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Homoeopathy Effectively Treats Liver & Gastric Diseases

Homoeopathy Effectively Treats  Liver & Gastric  Diseases

Liver Cirrhosis Can Occur To Non Alcoholics Also


In a recently concluded 2nd CME of the series on the Gastroentrology and Homoeopathic approach it was emphasized that Homoeopathy Effectively Treats Liver & Gastric Diseases as discussed among a large gathering of doctors said Prof.  Dr.A.K. Gupta, President, Director AKGsOVIHAMS .


Cirrhosis of  Liver commonly believed to be happening to Alcoholics is not necessary said renowned Gastroentrolgist Dr. Rajneesh Gulati, HOD, Gastro, Mata Chanan Devi Hospital. He enlightened the gathering that most of the liver diseases would occur because of  Infections. Hepatitis a common occurrence would have A, B or C types which need to be investigated with Ultrasound, Scans and Blood tests etc. and treated accordingly. Condition may follow under NALD (Non Alcoholic Liver Disease) also. He emphasized that regulation of diet and restrictions of alcohol can prevent the complications. Cooper metabolic deviation is seen in William’s disease. In Gilbert’s syndrome patients may have altered LFT reports without having threat to liver and usually runs in family history. Doctors appreciated the his deliberation and had an interesting educative interactive session.


Homoeopathy has a great role to play in the treatment of Gastric and Liver diseases as more than 20% of patients in practice come from this area only said Dr.A.K.Gupta while initiating the Panel Discussion .


Fatty liver a commonly seen problem can be taken care of fully with Hmoeopathic treatment and proper management which include diet and alcohol restrictions.  Chelidoneum is a great Homeopathic remedy which has been found effective in treating Hepatitis, Loss of Appetite, Fatty liver, Cholelithiasis and even Cancer etc. Magnesia Phos would give best results if given with warm water to treat Abdominal pains. Homoeopathic Tincture doses if given according to body weight of the patient has more efficacy.


Thanks to the Homoeopathic Penalists Dr.RC Aggarwal, Dr. Aditya Kaushik , Dr. Padam Sharma and the young dynamic Dr. Saurav Arora. I wish to thank my entire team Dr Sandeep Kaila, Dr. Rajesh Jussal , Dr Arun Kumar, Dr Sanket Gupta and the office bearers great fellow Drs who came from far off places and shared their clinical experiences on Fatty Liver, Cirrhosis of Liver, Cholecystitis and Cholelithiasis etc. Certificates for last series of CMEs on Endocrinology and Homoeopathic approach were also distributed.



President, Director- AKGsOVIHAMS




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