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(Article published in February 2009 issue of “Chronicle”, published by South Delhi Homoeopathic Association)
By: Dr Muhammed Rafeeque.

The moment we think about peptic ulcer (now called acid peptic disorders) the trio of its etiology, hurry worry and curry comes to our mind. Are these three factors related only with peptic ulcer? No! There are many diseases that have close association with these stimulating factors. Modern lifestyle has an impact on each and every system of our body. The interrelation between mental, physical and emotional plane of man is reflected by most of the modern lifestyle related diseases.

Since homoeopathy propagates the treatment of the individual as a whole rather than treating the disease or the diseased part, it has a major role in the management of present days lifestyle diseases. It is interesting to read that Dr. Hahnemann has told about various factors that can influence health such as exercise, diet, ventilation, and pollution. He has even mentioned about the importance of having a garden near the window that can provide fresh air and the flowers that can freshen the mind.

There are certain aphorisms in the ‘Organon Of Medicine’ that has some relation with our lifestyle.

· §4: Preserver of health
· §150: Indisposition
· § 259: Diet & regimen
· §261: Habit & customs
· §262-263: Diet in acute diseases
· §210- 230: Mental diseases
· 260th footnote: Advice on regimen and diet.

Hahnemann’s ‘Chronic Diseases’ also highlights the importance of healthy lifestyle. In the treatment part he says about the removal of all hurtful influences that can affect the cure. Nourishing and strengthening diet, regime and mode of living are having close relation with the outcome of the treatment. Hahnemann advises us to avoid sedentary works, card playing, gambling, labors that interfere with the health, frequent riding and driving. He has even mentioned about the use of good music as it can influence the mind positively. He discourages the use of perfumes, coffee, Chinese tea, beer, whisky, brandy and smoked meat. Further he says all dishes containing citric acid should be avoided in nervous and abdominal ailments and ladies with scanty menses should avoid flavoring agents like saffron, cinnamon, cloves, pepper and ginger. As per Hahnemann other hindrances to the cure of a chronic disease are excessive hardships, laboring, unsatisfied hunger, poverty, the sudden death of a son to a tender mother, uninterrupted grief and vexation, mineral baths, wicked passions etc.

Most of the symptoms of the Materia Medica are added to the Repertory in the Rubrics. Some Rubrics that are related with the modern hurry worry and curry life are mentioned below.

Hurry related rubrics:
Mind- Ailments from- hurry: acon, alum, am.c, arn, bry,, nux.v, puls, rhus.t, sulph.
Mind- Anxiety- hurry, with: alum, NAT.M.
Mind- Hurry, hasty: acon, aran ix, arg.n, ars, ars.i, bar.c, bell, bry, calc.f, camph, carbn.s, coff, crot.c, DULC, hep, ign, iod, kali.c, lach, LIL.T, m.arct, MED, MERC, NAT.M,, nux.v,, puls, SIL, stram, SUL.AC, SULPH, TARENT, thuj. (refer book for 3rd grade drugs)
Mind- hurry- awkward from hurry: alum, ambr, apis, choc, mosch, nat.m, sulph.
Mind- hurry- time, hurry to arrive for the appointed: ARG.N,

Worry related rubrics:
Mind- ailments from- cares, worries: ambr, ars, calc, caust, con, ign,, kali.p, nat.m, nux.v,, phos,, staph.
Mind- ailments from- disappointment: alum, AUR, cocc, IGN, kali.c, lach, lyc, MERC, NAT.M, nux.v, op, PH.AC, plat, PULS, sep, STAPH, verat.
Mind- ailments from- discords between- parents, friends: ars, GRAPH, hep, ign, lach, mag.m, merc, nat.m,, nux.v, sulph.
Mind- ailments from- discords between- chief& subordinates: graph, lach, lyc, mag.m, merc, nat.m,, nux.v, sulph.

Curry related rubrics:
Rectum- diarrhea- spices from; phos
Cough- spices from; sulphur
Cough- pepper from: alum, cina
Generalities- food and drinks- spices (condiments) agg: bism, ign, kali.m, naja, NUX.V, phos, sel, sep, zinc.
Generalities- food& drinks- pickles agg: apis, ars, nat.m,, verat.
Generalities- food and drinks- pepper, agg: alum, ars, chin, cina, nat.c, nux.v, sep, sil.
Generalities- food and drinks- meat- agg- pickled: carb.v
Generalities- food and drinks- fish- agg- pickled: calad.

The influence of so-called modern lifestyle on the body is quite familiar for homoeopaths since our master has mentioned about psychosomatic disorders and diseases due to altered habits including unhealthy diet. It is quite surprising to note that the ideas proposed by the present days dieticians, psychologists and lifestyle experts were already told by Hahnemann. Now, even the modern medical people accept everything proposed by Hahnemann, though many of them blindly criticize homoeopathy due to some obvious reasons.

Organon of medicine: Dr Hahnemann
Theory of chronic diseases: Dr Hahnemann

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque, BHMS.
Family Homoeopathic Clinic

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on July 30, 2009 at 12:31am
Bloody vomiting may be due to various causes. first of all we should findout from whr the blood comes out. that may be from stomach, lungs, esophagus or just from the oral cavity. painless bleeding could be due to some carcinoma. frothy bleeding is also seen in pulmonary edema.

drugs like millefolium, acalypha indica, Ornithogalum, cinnamon are some useful drugs for the acute management of such cases

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