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After another warm and sunny day where I actually picnicked in the grass at noon, I can’t but conclude the Walk must be approved by the gods! The 22 km took me along again beautiful paths; near  the Zuidzee and further through woods were sunrays poured down yellow and brownish leaves. Amazing how the Netherlands conquered the water, control it and win land from the sea. Knowing this and walking by all that ubiquitous water are two rather different things.  In the Oostvaardersplassen it was mainly the idea of walking 7 meter under sea level that felt surprising, in the Polder it’s the countless brooks and canals and now it was as if the sea was always near.
A very suitable stay for this day was the B&B on a tjalk Christel chose for me. I had the whole boat for me alone: a quiet, cozy and pretty place with no internet connection and hence…  a long night’s sleep.

In the morning just when I finished breakfast, somebody appeared at the open trapdoor. I expected it to be the owner to check if all was fine but it was Monique Meereboer, who walked with me before and attended cases as well. She was going to join me all the way to Amsterdam!

This was my last stop in the second part. Kees Dam, Yvonne Lassauw and Elionora organized those days. On Thursday I did the first intake, then we had a great meal with some colleague homeopaths and Friday was a full days of patients.
On Saturday in a nice place in the Jordaan a homeopathic day was organized, with the following program: Kees  Dam, who is involved with ‘Homeopaths without Borders’ gave a lecture on his Malaria remedy Artemisia annua. With muscle testing he could prove how effective it is. ‘Homeopaths without Borders’ is the next project The Walk of homeopathy is going to support, after HHA.

Then I explained where the idea of the Walk originated from and what happened so far. And of course, we spend half of the day doing a life case, again of a rather rare and interesting remedy.

The last few days I started feeling more relaxed and contented with my nomadic existence and my impression was that the Walk started to run by itself… 

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