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Happy birthday Dr Hahnemann,


Today is 10th of April 2011, and the world, to be precise the Homeopathic world is celebrating it with gusto on one side, and skepticism on the other ;


I wonder if you are feeling happy and exalted about this profound event, which lead tothe discovery of “ similar similibus curentur” or “ like cures like”. I am confident of this.Because you said before transiting  “ ----- my life has not been in vain”;


Indeed your life has not gone in vain, as two plus centuries later with what you gave to humanity many are benefiting from your gift all over planet earth. Not only the humans,but plants and animals too.


Your Organon, and Chronic disease were landmark publications which changed the course and history of medical science and made the world of conventional medicine think how humans should be treated in serious cases of illness. How human nature has to be viewed from a novel perspective. Body, soul and mind.


You also brought to fore the concept of the  “ vital force”, and “dynamization” of homeopathic medicines and its unique concept of dilution; Both these process gave your homeopathic medicines its “ strength” and power to heal,
but remains controversial even today.


Never before such a procedure of making medicine had been perceived by the pharmaceutical fraternity; later you brought in the concept of so called LM potencies, and the way it should be dispensed.It still remains a sort of enigma for many homeopaths even today.


It would be worthwhile mentioning your student and disciple Dr Boennighausen, whom you considered to be the only one who understood your philosophy and method of treating as you had envisioned , and considered him able enough to treat you if you got ill. That compliment and privilege was probably not bestowed on any other.


Boenninghausen on his part researched and brought in a unique repertory in the form of TPB  or therapeutic pocket book. Though TPB remained obscured, but its essence was  utilized by great doctors of the day, Allen and Boger, who published their own version Of  TPB, which are utilized even today by many homeopaths around the world.But the way it was done pushed back the work of Boenninghausen on the back burner for a long time.


Dr Hahnemann you will be happy to know  that Boenninghausen, your disciple’s original work has not been forgotten , but due to serious research by few individual like Dr Dimitriardis of Australia,and Dr Gary Weaver of Florida and
few others it has been resurrected and is now available in book form and also as a hi tech homeopathic software.


Here I would like to tell you that Dr D. P. Rastogi of India was an ardent fan of Boennighausen and India hailed him as their Boenninghausen, but today he is no more.He passed away on Dec 15, 2010, but left behind a legacy in the form of  Boennighausen Academy for classical Homeopathy, in Gurgaon (India),to promote teaching of Boenninghausen repertories.


Are you smiling Dr Hahnemann?


Dr Hahemann, you may have expected that your homeopathy would spread far and wide and become THE treatment of diseases of all kind. Yes it spread far and wide and reached all the continents, yet it has remained a very controversial form of treatment in the eyes of the scientific world of today
who for various reasons are not willing to accept it as one of the mainstream medical and health care system. At least not as yet, though the struggle goes on;


Some of the reason may be the deviation from the form of homeopathy that you had given to the world. The present day Homeopathy has taken many forms, needless for you to know, but has left the community of homeopaths divided, as diverse forms of homeopathic treatment has been adopted.Each group claiming success for themselves.


With this scenario many government have started to stifle the spread of homeopathy by various legislation being propounded. Only a couple  countries still are willing to go with homeopathy, along with the conventional system.


Research work on homeopathy and its integration with conventional medicine is doing well in India, which now boasts a Homeopathic University in Rajasthan.Some good work is also being done in Cuba, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, but leaves much to be desired.


It is time that Governments will have to have an out of the box and determined thinking and attitude to embrace homeopathy wholeheartedly.


Dr Hahnemann sir, are you satisfied with what is happening to the world of homeopathy? I wish you would be able to speak out and guide us once
more. But alas this can not be. We shall wait and see how the future generation deals with homeopathy of tomorrow; Hope is not lost. May your soul rest in peace.


Dr Wequar Ali Khan

Miami Florida































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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on April 11, 2011 at 12:43am
we all homeopaths on the globe really miss you sir!
Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on April 10, 2011 at 11:52pm
Very Good letter.

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