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The Gleanings-XVI Extremities




Chronic or Hereditary Rheumatism: Silicea

It is one of the remedies on which to depend in treating hereditary rheumatism. The pains are predominantly in the shoulders and in the joints, and are worse at night, and worse when uncovering. Ledum is exactly the opposite in modality. The patient is worse from covering up. The symptoms usually extend from feet upward.  (CMM 548)


Rheumatism alt. with Gastric Symptoms: Kali-bi.

Indicated in rheumatism occurring in spring or in the summer weather, when there are cool days or nights. The smaller joints seem to suffer considerably. Thus we have  pains about the fingers and wrists more than in any other part of the body. Pains wander about suddenly, jumping from one part of the body to another, and relieved by moving the affected part. Gastric and rheumatic symptoms often alternate. (a confirmed symptom). Comp. with Artemisia Abrotannum,  in which diarrhea and piles alternate with rheumatism. (CMM 728)


Rheumatism of Joints: Lithium Carb.

Tenderness with swelling and occasional redness of the last joints of the fingers; clumsiness in walking from unwieldiness of the muscles; intense itching on the sides of feet and hands, without any apparent cause. The pains in the joints are usually worse in knees, ankles, and finger joints. The whole body feels stiff and sore, as if beaten. The pains go down the limbs; the whole body is increased in weight and becomes puffy. This puffiness is not due to a healthy fat, but as a flabby condition which belongs to all the alkalis. Comp. Kalm., Calc., in rheumatism of fingers joints, when there are nodular swelling in joints; in this comp. calc., Nat.m.,, Lyco., Amm.Phos.


Rheumatism of Shoulders: Arn., Caust.


Rheumatism of left deltoid: Nux. Mosch. (CMM 646)


Rheumatism of Right Shoulder: Mag.c.

Rheumatic pains better from warmth, but worse in bed. Also rheumatic pains in limbs with the same modality, and, also, worse from long walking.  (CMM 646)

“Tearing in shoulders as if dislocated. Right shoulder painful; cannot raise it. Whole body feels tired and painful, especially legs and feet. Swelling in bend of knee.”  (Boericke)

VIOLA OD.: Rheumatism of the upper part of the body when on the right side, deltoid muscles. Trembling of limbs. Pressing pain in right carpal and metacarpal joints. (comp. Almus).


Rheumatism of Muscles and Joints with Constipation: Casc.seg.

Obstinate constipation. (Boericke)


Rheumatism with Nephritis: Radium Br.

Severe pain in limbs and joints, especially knees and ankles. Sharp pain shoulder, arms, hands and fingers. Arthritic pains worse at night. (Boericke)


Rheumatic and paralytic complaints, Great Difficulty in walking: Angust.v

Cracking in all joints. Arms tired and heavy. Pain in knees.  (Boericke)


Rheumatism of Clavicles: Magnol.G.


Rheumatism, Inflammatory, with Metastasis: Rhamnus Californ.

One of the most positive remedies of rheumatism and muscular pain, pleurodynia, lumbago, gastralgia; dysmanorrhea of myalgic origin. Pain in head, neck and face. Inflammatory rheumatism: joints swollen, painful, with tendency to metastasis. Rheumatic heart.             (Boericke)


Rheumatism with Stiff Knees:  Mimosa

Lancinating pains; in back and limbs. Swelling of the ankle. Legs tremble. (Boericke)


Rheumatism with Exostoses, of Wrists  and Ankles: Ruta.G.


Rheumatism of the Right Deltoid:  Lycopersicum

Middle of the right upper arm, and pectoral muscles; rheumatic pain in right elbow and wrist, and in both hands.


Erratic and shifting Rheumatic Pains:  Magnolia Grand.


Shifting Rheumatic Pains: Stellaria Med.

Sharp, shifting rheumatic pains, in all parts; aggravation morning and warmth. Stiffness of joints, small of back, over kidneys and gluteal region, extending down thighs. Rheumatic pains in calves of legs, etc. Amelioration motion and cold air.   (Boericke) Comp. Pusatilla, Kali-S.


Wandering Rheumatism of Joints:  Aurum


Rheumatism in Hot Weather & Before Storm: Rhododendron

Gouty inflammation of great toe joints. Rheumatic tearing in all joints; especially right side; < rest and stormy weather. Stiffness of neck. Pain in shoulders, arms and wrists, agg. when at rest. Pains in bones in spots, reappearing in change of weather. Cannot sleep unless legs are crossed. All symptoms reappear in rough weather, storm, night, especially toward morning. Better after storm breaks, warmth and after eating.


Rheumatic Pain at top of the Spine, in a Particular Spot: Cad.s.


Rheumatic Pains in Tibia and Ankle: Drosera

Ankle feels as if dislocated on walking. Bed feels too hard.


Rheumatism of Joints from Exposure: Medorrhinum

The pain settling, ultimately, in one joint, usually knee, ankle or wrist. Burning in hands and soles. [Read Medorrhinu to understand the Rheumatic mias. Usmani]


Rheumatic Pains in Legs, Loss of Walking Power, Oxalluria: Berb.v.


Rheumatism of the Shoulder with Bruised, Sore Pain: Lith.c.


Rheumatism with Stiffness of Joints: Strychninum


Periosteal Rheumatism:  Natrum Salicylate


Rheumatism of the Upper Parts of the Body, Right Side: Viol.od.


Rheumatism of Deltoid Muscles: Viol.od.


Arthritic Nodosities of Joints, Especially Fingers: Staphys.
Compare. Caul., Colch., Lyco


Purulent Arthritis with fever:  Myristica Seb.


Arthritis Caused by Pyorrhea: Thuja


Polyarthritis, Chronic Rheumatism, Uric Acid Diathesis: Ichthyolum


Prevention of Gout: Fragaria Vesca

Prevents formation of calculi; removes tartar from teeth, and prevents attacks of gout. (Boericke)


Great Toes, Large Joints, Pain: Jalapa Also smarting at root of nails. Burning in soles.


Gouty Troubles Brought on by Indigestion: Puls.
If the disease persists despite its use Colchicum follows it well. (CMM 351)


Gout, Constitutional: Ant. Crud.

There will be gouty nodes in many of the joints. It helps here provided that the gastric symptoms, characteristic of the remedy are present, but not otherwise.    (CMM 578)


Gout, and Uric Acid Diathesis (Favors elimination) : Urt.uren.


Gout, especially of Wrist and Ankle joints:                                    Abrot.



Joints are stiff and the tendons shortened, drawing the limbs out of shape. It is frequently indicated in what has been termed Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rheumatic pains attack particularly the articulation of the jaw. They are worse from cold and relieved by warmth. Also useful in Rheumatism of the Right Deltoid, here being comparable with Ferrum, Phosphoric Acid, Sangunaria, and Viol.Od.   Compare. Causticum with:


RHUS-TOX. which also has rheumatism from exposure to cold; it has restlessness and relief from motion all the time. In Causticum restlessness occurs only at night. Further Rhus-t is worse from damp weather, in Causticum from dry weather.

GUAICUM: is to be preferred to Causticum, and follows that remedy well, when in either gout or rheumatism, there are contractions of the tendons, and drawing the limb out of shape, and agg. by any attempt at motion_ particularly if there are well-developed nodosities in the joints.

COLOCYNTHIS: is to be remembered for Articular Rheumatism, when the joints remain stiff and unwieldy. The pains in the affected parts are of a boring character. (CMM)   



Chronic Sprains:    Strontia Carb.

Particularly of the ankle-joint, when both Arnica and Ruta have failed. The long interference with the circulation has produced some edema about the joint. (CMM 654)


Chronic Sprains of Ankle Joints: Strontia Carb.


Sprains: Ammon.Carb.


Sprains of Joints and Stiffness of Knees: Petroleum

Sprains of joints, especially in old rheumatic patients. Particularly indicated in rheumatism when the knees are stiff; this stiffness being associated with sharp, sticking pains in them, and when stiffness of the neck and cracking sounds when moving the head owing to the roughness of muscular fiber.  (CMM 499)


Wrist, Violent Pain, Paralysis, Sensation as if Sprained:  Hippomanese

Left arm feels as is paralyzed. Formication on the right hand; paralysis of the right wrist (agg. morning). Great weakness of hands and fingers, so that he cannot hold anything. Left wrist feels sprained.


Cramps in Calves and Feet: Cholas Terrapina

Also general rheumatism with cramps. Cramps of muscles. (Boericke)




Staphysagria: Swelling and subsequent suppuration of the periosteum. Probe will reveal diseased bone.

Stillingea: of great use in syphilitic affections of long bones, such as femur, tibia, humerus, etc. In periostitis and ostitis, the pains are < night, and damp weather. Concomitantly there would always be excoriating coryza, the well-known syphilitic ozaena.

Mercurius: Kali Hydroiodicum: Carbuncles of syphilis (and of overuse of Mercury).

Strontium Carb.: more suited to scrofulous constitution. Chronic ulcers of femur, discharging bones with pus. Concomitant profuse exhausting diarrhea, and hectic fever.

Other remedies are Aur.m., and Platina, which are useful for caries or necrosis.

Gettysberg Salt: (which owes its effectiveness to the lithium carbonate, it contains) is useful especially in caries of the vertebrae and of the hip-joint. Very efficacious in scrofulous children, where there are ulcers involving the joints, as in Pott’s Disease, and in hip-joint disease, when there are offensive pus and diarrhea.   (CMM, 338, 656)


Synovitis: Sulphur

Especially when exudation has taken place. It produces absorption, and very rapidly too, particularly in knees. (CMM 471)  



Ataxia Preceded by Sexual Erethism:  Kali-br.

The patient seems to be unable to manage his legs as he should. There are numbness and tingling in legs and spine. This symptom being accompanied in the first stages by an increase in the sexual appetite, but as the case advances it is associated with absence of erection, and frequent nightly emissions, thus increasing the melancholy. You will, also, find Bromide of Potassium indicated for businessmen, who have worked long and hard, who have pored over difficult problems until they have this dizziness, this staggering gait, and this benumbed feeling in the brain. (Read, CMM p. 715f)  


Threatened Paralysis: Aconite


Paraplegia of the Lower Extremities: Vipera

Resembling acute ascending paralysis of the laundry.  


Sciatica after Influenza: Ars-sulph. (Clarke)

Sciatica, Pain when Standing: Valer. Off.

and letting feet rest on floor, amel. While walking.


Sciatica with Numbness: Causticum (Otto Leese)


Left-sided Sciatica: Medorrhinum

I wiped out 50% cases of left-sided sciatica with this remedy”. (Burnett)


Left-sided Sciatica: Iris.v. (Clarke)


Chronic Sciatica: Ran.b.


Sacral and Sciatic Pain, Right-sided: Tell.

Agg. coughing, straining, night. Sensitiveness of vertebral column.




Gangrene, Senile: Arsenic, Secale.

ARESENIC. ALB. With burning, but relief from warm and hot application.


SECALE: with burning, and relief from cold application.


LACHESIS: One of the best remedies for gangrene after injuries, when the edges of the lacerated wound turn black.


CHINA: With hemorrhage or after loss of blood.


Dry Gangrene: Sec.Cor.


Caries of Femur: Stront.carb.

It has marked action on bones; has particular affinity for femur, causing caries and swelling of that bone, usually in scrofulous children. This trouble is often associated with the peculiar diarrhea of this remedy. [cf. supra, under ‘Inflammation’ topic, and under Ch. Rectum.]         (CMM654)


Soreness of Feet, especially the Soles: Natrum.carb.

Accompanied by swelling of those parts. It may also be used for ulcers on or about the heels, after a long walk. Nat.c. has organ affinity for heels, and not the other parts of the sole.    (CMM 692)


Eczema of the Back of the Hands: Natrum.carb.

It is used in the treatment of eczema. It seems to have a peculiar affinity for the dorsa of the hands. The skin there becomes rough, dry and chapped. Sepia is closely related with Nat.c. being particularly indicated for this form of eruption, when there are little ulcers about the joints of the hands. Natrum carb. also cures herpetic eruption with yellow rings.


Dry, Scaly, itching Rhagadies of Hands andFeet, in Cold Weather and from much washing: Maland.


Toes Feel Scalded and Itch Terribly: Maland.


Excoriation between Fingers and Toes: Physalis


Skin Cracked about the Toes, Fissured between Toes: Eugen.Jamb.


Skin Recedes from Nails, Forming Pus: Eug. Jamb.


Hip-joint: 1) Injury, 2) Rhematism, 3) Rhematic Paralysis:  Led.p

It has local affinity for hip joint.  (Hoyene)


Caries of Long Bones: Angustra Vir.

Very painful ulcers which affect the bones. (Boericke)


Chronic Ulcers on Lower Extremities, Legs, feet and Toes: Paeonia

Also breasts and rectum.


Old Deep-seated Ulcers, about Ankles and Shin: Cistus

With copious acrid discharge. Formication and swollen glands, < bathing, cold air, >when very warm. (Kent, 414)


Whitlow:  Myrica cer.


Flat Warts on Palms of Hand: Ruta


Bunions and Corn with Excruciating Pain: Hypericum


Phlebitis: > Elevating Limbs: Vipera


Varicose Veins, Inflammation of Veins, with Great Swelling: Vipera


Glossy Finger-Nails: Tub.


Thick and Split Nails: Ant.c

Cf. infera Skin Chapter.


Vitiligo (Leucoderma): Sep.

“One of the best remedies”  (Vithoulkas)


Unbroken Chilblain: Terebinthina





Ammonium Mur.: Tearing stitching pain from ulceration in heels, worse at night in bed, > rubbing. [Kent doesn’t mention Amm.m. in ulceration of heels, but gives it in italics under the rubric ‘ulcerative pain’. Amm.c is mentioned in 3rd grade under ulcers in heel.] Other remedies attacking the heels are:

Pulsatilla: Inflamed, < evening, on beginning to walk.

Caust., Mangnum: Cannot bear the weight on them. The latter esp. indicated when the rheumatic symptoms come in dark, almost bluish, spots.

Ant.c.: is useful in soreness of heels, worse when walking on hard pavement.

Graph., Led., Nat.c. cause blisters on heels.

Sepia: causes ulcers.

All-c: Cures ulcers on heels, when developed by friction of shoes or stocking. (CMM 663)


Pain in Joints as if they lacked oil:  Gnaphalium


Chronic Low-Spinal Pain: Radium brom.

Acute form of which is > by Rhus Tox.


Contraction of Tendons in Bends of Knees: Tellurium


Chorea from Suppressed Eruptions or fright: Zinc.


Neuralgia under Finger Nails with Swelling of finger Joints: Berb.v.


Clubbing of fingers with Heart Disease:  Lauro.


Trembling of Hands with Palpitation: Arg.nit.

Also Nat.m. which has trembling weakness with palpitation.  (CMM 606)


Hyperesthesia of Tips of fingers: Tarent.Hisp.


Great restlessness of Feet: Zinc.Pic.

“better than Zinc.Met.”  (Kent, 798)


Edema Pedum: Prun.Sp.


Tendency to Fall from Weak Ankles: Natrum carb.

Great nervous debility from exertion. His walk becomes unsteady; any little obstruction on the pavement causes him to fall. His ankles turn in when he attempts to walk. These are the cases that require a remedy to tone up the muscles or joints. Other remedies beside Nat.c having this weakness of ankles in children are: Caust., Nat.hypochlor., Nat.m., Sulph.,, and perhaps Pinus. Sylv.  (CMM 692))


Hip-Joint Disease: Natrum sulph.

The left hip joint, when the patient is of hydrogenoid constitution. The pains are worse at night and arouse the patient from sleep. They cease however when he turns over in bed.

Stillingia: is useful for hip-joint disease in secondary or in inherited syphilis, when pains in and through the hips are worse at night and in wet weather.  (CMM 695)


Nightly pains in Long Bones:  Stillingia

Syphilis of the long bones, periostitis and ostitis; worse at night and in damp weather.

(Essentials of Homeopathic Materia Medica, W.A. Dewey, p. 195)

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