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After Avogadro’s Numbers, homeopathy is no more a medicine in the conventional sense; it could only be a sort of medicinal whiff. Till the Avogadro’s limit, or a little above—say, our low to medium potencies, homeopathy is medicinal, based on similia similibus curenter. And there is no known failure in its correctly applying to the day-to-day diseases or ailments. People got enamored of this therapy in a very short time. It saved them from hotchpotch medicines in vogue in those days. Outside the Avogadro’s embankment emphasis shifted from the ‘symptom similarity’ to ‘miasmatic similarity’, that is, from symptomatic treatment to pathologic treatment. Here Avogadro and low potencies lost their efficacy. They no more affected cure. At the miasmatic similarity stage higher potencies, from 200 to 1M, 10M, 50M, CM, and MM potencies came into being. After one dose of such a potency, the disease history of the patient starts rolling back with anamnestic accuracy; which may take from many weeks to many months or years, till the third human kidney, I mean the skin, comes into action. It throws out the residual miasmatic toxemia on the surface from where it was internalized. How can it be a medicine when only one whiff has been given and weeks and months have elapsed and no repetition was required, nor it was done? And the patient is advancing ‘cureward’ definitely and certainly? Can any drug under the sun behave like this?    


Miss ‘F’ is a cute little lady whom nobody can judge of more than 14 to 15 years’ old, but she is 25. And during this span of 25 years she might have consulted as many doctors as her years. After being my patient for quite some 7 to 8 months she has become so dependent on me that she asked her mother how she would be able to survive after her marriage, that is going to take place the next month, when she’ll be gone to another city, some hundred and more miles away. Her mother consoled her by assuring her that, by that time, she would not fall sick so often. As time for her marriage is drawing near she fell seriously sick: running a high continuous fever that is not dropping a bit without a dose of allopathic anti-pyretic, which her parents had started without telling me. From her adamant symptoms I suspected that it might be her final battle in the anamnesis of her pathologic history, and that her third kidney would throw out some exanthemata. But the urgency of the time and the stringency of the situation might compel her parents to change the treatment.


Such things happen most of the times. Any grave symptom or situation compels people to take the easy way and abandon. Two to three days’ allopathic drugging take them out of this morass.


In chronic miasmatic treatment not all the cases retrace the pathologic history. Very few cases are met where you can witness this classical phenomenon of retracing the history. Many people drop when their major complaint is redressed. Most of them take it as unnecessary, or feel rather apprehensive if you tell them that they should ‘relive’ their past, though fleetingly. If, for example, a family comes to you for a chronic cough en masse, which has defied all treatment. And you find them strongly cancerous, and one dose of Carcinosin gives prompt relief from many years’ troublesome cough, they become satisfied and never give more than two to three visits.


By the way, can it be a medicine that cured a tiresomely tedious case of cough, of at least three people, in one family, with one dose each of a single remedy? It can’t be a medicine, not less than sorcery: it must be a sort of curative whiff!!  Keep your ‘third kidney’ always in working order and in top gear. Don’t use creams, ointments, sun-screens, thick cosmetics; don’t sit in air-conditioned rooms, don’t arrest your perspiration; and don’t try to suppress any skin eruption. Love Nature and Nature will be your ally.      


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Comment by Dr. M. A. Usmani on April 1, 2014 at 3:26am

Thanks Dr. Wequar, 

You are always agile to respond. 

thanks again,


Comment by Dr. M. A. Usmani on April 1, 2014 at 3:22am

Thanks Debby,

I’m under heavy obligation (to you), the administrator who is untiringly always busy adorning the pages of the blogs with relevant material. This time I was under the impression that the term that occurred to me—I mean the third human kidney—was nascent and that nobody had ever devised and used it before.  Her insert abolished my impression. And after googling the term I came know that this term has been used by quite some people.  So it was not me who has first devised it,

But I think it is only me who has qualified it with the term ‘Human’. By employing this term I’ve specified its context. It alluded to a specific function that detoxicate not generally but specifically only the miasmatic poisons from the system of human body. This will happen under the miasmatic prescription only. Under the miasmatic remedy (or Whiff, so to say) a stage will come when the skin (the 3rd kidney) will become active and drain the system of the age-old morbific toxemia.

The other insert is quite incongruous. I’ve used the word ‘Anamnestic’ for its plain literary meaning. The  Twentieth Century Dictionary explains it: ‘Anamnesis’ , the recalling to memory of things past; the recollection of the Platonic pre-existence; a patient’s remembrance of the early stages of his illness.  It is evident that it has nothing to do with Immune System or antigens. By ‘anamnestic accuracy’ I only meant that the miasmatic dose unravels the past history, and the patient starts reliving the past for a very short span of time. 

Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on March 31, 2014 at 12:59pm

Dr Usmani, thank you for this article,it good food for thought. It is interesting to read about "Third kidney";

And your closing sentence "Love Nature and Nature will be your ally" spells it all.      


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