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Hahnemann Birthday Celebration by HMAI Unit at Aligarh with Dr. Rajneesh Sharma as Chief Guest

Hahnemann Birthday Celebration by HMAI Unit at Aligarh

An unforgettable event- Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma

It was a matter of great pleasure to me when Dr. Ravindra Saraswat asked for my telephone no. through Homoeopathy World Community platform. I was surprised as I was going to meet him live on phone. My every breath was thanking HWC and Debby who created this wonderful planet, where the strangers meet and become gracious for each other.

Very soon, following his instructions, Dr. Yogesh Gupta contacted me on phone and enjoined me to get across a lecture on Constitutions in Homoeopathy, their Miasmatic analysis and remedies.

I was happy, listening to the topic as it is the most indispensable for every Homoeopath. With my consent, they arranged to commemorate Hahnemann’s Birth day celebration on 17th April at their native place, Aligarh.

I started toiling hard on the subject given to me and it took about one and half month to get completed. Dr. Ruchi Rajput, of course, dedicatedly supported me in this work.

The schedule of the programme was delivered to me in the form of an invitation card. I got too nervous to know my role. It was a lecture for four hours. My personal record of a lecture was only one and half hour. I took a dose of Gelsemium 200 a day before seminar and started my journey from Kashipur of Uttaranchal to Aligarh of Uttar Pradesh at 4.30 AM on 17th.

I did not sleep all night keeping repertory in my right hand and material medica in the left. The apprehension was to deliver a lecture before the mass of highly qualified, learned and tremendously experienced doctors like Dr. B. N. Paul, Dr. Ravindra Saraswat, Dr. Poonam Batra, Dr. Yogesh Gupta, Dr. P K Dasgupta, Dr. D. K. Vashishtha, Dr. Vineet Kumar Gaur, Dr. Manish Jain, Dr. D. K. Singh, Dr. P. K. Sharma and many other world fame ones. This function was to be attended by not only the members of the Aligarh homeopaths, but also by the leading allopaths of the city, and the members of Indian Medical Association, NIMA, Nursing Home bearers etc. Dr. Siddiqui, Dr. Vishwamitra, Dr. Mukesh Chandra, Dr. Sunil Gupta, Dr. Maneesh Jain, Dr. Niranjan Lal, Dr. M. L. Dayal, Dr. Swati Vishal, Dr. Neelam Singh, Dr. J. P. Singh, Dr. Brijesh Mohan, Dr. Anil Gupta, Dr. Kunaal Varshney, Dr. Mukesh Agrawal, Dr. R. K. Saxena, Dr. Ravi Saxena, Dr. A. K. Verma and many more were waiting for my appearance. The trepidation was disappeared when Dr. Manish Jain, Dr. Saraswat and Dr. Yogesh Gupta received me along with my wife Vineeta, daughter Aastha, son Vaibhav and Dr. Ruchi Rajput. Dr. Javed was also accompanying us in this holy mission.

After a very nice and special breakfast, we were brought to the venue- Agrasen Seva Sadan, a grand conference hall at G. T. Road Aligarh at about 12 Noon. The function was started with our welcome and a tribute to Sir Hahnemann. After garlanding and lighting the candles at Hahnemann’s picture by us and Dr. B. N. Paul, the president of the ceremony, Dr. Saraswat enlightens the life story of Dr. Hahnemann and directed me to start my part.

At about 12.30 PM, I started to speak on the so called Constitutions, their miasmatic analysis and corresponding remedies. All of the hundreds of audiences were wonderful. They were very curiously as well as carefully concentrating on my voice and gestures. Their eyes were staring on the screen to see each and every word appearing on it.  The subject was so dry, for a few it might be boring, but the doctors of Aligarh and surrounding areas are so magnificent and bequeathed to Homoeopathy and keen to learn something new, more and more. They allowed me to continue the same till the president of the ceremony, Dr. Paul, ordered to take a short break for lunch at 3.00 PM.

There was a delicious lunch and without delay, I was instructed to start my second session having a lecture on applications and examples of this study in clinical practice. At about 3.30 PM, I started to speak on application of constitutional study in treatment of cancer and presented six case histories of cancers of different types cured with homoeopathy.  All the cases were having detailed study about constitutions and prescriptions were made on the same basis. Their evidences of cure were shown and the result was a question mark on the belief if the gross pathologies were incurable.

In last, there was an open session to ask any question from me between 6.00 PM to 6.30 PM. Dr. Rajiv Lochan, Dr. Poonam Batra, and Dr. B. D. Singh etc. asked several questions and I discussed them in detail. Dr. Poonam Batra explained some points of my lecture very beautifully and supported me a lot.

Afterwards, we were off for a few minutes for tea break while soul of Dr. Hahnemann hallowed us pouring his blessings in the form of drizzling and very pleasantly cools winds.  Our energy was multifolded and the HMAI (Homoeopathic Medical Association of India) Aligarh Unit members were recharged. They started the cultural programs and every body with his family was thrilled compelling him to dance on the floor including me. This was my second attempt to dance, first was in a marriage 14 years ago.

Little girls’ dances were amazing. The beautiful songs by the members shake the audiences. Everybody was paying his gratitude to Samuel Hahnemann who was behind these all. Dr. P. K. Dasgupta told some rare facts about Hahnemann’s life. Dr. Gaur’s stunning anchoring and dance are memorable. My both the kids sung English songs very gorgeously and magnetized the all.

In between the cheers, the efficient homoeopaths were awarded for their marvellous contributions to Homoeopathy. Dr. Poonam Batra receives for her eminent performance in Psychological counselling.  I feel greatly honoured to present these awards to them along with Dr. Paul.

In last, all the team members along with President Dr. Paul honoured me, my wife, Dr. Javed, Dr. Ruchi and my kids before ceremonial dinner.

The dinner was so nice and the huge crowd of all the members and families were surrounding me to talk something. We got a lot of photography with all the members in groups and shared our souls. The music did not stop here because everybody started to thrill again till the musicians stopped their instruments telling it was midnight and the next morning was coming vey fast to join our celebration.

Now, we were unwillingly bound to see off each other with tearing eyes. The short length of the day forced us to go to our retiring places and meet on morning.

We reached to our room in a grand Hotel provided by the unit. Took a glass of cold water and surprised to see Dr. Saraswat and Dr. Gupta with us. It was amazing. After such a tiresome and busy schedule, they come to see off us as we were planning to leave the place in very early morning.

I could not sleep all night with wet eyes, seeing the love, commitment, dedication, enthusiasm, knowledge, experience, empathy, attitude, coordination and manners of the team members of Aligarh.

We left at 6.00 AM and reached Kashipur at 11.30 AM. I joined my Hospital OPD leaving family to rest at home on first floor of my hospital. After a very busy clinic, I reached home to take my bathe and brunch at 5.30 PM. I again stared to see the patients till 8.00 PM and by the 10 PM, I felt on my bed dreaming all night the events I enjoyed.

It is my best occurrence till today. Among hundreds of the events I attended, it is the best. My cordial blessing to all the HMAI Aligarh unit members who lead my certitude to increase several times in such types of associations. HWC is one of them. Thanks HWC, thanks Debby, thanks Aligarh. Hope to meet you again and remain as a dedicated part of your association.

Highlights of HMAI Aligarh’s Hahnemann B’Day Celebration with Dr. Rajneesh Sharma as Chief Guest and Chief Speaker on 17th April 2011

1- Dr. Rajneesh paying tribute to Samuel Hahnemann 2- Dr. Ravindra Saraswat welcomes Dr. Rajneesh 3- Dr. P. K. Dasgupta Garlands Hahnemann’s Photo 4- Dr. B. N. Paul. Dr. Rajneesh, Dr. Javed, Dr. Poonam Batra etc. 5- Dr. Ruchi Rajput honoured 6- Audience 7- Dr. Rajneesh honours Dr. Saraswat 8- Audience 9- Mrs Dr. Paul and Dr. Poonam Batra Honour Mrs. Vineeta- Wife of Dr. Rajneesh 10- Mrs. and Dr. Paul Honour Dr. Ruchi 11- Dr. Rajneesh Honoured by Drs. of Aligarh HMAI Unit 12- Dr. P. K. Dasgupta’s family with Dr. Ruchi, Vineeta and others 13- Dr. P. K. Dasgupta with Dr. Rajneesh and Dr. Javed 14- Dr. Paul and Dr. Rajneesh Honour Dr. Yogesh Gupta 15- Dr. Saraswat’s daughter performs 16- Repeated 17- Dr. Rajneesh addressing 18- Dr. Manish Jain on stage 19- Dr. Yogesh Gupta Thanking

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Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on March 30, 2014 at 11:43pm

Thanks Dr. Nancy.

Comment by Dr. Nancy Malik on March 30, 2014 at 5:17am

Greetings to medical and health professionals, scientific community, patients and to the general public spread across 7 continents – a wonderful “World Homeopathy Day” on 10th April on account of the founder and father of Homeopathy Dr. Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann’s birthday (born 1755, Germany).

Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on April 23, 2011 at 6:42am
Thank you so much Dr. Prabhat. Regards...
Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on April 23, 2011 at 6:41am
Thanks a lot Dr. Bahl. Regards.
Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on April 23, 2011 at 6:41am
Thanks a lot Dr. Bahl. Regards.
Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on April 23, 2011 at 6:41am
Thanks a lot Dr. Bahl. Regards.
Comment by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Dasgupta on April 23, 2011 at 5:06am

Always Welcome Dr. Rajneesh.

What a memorable celebration it was......can't forget all of your presence....

Comment by DR. Sushil Bahl on April 23, 2011 at 2:29am
I congratulate Dr. Rajneesh and all other members of HMAI for a successful event, which acts as a source of inspiration to others.
Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on April 23, 2011 at 12:02am
Your welcome sir.
Comment by Dr Ravindra Saraswat on April 22, 2011 at 1:28pm
Thanks Dr.Rajneesh Sharma for a good report of our H.M.A.I. program(Aligarh Unit).

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