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Homeopathic Gathering In Norg: 16th of October.


Peter Chappell sent a letter to invite homeopaths from the area and everybody interested for a free homeopathic gathering. I could talk about the purpose and the idea behind the Walk and explain my method, Harry would share his experiences with the PC remedies in Africa and Peter would introduce their new book Homeopathy for Diseases.

We were all a bit surprised to have no response at all, not even people replying they couldn’t come for some reason. We assumed maybe everybody was too busy… or maybe because it was in the middle of the week…. or maybe people were not interested…. So, Peter and I concluded that we would spend the day having a swim and then go for eating a big ice-cream, meanwhile philosophizing as there is no way to avoid it anyway. I told Marieke to bring her swim suit too.
The week before the Walk, talking over the Skype with Peter, we thought it was a good idea to send a second invitation. Then it became clear that for some reason the first got never sent. When he finally announced it last minute, so many people responded they decided to rent a conference hall for 30 people in the nearest town.


In the morning I took a case of a homeopath who volunteered and who knew I had the remedy ready before I knew who was going to present himself.  This kind of intuition helped me the last three years to determine the remedy of the patient, with or without consultation. I prefer to take cases in public because it gives everybody the opportunity to come to their own conclusions from what they’ve seen and heard themselves.

The talk of Harry (all details are written in the book ‘Homeopathy for Diseases’ ) conveyed in a very convincing way the potential and the impact of PC remedies. Not only do they work, but their effect is practically guaranteed and on top of that prophylactic. They are so easy to apply that anybody capable of making a right medical diagnosis (for HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, diabetes, etc) can learn it in a few hours. The effects in severely traumatized people by genocide, rape, war or natural disasters are as spectacular.

Peter explained how he prepares the PC remedies: he actually makes contact with a higher intelligence, familiar to him. Homeopaths may oppose to this procedure and therefor refrain from applying the PC remedies because they are ‘not homeopathy’. Harry nevertheless defines homeopath in a way that PC remedies are covered by it. When the results are so remarkable, clear and consistent it would be a pity to refuse to use them, to say the least.
It took Peter two years to believe what he saw happening before his very eyes, namely that AIDS patient recovered with is PC1. But when he finally did, he investigated the possibilities further. When fate took him to Ruanda after the genocide, he there understood that underlying trauma had to be dealt with first before one could even think of treating the patient for something else. That is how he developed his PC remedies for chronic mental states just like the previous ones for chronic physical states. And then it was only a small step to develop remedies for chronic ‘miasmatic’ states; states existing without any apparent cause in the person’s history but inherited from former generations.

Their book is thought provoking for all homeopaths. Peter and Harry claim to have developed remedies for a large range of serious chronic conditions in a person and they can be perfectly combined with individual prescriptions. Their conviction is that just as it was in the past, treating epidemics is the most visible and obvious success of homeopathy also today.  Once this information is spread, homeopathy will be easily accepted as the healing system by preferences for the majority.

Of course we had another night chatting, eating and discussing all those exciting topics. But this time, as I was quite exhausted I went to sleep early in Harry’s gipsy wagon in the garden.


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