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HIV/AIDS in Response to Homeopathy Treatment

Dr. Mitra has developed a homeopathic protocol for HIV/AIDS that he thinks may be a hope to millions of people suffering from HIV/AIDS in the world today. Dr. Mitra has been helping quite a few HIV/AIDS patients in India and Thailand over the last few years with quite impressive results.

Dr. Mitra helps many NGOs like Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in India and presently helping Baan Unrak – A home for orphan kids and abandoned mothers with outreach programs for HIV/AIDS patients and the Safe House – another home for refugees, abandoned persons and HIV/AIDS patients in Sangklaburi, Kanchanaburi Province of Thailand.

Dr. Mitra sponsors all these foundations and NGOs with hundreds of patients including HIV/AIDS patients completely on his own expenses. Dr. Mitra says that he is confident that his protocol for HIV/AIDS can help in improving the quality of life of HIV/AIDS patients. Dr. Mitra dreams of the day when he can reach out to millions of people suffering from HIV/AIDS with his homeopathic protocol at least once before they die. The patients have nothing to lose as Dr. Mitra provides them 100% free of charge and moreover his remedies do not contain any crude chemicals or herbs thereby being 100% free of any adverse effects. He says that the protocol he has developed can be manufactured so inexpensively that he alone can sponsor the remedies for thousands of patients in any country. He says he cannot explain at present how his protocol works but the few HIV/AIDS patients whom he has treated till now are mostly smiling without losing anything - not even a single penny or any adverse effect!

Dr. Mitra wants to work with more individuals and organizations to extend his help to HIV/AIDS patients all around the world. He says he is just hopeful that his small effort to help HIV/AIDS victims is implemented on a global scale some day in the near future!

To learn more about Dr. Mitra visit his profile page

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