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Homeopathic remedies for pain at Shoulder Blades


Abies Cand-

Pain in right shoulder-blade, with constipation, with burning in rectum.


Right-sided headache down behind ears and shoulder-blade. Pain through stomach to back and right shoulder-blade.


Severe pains in region of lower inner angle of left shoulder-blade,running into chest.


Pain from neck down arm; in upper three dorsal vertebrae extending to shoulder-blade.

Rananculus bulb-

Muscular pain along lower margin of the shoulder-blade; burning in small spots from sedentary employment.

Agaricus Mus-

Stitches; burning, shooting pains in region of heart, extending to left shoulder blade; < by coughing, sneezing, or deep inspiration.

Cardous mar-

Drawing pains in back; drawing; tearing; burning in left shoulder-blade


Sticking pains from occiput along cervical muscles to back of chest and in

middle of chest with breath; sticking in left shoulder-blade.


"Pain all round lower abdomen, dreadful aching, rheumatic pain at top of left shoulder and under right shoulder-blade, also right side of chest under arm.

Pains < during the day and when at rest, entirely absent during the night.Stupid feeling in head,"


Kali Bi-

Rheumatic pain in both shoulders ( < at night.) Stitches at lower angle of left shoulder blade.


Pain under shoulder blade; > hard pressure and by warmth; < riding in carriage and by any motion.


Great soreness to pressure of muscles of lower left chest front and back,soreness when moving left shoulder blade.


Dull and boring shootings in left shoulder blade, extending across spine.

Lobelia Inflata-

Symptoms are < by touch (right deltoid sore. Sits up in bed, leaning forward

to avoid contact with bedclothes on sacrum. Cannot bear even a soft pillow

over sacrum Pressure at epigastrium = oppression). Motion; slightest exertion

<. Bending forward < pain under right shoulder blade. Effort to move =

fainting. Every rapid movement = dyspnoea and suffocation. Going up or down

stairs < dyspnoea. Symptoms generally > afternoon, < evening and night. Rapid

walking > sensation of congestion, weight or pressure in chest as if blood

from extremities was filling it. Sickness (of pregnancy) < morning. Coldness >

by warmth. Cold < dyspnoea; < from current of air. Warm food vomiting.

Headache is < by tobacco or tobacco smoke..

Allium Cepa-

Intense pain in nape of neck. Pain under right shoulder-blade. Chills run

down the back with frequent urination, followed by heat and thirst.


Pain near the shoulders on touching the part, rheumatic pain between the

shoulders. Sensation, as if something passed through kidneys and penetrated

to the abdominal vertebrae, on the patient sitting down. Shootings pains,

especially below the left shoulder-blade. Pains in the region of the false vertebrae.


Pains in the left sterno-mastoideus muscle, near its insertion into the

sternum. Pains under the right shoulder blade. Sticking pains in the lumbar

region. Aching pain in the region of the left kidney.

Argentum Nit-

Great pain in epigastrium, extending around to the cardiac region and left

shoulder-blade; stitches dart through abdomen like electric shocks,

Aggravation when changing from rest to motion.


Under the left shoulder-blade, when stooping, severe stitches,


Severe pain in left shoulder-blade and arm, extending to end of little finger


Stinging, also tearing, beside the spine, from the right shoulder-blade to the

last false rib, increased much by inspiration, and on deep inspiration

entirely arresting the breath.


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