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Birthdays are important event to remember the contribution of the person on the day he was born & to take the work forward. Here are some, you may like to add more:

Dr Samuel Hahnemann

Born: 10 April 1755
2 July 1843
Country: Germany

Dr. James Tyler Kent
Born: 30 March 1849 Died:
Died: 6 June 1916
Country: New York

Dr. C. Von Boenninghausen
Born: 1785
Died: 1864:
Country: Germany

Dr.Henry C. Allen
Born: 21 Oct 1836
Died: 22 Jan 1909
Country: London

Dr. Constantine Hering
Born: 1 Jan 1800
Died 23 July 1880
Country: Germany

Dr. John Henry Clarke
Born: 1853
Died: 24 Nov 1931
Country: London

Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler
Born: 21 August 1821
Died: 1898
Country: Germany

Dr. Cyrus Maxwell Boger
Born: 1861
Died: 2 Sep 1935
Country: USA

Dr. Mahendra Lal Sircar
Born: 2 Nov 1833
Died: 23 Feb 1904
Country: West Bengal (India)

Dr. William Earnest Boyd
Born: 21 May 1891
Died: 1955
Country: England

Dr. Ernest A Farington
Born: 1 Jan 1847
Died: 17 Dec 1885
Country: New York

Dr. T. F. Allen
Born: 24 April 1837
Died: 1903
Country: USA

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Comment by Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Chughtai on October 21, 2009 at 10:16am
Birthdays are important event to remember that we spent our life is more than remaining life which is very small. We don't know how many days, months and years are remaining. It is also remember the contribution of the person on the day he was born & to take the work forward.
Comment by Dr. Nisanth Nambison MD on October 21, 2009 at 7:51am
Thank you very much for your additions. In India we celebrate 10th April as Homeopathy Day, but, I admit that you have raised a legitimate point.
Comment by Katja Schütt on October 21, 2009 at 7:45am
Dr. Georg Heinrich Gottlieb Jahr
Born: 30 January 1800
Died: 11 July 1875

Dr. William Boericke
Born: 26 November 1849
Died: 1 April 1929

Dr. James Compton Burnett
Born: 10 July 1840
Died: 2 April 1901

Dr. Stuart Close
Born: 14 November 1860
Died: 26 May 1929

Dr. Willis . Dewey
Born: 25 October 1858
Died: 1 April 1938

Dr. Robert Ellis Dudgeon
Born: 17 March 1829
Die: 18 September 1904

Dr. Caroll Dunham
Born: 29 October 1828
Died: 18 February 1877

Dr. Henry Newell Guernsey
Born: 10 february 1817
Died: 27 June 1885

Dr. Pierre Schmidt
Born: 22 July 1894
Died: 15 October 1987

Dr. Herbert A. Roberts
Born: 7 May 1868
Died: 13 October 1950

Dr. Eugene Beuharis Nash
Born: 8 March 1838
Died: 6 November1917

Dr. Samuel Lilienthal
Born: 5 December 1815
Died: 3 October 1891

Dr. Charles Julius Hempel
Born: 5 September 1811
Died: 24 September 1879

A comment on Hahnemann: Most sources list the 11th April as his birthday. He was born exact at midnight - 0.00 o'clock- that's why the different dates in literature.

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