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Health Workers In Kerala Are Pulling The Patients To Modern Medicine!

Recently the government of Kerala has given permission to start 25 new homeopathic dispensaries under the department of homeopathy. Now the total number of free homeopathic dispensaries in Kerala is around 650. Apart from that, there are many NRHM dispensaries funded by the Govt of India. The state and central government is also supporting Homeopathic education, drug manufacturing and other activities related with homeopathy.

Even though there is strong support from the government, there is a guerilla war from the doctors of modern medicine and their team working in the health department. Their health workers are also involved in activates against homeopathy and Ayurveda. I have come across several patients and their family members saying that the government health workers coming for home visit are forcing them to go for modern medicine. They are creating panic among the patients by saying that ONLY antibiotics can manage infection. Whenever they come across any patients taking homeopathy or Ayurveda, they strongly suggest them to go for modern medicine. Recently one health worker scolded my patient for refusing the Hepatitis B vaccine. She said that in future, the child will not get any jobs and will not be allowed to go abroad without taking all vaccines! Whenever they come across a child taking homeopathy for throat infection, they declare that the child will have Rheumatic heart disease. Whenever they come across a child having Impetigo, they declare that the child will have kidney failure. Similarly, they create tension in the family by saying that without taking anti hypertensives, stroke is definite; Diabetes without allopathic medicine can lead to diabetic coma; Urinary infection without antibiotics can lead to nephritis; Child without vaccines cant grow normally...

But the point to be noted is, these health workers bring their kids to homeopaths for treatment! I have many clients working in the health department. Actually, it is not their interest to fight against homeopathy, but they have been told to do so by somebody.

In fact we have seen hundreds of diabetes patients coming with almost all complications of diabetes in spite of taking treatment from well-known diabetologist for several years. Stroke is more common among those who take antihypertensive medicines. Heart attack is more common among those who take modern medical treatment. We also get patients with infections coming from allopaths after “treating” with almost all antibiotic poisons available in the market. But these are the truths known to a minority. The majority is brainwashed by the modern medical doctors, health workers, and the media. They are looting money by forcing the patients to do unnecessary investigations. They prescribe costly medicines instead of low priced medicines having better quality.

Now the question arises: Who can save the poor patients from the hands of devils?

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on February 17, 2011 at 6:53am
Thanks for sharing your views. There is no doubt that the result in our practice is the most important point. However, we should counter such hidden attacks by public awareness classes. The patients misguided by them usually come back to us within a few days (after loosing health and money). But, it can make the case more difficult. Hence, we should educate our patients properly before starting the treatment. We have no right to critize another system, but, we have the right to say what we can do. In India, we are lucky to get maximum support from the government. But, we should closely observe the changing policies of the government!
Comment by Dr.Bhupinder Singh Sahni on February 17, 2011 at 2:52am

Dear Dr.Raufeeque,

I have worked in Govt Run Homoeopathic Dispensaries/ Hospitals/ Admisitrative & Academic areas  for more than 40 yrs. Let BHW (Basic Health Worker) working under Primary Health Centers (also known as Village Doctors and used to give Injections for every ailment without having its proper knowledge and authority) continue there propaganda against Homoeopathy. this will work only for few days/months. In spite of making hue & cry of there acts better concentrate of your own skills to treat & advise the patients with your ability  to show results/ cures. The people will be with you/homoeopathy.

I always faced this situation in rural as well as urban area  and within within six months of time no patient will bother about there free advises. Even in indoor hospital where homoeopathy & allopathy are having joint functioning, the allopathic doctors call us (me) QUACKS, but after  a period of few months there OPD's are are empty compared with homoeopathic OPD which always become over crowded. there mouth will be automatically stop propagating the ill advise about homoeopathy.This is my experience. Never criticize Allopathiy or there free advise; counter them with your results. The only way to keep alive Homoeopathy.

Dr.Sahni BS

Retd. Dy.CMO

ONGC Hospital, Panvel, Navi Mumbai



Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on February 11, 2011 at 5:18am
Hi sir, Thanks for adding the details. We are lucky to get maximum support from the government. I have already mentioned the same in the first paragraph itself! But, what i have mentioned is about the health workers and others working in the health department. They are not affected by the government policies! I have seen many 'ASHA' workers misguiding the patients. They are injecting the antibiotic concept into the minds of ordinary people. Educated people obviously do not listen to them. That is the main reason for the low socioeconomic class to go behind modern medicine. Now the medical insurance is also creating problems. Only the government is supporting us, but the guerrilla war is still going on.
Comment by Dr. B Venugopal on February 11, 2011 at 2:56am
what you said was true,but now the picture is changing Govt of India spending iot of money for the propagation of Homoeopathy In 2005 Govt launched NRHM[National rural health misson],one of its objective is mainstreaming AYUSH systems In 2007 November Govt started National campaign in homoeopathy for mother and child care. In kerala KUSAT recently conducted a symposium on Emerging and re emerging infectious diseases in Kerala, where all the different systems lined in the same platform With in short time Homoeopathy  should have an equal status with other systems
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on February 10, 2011 at 10:57pm
Thanks for the response.

Ofcourse there is a solution! We have to a apply the similia principle not only in prescribing, but also in the propagation of homeopathy. We should try to behave in a similar way (not in the same way by insulting their system). We should teach the public, conduct free medical camps, medical awareness lectures, and most importantly, curing the cases. Each and every homeopath should utilize his free time for the propogation of our system. We shold be organized in the similar way, and we should maintain a good network among us. Forget the silly clashes between schools and cold wars beteen different methods.
Comment by Zulkifli Abdul Ghani on February 10, 2011 at 9:22am

Sad to say that's the situation in many countries, especially when there are people who are not allowed to express their opinion freely. Did we fail to look at humanity as a whole?


There must be solution to the situation.


May be, just may be ...... can start with the simple "what, where, when, who, which and how"?


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