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Please note, that I am totally dedicated to the art of Homeopathy, and in my opinion, there is nothing better to serve the suffering humanity.

In my 38 years of Homeopathic Practice, I have seen thousands of homeopathic cures, even in so called "incurable" cases. It all depends on the procedure adopted in the treatment of each individual case. We must look thoroughly and deeply in any illness with a proper case taking, understanding illness and then selecting a proper homeopathic remedy(similimum), for which we must have a good knowledge of Materia Medicas also. The best remedy selection can be obtained by the help of a Repertory or, by the Repertorisation. (A method using the numerical value of remedies in any particular rubric or symptom and summing up the total value, leading to the most appropriate remedy).

After selection of a proper remedy, we have to ascertain the potency and repeatition of the doses, the time of the dose and lastly the hindrences and obstacles to the cure, which includes proper diet and avoiding the which may disturb the action of homeopathic remedy, such as strong smelling substances, and foods such as mints, chocolates, smoking, chewing tobacco, strong perfumes, vinegar, pickles, spices in excess and coffee etc..

One can see the aggravation of the symptoms soon after or after a few days of administration of remedy, which should be considered as a positive sign to recovery, and may be caused by the action of Homeopathic remedy and called "primary action". At this point the remedy should not be repeated. The patient will start feeling better towards cure as the action of remedy subsides. This is called "secondary action".

I am surprised that many long time practicing homeopaths do not know this truth of homeopathic treatment procedure, which is a must in any perfect cure. Please remember that in case of severe aggravations resulting from the stronger doses or wrong selection of a remedy, we are gifted with the list of antidotes as well. In majority of such cases, the Camphor Q also comes to rescue and other popular remedy Nux Vomica, which also antidotes many homeopathic remedies as well as side-effects of many allopathic medicines. The list of antidotes can be seen in the last pages of many repertories or William Boericke's Materia Medica.

I hope that my little experience will be helpful to atleast a few of my homeopathic friends, as I beleive that many of you already know this truth. Please do not hesitate to express your opinion and suggestions, which I always welcome. And if there is anything you will like to know, then please just let me know, and I shall try to give you the best possible information. It remind me of my great teacher Dr J.N.Kanjilal, who use to say" Knowledge has no boundries and it grows more with sharing with your true, knowledgable and dedicated friends."

With best wishes.

Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma
Hahnemann College of Homeopathy
Crown House, London NW10 7PN-UK

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Comment by Debby Bruck on April 18, 2009 at 8:44am
It is a gift we have you here as a teacher of this great knowledge. You are reaching out to so many on this network. I wonder if you feel regarding repetition of doses it is different if patient is on many medications [drugs] that hinder the action of the remedy? Thus water doses may be used and succussed daily to create a slightly different potency

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