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Julian Winston documented how homeopathy successfully treated the Spanish Flu pandemic that followed World War I. I went searching on Google Book Search for accounts in the homeopathic journals of the day and found this doctor's report.

To the Editor:

I have been so busy fighting " Spanish Flu " that I have found time for nothing else for several weeks. I want to tell you my experience with the disease, for I am proud of my record; proud of what homoeopathy was able to do out here in this small city in South Dakota.

In all, I treated 188 cases of Spanish Influenza. Of the above number I treated 169 cases from the initial fever and 19 cases who had been unable to get a physician during the early stage, or who thought they could carry it through alone and called me only when the disease got the best of them. Of the 169 initial cases I lost not one, neither did I have a relapse; but I am sorry to say that one lost his mind, which I hope is only temporary. All of the others recovered without relapse. Of the 19 late cases all but three recovered. All of the three were pneumonic. One lived but eight hours after pneumonia set in; one, two days; the third had endocarditis which ended the scene five days after a relapse.

To recapitulate: I treated 188 cases and had three deaths. Among these 188 cases I had every variety of " Flu " and required a variety of remedies. I commenced every case with Gelsemium and Bryonia, which seemed to rob the case of its tendency toward pneumonia. Other remedies I used in my cases were Phosphorus, Tartar Emetic, Hepar sulphur and Pulsatilla. In not one case did I find it necessary to use any of the old-school remedies. In one or two cases I found it necessary to resort to Passiflora and Cratoegus.

Yours truly,

Arthur B. Hawes, M.D.,

Bridgewater, South Dakota.

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Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on April 26, 2011 at 10:18am
Flu is around all over sometime,and homeopathic remedies have played a significant part in overcoming the problem without much of the discomforts with other type of treatments;
Comment by Gabrielle Traub on April 28, 2009 at 1:04am
Wonderful stuff. Thanks for sharing

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