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Hepatitis-C+Diabetes Mellitus(Insulin dependent)+Hypertension+Mastoiditis

.........................In the era of intense medical
advancements , scientific researches, intensely stressful life styles,
pollution, vaccinations , steroidal therapies and mechanical treatment
of human bodies, homoeopathic physicians in day to day practice
presented with mixed miasmatic and multiple disorders in a patient who
served with all the heroic and harsh prescriptions from the so called
modern medicine, which keep the game of life with treatment for his
patient moving and never to a finishing touch where patient feels free
of all drugging with complete health and harmony. Such multimiasmatic
cases with multiple disorders are quite a challenge for the
homoeopathic physicians which if taken can teach him a lot regarding
the trueness of homoeopathic science. Recently such a case which we
served homoeopathically tells the same story. Oct 2009 Sardaar B. singh, 56/Male, presented with his reports and a
question CAN HOMOEOPATHY HELP HIM ? He told that he is here to deposit
fees for his operation to be done in the adjoining hospital to my
clinic, to be done on his left ear , on the next day. He told that he
is suffering from intense pain in his left ear since few months with
all the treatments taken without relief from the ENT specialists which
now advised that operation is the only resort for which he is here, so
can homoeopathy do something for him. Hospital didn't provide him his
CT scan report but he has got a previous report where it is shown that

...................ENT specialists told him that his bone is damaged and infection anytime can
invade the brain tissues which may damage the brain and death can ensue
as well from pyogenic meningitis. There is no other resort as all the
antibiotics and other things didn't respond so it is the only way out .

On asking about else he further revealed that he is suffering from:


( ANTI HCV-6.54 )
( 210-110 TO 185-95 WITH medcn)
Constipation Severe ( once in 3-4 days )
Palpitations At night ( wake him up so
many times in a night
Swelling all over body esp lower limbs
Appetite very low
flatulent abdomen

This history n case obviously deserves a thought whether to serve or not as if really bone is about to collapse it can lead to all the worst
complications to the patient if delayed or homoeopathic medicine didn't
work upto the expectation. A counter question was asked to the patient
whether he is willing to afford the risk of taking homoeopathy and
delay his operation after he is aware of all the risk that could have
happen to him. After agreeing of him he got the instructions that in
the next 24 hrs of homoeopathic prescription if he feels some relief he
can choose between homoeopathy or operation , but he needs to be away
from taking any of the medicine if any of the following taken place:
# any discharge from the ear or ears
# any discharge from nose
# diarrhoea or vomitting
# fever
# any of the skin problem

Prescription made in 200 potency and patient advised not to leave for home as he was
an outstation patient, for next 24 hrs. but he returned home. After 24
hours he didn't contacted , we felt homoeopathy didn't succeed, but
after two days patient appeared by himself and told us pain is very
less, he is suffering from an ear discharge since that day with nasal
discharge and diarrhoea as well but he didn't took any of the medicine.
Now he believes homoeopathy can help him and he won't opt for operation
. Patient is still with us and is on follow up .
in short after 4-5 months of his treatment :
# Hepatitis C : Anti HCV has reduced to 1.60 (it needs to be < than
1.5 within 1 month with viral load of 8880 which is very low as more
than 4,00,000 is high

# Diabetes Mellitus : patient was taking insulin units with ever increasing doses by the physician's advice, has
tripped his insulin completely as it is not required now and is on
tablet glynase XL BD only ; his sugar leval is much better now 120-140
is fasting sugar leval.

# Hypertension: stopped all the antihypertensives and his Bp is quite better and is at lower levals
than ever before ( readings of sugar / puls e and b/p in his own
handwritting placed below )

# Palpitations:L stopped altogether, sound sleep
# no flatulence now and digestion is normal as he suffered for first
month or two with diarrhoea and loose stool followed with normal stool
and digestion

# ear is totally free of pain , hearing is sound with slight hissing noises , starting one or two moths have ear
discharge which disappeared completely after that.

# appetite is good
# swelling is still their on his lower limbs but it is due to his
standing profession and is advised to sit and relax with sleeping with
foot high till he recovers completely.

......................Viral load 8880 IU/ml................................Anti HCV 1.60

remedy prescription was made in 200 potency and repeated
twice in 4-5 months of treatment , patient is still under treatment and
observation and is advised not to use any ointments, anti-diarrhoeals,
injections for anything, Salad, fluid intake is the best thing for him.
Rest he can do whatever he loves to.

Dominating miasm in the case was syphilitic , patient was talking with legs extended towards my
table and arms folded behind his head as if lying almost on the chair
while talking, his gesticulation was as if talking to his subordinate
or as if he is king or boss or cares nothing about.

Rubrics taken:

answering dictatorial
answering repeats the question
indifference external appearence to
brutality drunkenness during
cleanliness mania
A/f embarassement
Side left
Discharges suppressed

remedy can be easily find out with the repertorisation
D/D : merc, caust, aurum, plat, lachesis, ars, syphilinum,

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Comment by Dr. Meakin Mittu M.D.(Hom.) on April 22, 2010 at 12:46am
Dr sarfaraj,
dear sir,
As you are a very senior doctor and if you advise me something itis my ethical duty to thnk and follow that i did with this post.There is nothing like " i am hidin" as your statement clearly depicting that i am intentionally doin it.
dear sir,
i have mentioned all the runrics taken in the case presented to me and after repertorisation remedy is very clear which is easily can be find out by the professionals and laymen will not be able to find out to be able to self-medicate. As i personally feel self prescription of homoeopathic medicines among laymen is a great cause of certain ailments coz of drug proving on them because of unawareness regarding its dose potency and repitition. Asking for your mail is in good intentions to share with you not to show any ego or something.
hope you will take it in good spirit. Definitely i can never be above any of my seniors even colleagues and you are talkin about masters....please relax.
Comment by Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed on April 21, 2010 at 12:53pm
Thanks for your reply but I am not convinced with your argument. Dr Bishumber das published a book based on his experience of lifetime and every layman as well as expert can get the knowledge from it. Jahr poured it all out in his 'forty years practice'. Burnett and others,list is very long, did it. If you think you are above all those masters, you are entitled to youropinion.. I for myself do not consider it proper for someone to ask fellow members to request personally the details to be emailed to their email addresses.
Comment by Dr. Meakin Mittu M.D.(Hom.) on April 20, 2010 at 9:39am
thank you for your words...i am glad that you are serving your village with homoeopathy. My best wishes. Pls check yours mail.
Comment by Dr. Natvar Pansuria on April 20, 2010 at 7:29am
please send me right simillimum my id is
Comment by Dr. Natvar Pansuria on April 20, 2010 at 7:27am
Congrats dear meak in mittu,
this is to see how we can give reasults in hopeless cases.Good thing that u have left some work for us to findout right simillimum.....but please now tell us which is that...
Comment by Dr. Meakin Mittu M.D.(Hom.) on April 18, 2010 at 2:45am
dr sajjad
i never hesitate to say what is right...when one of my senior suggested that mentioning a drug here can harm the laymen that felt right to my conscience..and i follow that...i send case to everyone interested...Hope it will clear all the notions about my intentions.
Comment by Dr. Meakin Mittu M.D.(Hom.) on April 18, 2010 at 2:26am
Dr sajjad,
pls check yours inbox
Comment by sajjadakram on April 18, 2010 at 2:11am
Dr Meakin,
I am in this profession for last 20 years.I never hesitate to tell any homeopath anywhere in the world.This is for the promotion of Homeopathy.
Comment by sajjadakram on April 18, 2010 at 2:09am
Agreed with you Dr Sarfaraz.
Comment by Dr. Meakin Mittu M.D.(Hom.) on April 18, 2010 at 12:50am
Dr sarfaraj,
thanks for your words. i am not at all hesitant to write about details of the case and remedy but here at this forum i have been sugeested by seniors and colleagues not to do so but i can send u the case and summary of the case please share with me yours email id, i wil send it to you.

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