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Herbacide Imprelis Implicated in Death Of Thousands Of Trees

Money Back Guarantee If We Kill Your Trees

DuPont says it is making good progress on paying claim moneys back to those whose properties were damaged and destroyed the new turf herbicide, Imprelis. How can they say they that? What type of 'progress' explains the death of a person's trees,whether newly planted or growing for decades as children age and grow up?


Humans Can Be Attached To What They Sow

In some families the tradition to plant a tree at the birth of a baby, then watching that child grow alongside the tree shows how we measure time, maturity, and our emotional attachment to the plants we grow in our yards. The trees most effected by Imprelis include evergreens such as Norway spruce and white pine. Besides personal property, large swaths of trees alongside municipal buildings, parks and golf ranges have been killed or damaged. 


You Must Have Known 

My question to DuPont asks, "How in the world could this product go to market and get government approval if the acting agent poisons surrounding plants so rapidly, not just the herbs which it was created to target?" Certainly, laboratory tests would have demonstrated the level of toxicity to all plants, not just grasses. 


Excuses Excuses

We're hearing the cry of the monopolies and big industry that protects proprietary information again and again. That's how they manage to hide what really goes on behind the curtain. It's a big smokescreen.  "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials wrote DuPont with concerns that it may have misbranded the herbicide because label directions and warnings are inadequate to protect non-target plant species, and that DuPont was asserting that study data on Imprelis was confidential business information that should not be disclosed to the public."


Report Problems

A website has been created where people can post their complaint and speak with customer service. You can learn if trees in your state have been effected. 



The New York Times

Photo credit | In Zeister Wood, Utrecht, Holland (LOC) by The Library of Congress, on Flickr

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Comment by Viktor Kalocsai on June 27, 2012 at 3:19pm

It's intentional, arrogant and evil. I will never believe that experts who approve anything in the authorities like FDA or U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, etc. are not familiar with the effects of any 'products' they investigate and approve!

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