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Homoeopathy can cure GERD and Acid Peptic Ulcer Diseases – HMAI Delhi

Today’s ever increasing common problems of GERD and Acid Peptic Ulcer Diseases are invariably caused by faulty life style including Diet, Sedentary life, Intake of stimulants like Smoking, Alcohol and injudicious use of Pain Killers. Homoeopathy can cure these maladies of recurrent Reflux and Ulcers which may lead to complication of Cancer even if remains untreated properly . It was highlighted in the recently held meet in 1st CME of Homoeopathic Medical Association of India Delhi for the series on Gastric disorders and Homoeopathic Approach, said President, Dr. (Prof.) A.K.Gupta which was held at Dr. B.R.Sur Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Center.

Renown Gastroenterologist & Hepatolgist of Mata Chanan Devi Hospital, Dr Rajneesh Gulati ,DM (Gastro) said among more than 100 doctors gathering that 70-80% people do experience one of these problems like Acidity / Burning Pain & heart burn during lifetime. The common symptoms  are

Epigastric pain (the most common symptom) it is said that gastric ulcers present with pain associated or closely followed by eating ,where-as duodenal ulcer pain is relieved by food.

Burning in nature , Patient awakens with pain at night. May radiate to the back

Increased salivation (water brash)


Vomiting, which might be related to partial or complete gastric outlet obstruction

Dyspepsia, including belching, bloating, distension, and fatty food intolerance

Chest discomfort

Anorexia, weight loss

Hematemesis ( Bloody vomiting)

Melena ( Bloody  Stool)

Dr.A.K.Gupta informed that though Dr. Gulati  expressed the causative factors to be as

Helicobacter pylori infection (90%)

Drugs - anti-inflammatory(NSAIDs) & Corticosteroids

Hyperacidity - e.g.. Zollinger Ellison syndrome.

Food habits (Spicy food, diet poor in vitamins, smoking and alcohol)

Diabetes may increase your risk of having H. pylori

Lifestyle factors, including chronic stress, coffee drinking, may make more susceptible to damage from NSAIDs or H. pylori if one is a carrier of this organism.



Diseases associated with an increased risk of PUD include cirrhosis,chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, renal failure, and organ transplantation.

Dr. Gupta advises caution while using  common pain killers as Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS), which can become a constant triggering reason for GI inflammation and Ulcers.

He said that Warning Signs/Alarm Symptoms are



Persistent vomiting


Unintentional weight loss


Gastrointestinal bleeding (occult or overt)

Approx 4 million people have PU and 350,000 new cases are diagnosed each year . And about 5000 people die each year as result of Peptic Ulcers.

The lifetime likelihood of developing Peptic Ulcer is about 10% for males and 4% for females

Duodenal Ulcers are  more common between ages 30-50 years old and Gastric Ulcers  more common in people over age 60 years old.

Dr. Bipin Jethani Associate Professor of Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital discussed about the Homoeopathic approach to treat these disorders. He  explained the concept of Imbalance of Homeostasis as Imbalance between Aggressive factors and Defensive factor to be the root cause. Loss of Homoeostasis results in Progression from Functional to Structural changes.

Progression of GERD ( Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)  happens as Functional Reflux  – Inflammation – Stricture --- Barrett’s Esophagus.

He narrated  2 beautiful cases. First one of GERD with Chronic  Gastritis  & Terminal Ileitis . Where patient had been suffering from Pain & ulcer and was not responding to treatments. With the deep perceiving of case history in Homoeopathic way a  remedy  Sepia was selected on the basis her deep rooted attitude in life like being indifferent to her mother and even with husband also had  drag on relationship. Though coming to conclusion for this remedy was totally on the development of symptoms fro Functional  as from  Psoric phase to Sycotic phase as Lax draggy female to finally Syphilitic symptoms of Frivolous disposition. Patient showed marked amelioration of complaints and subsequent colonoscopy report showing normal terminal ileum.

2nd case was of Poorly Differentiated Aden carcinoma of Stomach (Pre –Pyloric Region) With Partial Gastrectomy Status. Where patient was suffering with Absolute Loss of Appetite. Gradual weight loss – lost 7 kg in last 2 years. Increasing weakness since last 9-10 mths with inability to walk even to washroom now .Low grade Fever with chilliness and increased weakness since almost 3 months. Tendency to hard stool since about 7-8 years but was better with roughage rich diet. However since starting with antacids for c/o retrosternal burning , developed c/o very hard stool which has gradually worsened and misses stools regularly.(used to pass once in 2-3 days). Has been on laxatives since 2 years. Recurrent feeling of nausea with bitter taste of mouth. Occasional difficulty in swallowing, feeling of weight in epigastric region. Persistent bitter or occasionally sour eructations after least spicy or fatty food. Occasional headache from feeling of ‘displaced flatulence’

Gradual Progression of Pathology –

GERD Like Symptoms (Psoric)

Chronic Dyspepsia , Chronic Gastritis (Sycotic)

Adenocarcinoma of Stomach(Syphilitic)

Peculiar Dream became the Magic Door to Similimum 

On deeper interrogation, patient revealed that he had a peculiar dream which used to repeat often – he would see himself going towards house but something would prevent him from reaching house.

Confusion of Role Identity as a Father and a Friend

Conflict --- Wanted to be with Son (Home) But ‘Friend’s role was Preventing the same.

Alumina remedy for Confusion of Mind as to His Identity

After administration of the remedy Patient gained weight of 6Kgs in 18 months .He was eating well

Hb improved from 9.8 TO 10.9 gm%. Pt. Survived for around 2 yrs. After the proper Homoeopathic  Treatment with Good Quality of life.

Homoeopathy has got very effective treatment for Gastric disorders and almost all other medical problems replied Dr. A.K.Gupta to the query of Dr. Gulati and informed that Homoeopaths go through the same educational courses as of allopathic doctors and use all kind of Diagnostic aides though the treatment part differs as it is based on Individualisation of the patients and considering the Mental, Physical and emotional  symptoms totality and constitution of the patient. He further said that the Homoeopathy analyses the patient’s condition according to the prominence of the Miasmatic background. HMAI Delhi holds 3 bimonthly CMEs for a particular series on medical issues. HMAI member participants are given a certificate of attendance on completion of the each series. This meeting was held along with the Foundation day of Dr.B.R.Sur College.


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