include Vital Force, which is distinct and larger than the immune system.. The viability of the government depends on this distinctness of the Vital force from the separate and various immune systems of its departments. If corruption becomes rife, and the internal immune systems become faulty, we will say that the government (i.e. the Vital Force) has become weak, but not ailing. It is still viable government that can any time and anyhow ‘re-saddle’, so to say, itself, and steer the polity out of this morass. A weak Vital Force can any time wake up to the situation and cleanse its house. But suppose for a second that the Vital Force has itself fallen sick and gone corrupt, then nothing is in store except total collapse and wholesale destruction. The corrupt government has no option but to cringe, and be overrun, and become a tale of the past.


Let’s go no further with this analogy lest we fall prey to ‘the fallacy of extended analogy’.  Let’s come to our real subject matter.


Hahnemman tells us about his concept of disease vis-à-vis the Vital Force. We quote two aphorisms, from the Organon,viz.:


§ 11 Sixth Edition

When a person falls ill, it is only this spiritual, self acting (automatic) vital force, everywhere present in his organism, that is primarily deranged by the dynamic1 influence upon it of a morbific agent inimical to life; it is only the vital force, deranged to such an abnormal state, that can furnish the organism with its disagreeable sensations, and incline it to the irregular processes which we call disease; for, as a power invisible in itself, and only cognizable by its effects on the organism, its morbid derangement only makes itself known by the manifestation of disease in the sensations and functions of those parts of the organism exposed to the senses of the observer and physician, that is, by morbid symptoms, and in no other way can it make itself known.2


§ 12 Sixth Edition

It is the morbidly affected vital energy alone that produces disease1, so that the morbid phenomena perceptible to our senses express at the same time all the internal change, that is to say, the whole morbid derangement of the internal dynamis; in a word, they reveal the whole disease; consequently, also, the disappearance under treatment of all the morbid phenomena and of all the morbid alterations that differ from the healthy vital operations, certainly affects and necessarily implies the restoration of the integrity of the vital force and, therefore, the recovered health of the whole organism.

1How the vital force causes the organism to display morbid phenomena, that is, how it produces disease, it would be of no practical utility to the physician to know, and will forever remain concealed from him; only what it is necessary for him to know of the disease and what is fully sufficient for enabling him to cure it, has the Lord of life revealed to his senses. [This is the mystification and ‘mythification’ (let me coin the word) of a scientific phenomenon, and an inducement to remain complacent, and to curb or discourage enquiry. This difficulty Hahnemann has himself created by formulating a warped view of the Vital Force vis a vis ‘disease’.]

Hahnemann likens and equates the disease with the sick Vital Force, he says:


a) The whole disease is nothing but the whole morbid derangement of the ‘internal dynamis’ (i.e. the Vital Force).  

b) The totality of symptoms of the deranged Vital Force is all that is there of a disease; and that the whole disease is nothing but sick Vital Force.

c) “The disappearance under treatment of all the morbid phenomena … implies the restoration of the integrity of the vital force and, therefore, the recovered health of the whole organism.”

d) Dr. Little goes a step further when he says, ‘the derangement of vital force, means that the life force itself does most of the damage’. What a destructive idea, about such a constructive force! Cf. Dr David Little Resource

The main theme of our analogy was that if the Vital Force (the central government, in our analogy) itself is sick, or corrupt, it results in nothing short of total destruction. Also if Vital Force is deranged, no immune system will ever work; and that would also spell a total collapse of the system. It means that when a person is sick, the Vital Force is not sick, but is fighting the morbific influence and the morbidity that has been generated.  One wonders how is it that Hahnemann should equate disease with the sick Vital Force; and claim that the disease is nothing but the sick, distuned Vital force. And by curing the disease in toto, one heals the Vital Force. But he did not tell how this feat would take place. How the Vital Force be cured? How an entity being single in essence can metamorphose itself? Drugs cannot ‘cure’ the Vital force, as the drugs do not belong to the universe of Vital force. They both belong, logically, to different universes. Their interaction is logical improbability. Drugs can influence the Vital Force but only through some intermediating medium. And that medium is the IMMUNE SYSTEM. The Vital Force works through the immune systemof a living organism.

The disease is the malfunctioning of the organism (acute or chronic), and the Vital Force is constantly fighting against it, through the medium of Immune System.(The concept of Immune System should also be explained and widened), because the Vital Force will set right every malfunctioning, whether it falls in the jurisdiction of Immune System or not.

We can understand the Immune System by categorizing it. We generally divide it in two major categories:

1). Function specificImmune System

2). SystemicImmune System.

The first can be further divided into:

a). Fluid System, subdivided into: 1. Blood dependant,  2. Lymph  dependant.

b). Adaptive and acquired Immune system

c). Humeral Immune System, etc.etc.

The Systemic Immune System, which is also called Innate Immune System,is a general immune system that a living being is born with, and is passed on, by him, to the next generation. It is very near to the original Vital Force that is ‘all-embracing’. Every new individual is born with some immediate parental hereditary taints, and a strain of chronic racial miasmata, with a peculiar temperament.  The nascent Vital Force that is born with the birth of a new life has a perennial fight with these impedimenta. It is in perpetual struggle to liberate the organism from the baneful effects of these encumbrances. But the life force alone is unable to cast off this straint. Every individual puts a life-long fight with this abiding subjugation. One generation passes on this ‘all-embracing’ and ‘all-swaying’, but encumbered Vital Force to the next generation: either more encumbered, by spending his life in venery and careless life-style; while the other passes it on much lightened, less laden by living a judicious life and careful homeopathic treatment and regimentation. So we are born fighters against the abiding racial encumbrances, some of us put a valiant fight, and liberate ourselves to some extent, while the others compromise and take the easy way, to give their progeny a worse bargain than they themselves received at birth. Everything has its wages: negativity, the negative, positivity, the positive.  

The Vital Force is all-embracing, life protecting force that includes Immune System, but it is larger and vaster than the latter. It is primitive and primordial. It is a scintillating, all pervasive force, protecting life at all and any cost. Immune System is its most effective tool. Every moment of life it is guarding the organism from any invasion. Acute infections are at once dealt with and are effectively contained. But it remains short of full control or annihilation of miasmatic chronic diseases. It is fighting persistently and abidingly against these miasms, but always in subjugation. Hence the chronic malaise goes on and on, unless a fight is launched with the homeopathic similimum, which gives an existential respite, in the span of life of an individual. But chronic miasms can never be won over. Centuries have woven them in our texture. Temperaments and miasms, combining together, have become an identity of an individual. To put this in a graphic manner, I’ve drawn three graphs, to show how Vital Force (VF) fights with the diseases when armed with the homeopathic force (potency). The Blue Line represents the Disease, and the Red Linerepresents the Vital Force (VF). [View Graphs in attached MSWord File]

The First Graph is the primordial (Archetypal) graph that every human child is born with. The Vital (life) Force is very strong and vibrant, and all engulfing, except the miasmatic taint, against which it is constantly putting resistance, every moment of life. Everything with the new sapling (i.e. the child) is growing and flourishing, except this inborn taint; that remains dormant and mostly ineffective, except sporadically when the child falls seriously sick and life force is overly burdened. We find, in this graph, that VF is working fine and smoothly, but a tad low than the Chronic Miasm.

The Second Graph is a real battle field; when the VF is given a life chance to unburden the organism from this inborn taint, aided with the mighty force of the homeopathic similimum. But what is Homeopathic similimum? It is the most similar drug disease, as the organism has. But it is a manifold stronger disease than the original one that the organism is suffering from. When this drug potency of the similimum is administered, the original disease shoots to the never ever attained heights. By this alarming and sudden increase in the disease the VF gets a sudden rude jolt, and a life threatening shock. To save the situation it musters up all resources, and jumps to the heights it never had attained in the past. Let’s see our graphs. In the first graph we see that the VF was quivering at the 14 to 15 level on the y-axis, 1-2 degree below the disease level. In the second graph we find the disease having jumped some four degrees above its normal position, i.e., from 16 to 20 degrees. The VF, we find, has shot up to 18th degree. But as the drug disease, in spite of being much stronger, is very short-lived, it gets spent up in very short time. Now what is left in the battle-field? It is the same old disease, at the 16 to 17 level, to fight with the VF, that is now at 18 to 19 level.(cf. The Third Graph)


 The VF, at once starts demolishing the built-up structure of the old disease, from above downward, and in the reverse order of its built-up.And as long as this process is going on, the patient keeps coming to you, and you will go on giving him placebo. As this demolishing process goes on; and as you are nearing the foundation of the disease, here you will find that the disease has stronghold here; therefore the process of advancing cure is slowing down. Sometimes you’ll find no further practical change. Now is the time to reassess the case, either to repeat the remedy or select a new one. In 80% of cases it will be the repetition of the previous remedy.

This is, in nutshell, the story of an individual, from birth to death, what material he brings with him to tread this earthly abode, and how life goes on, in spite of all the impedimenta to his healthy and smooth living; and how Homeopathy plays its role to support life. The first graph is the typical representation of the beginning of a life. It is born with this primordial life arrangement: i.e. a nascent and vibrant VF but pitted against a chronic, hampering, engulfing serpent, always ready to swallow. But this graph shows that, in spite of all this, the life goes on, seemingly admirably and smoothly. The Life force, with the systemic immune system,has reached a practical setting or equilibrium with the chronic miasms. But this arrangement of the First Graph is the typical arrangement of life. It is destined that VF be not given a free hand and unhindered flow. Life and Miasms must go together, like the Yang and Yin, and the VF siding the Yang. Since life must go on!


How Homeopathy Cures Disease

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