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Sounds Too Good To Be True

I found this information on a number of websites:

Before Its News

Surviving Global Recession
Unfortunately, these websites may not be completely trustworthy.

They link to other pages that simply sell supplements.

Always check with Hoax and Urban Legend websites for a review of information. When you do a search before continuing a chain of misinformation, others will not pass on untruths. You will find a mix of facts and misstatements on the pages with massive claims without scientific backing.

Use Your Critical Thinking

Usually when you read something that sounds out of the ball field and wild claims you know to investigate for yourself. The Graviola plant, also called Sour sop does have medicinal properties, but the implausible claim, "10,000 times stronger than chemo" should peak your skeptical self to say, "What?!"

Dr Deepak Sharma has written about Sour sop and you can read some facts on his page. Whatever you call this plant, since it has many names, do not be fooled. You can readily plant one in your garden, serve it in a fresca smoothie drink, and enjoy the beauty in a fruit bowl arrangement; but, please do not disseminate fruitless claims to stun other people.

More important than the tree itself, we must be concerned about saving the planet's tropical rainforests where the graviola lives and grows. The wealth and richness of the great Amazon and Amazonian basin now losing medicinal plants and natural habits at an alarming rate. 

In the United States alone, of the top 150 prescription drugs, at least 118 are based on natural sources.

  • Experts estimate that the Earth is losing at least one potential major drug every two years (World Atlas of Biodiversity, 1995). However, we lose much more in the destruction of a native ecosystem. Homeopathy extracts the essence of a plant and leaves the rainforest, animals and plants in tact.

  • According to, experts estimate that loss of habitat through rainforest destruction results in the extinction of up to 130 species of plants, animals and insects every day.

Health and Healing From Within

The best steps to prevent and treat your fear of cancer come from within you. Eat a nutritional balanced organic diet. Get out into the fresh air and walk and breath. Nourish your close friendships and family ties. Send out love and get active in your community. Give and donate to people in need and to support the communities you want to flourish.

Outlandish Claims

So, when you see and read unprecedented claims like, "10,000 times stronger killer of cancer than chemo," please take it with a grain of salt. Sprinkle some critical assessment along with the assertions. Demand some data to back up the statement.


We know that big pharmaceutical corporations like to extract 'active' properties from plants in order to make proprietary blends that can only be bought and sold through their companies. They may have tried to do this with the sour sop, but failed. 


Everything In Nature

They will continue to fail because nature's wisdom comes in a beautifully sealed package with much more than individual elements. The synergy goes far beyond what the eye or even technology can see. Just like when you ask about the most delicious dish in the world, "What is in this dish?" The answer will be, "Mother made this with love." And, so, the world was made with love. The missing ingredient. 


Making Money Off People's Fears

On the other hand, big corporations have become corrupt, just as any human being can easily become corrupted by the sound of money. Greed seems to be the opposite ingredient in the recipe of health. 


Please read on Dr Deepak Sharma's article the properties of graviola to study some of the facts. 


In the meantime, do you realize the Amazon Rain Forest is losing its vital energy and life giving plants at a much faster rate than ever estimated? Dr Robert Bruck, plant pathologist and world renown expert on Global Warming will be speaking on the Health Inn Show December 10, 2012. Please mark your calendar. 


  • Dr James (Bud) Alcock, a professor of environmental sciences at the Abington campus of Penn State tells us the Amazonian rain forests could reach a "point of no return" in as little as 10 to 15 years from now if deforestation continues at the present rate of about one percent a year.
  • His computer model shows that rain forest in Brazil could be wiped out entirely within 40 to 50 years
  • Poor agricultural practices, logging, and mining that strip the lush forests have decimated the plant and animal life and natural ecosystem that provide the most important water cycle and air filtration to our planet. 
  • Alcock presented his findings June 25, 2001 at a joint conference of the Geology Society of America and the Geology Society of London in Edinburgh, Scotland


If you want to help heal the world, save the rain forest. 


The Guardian Message To Save The Rainforest


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