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The Gleanings-XIX





Variola (Small-pox): To abort the disease: Sarracenia Purp.

Arrests pustulation of the pocks. Dose: 3rd to 6th. potency. (Boericke)


Skin Tan Easily under the Sun:           Tub.


Unhealthy Skin, Little Injury Suppurates:        Borax

Every little cut or scratch suppurates readily. There is itching of the skin, particularly on the back of the fingers. Here being something akin to the dorsal eczema of Natrum.c. Little ulcers form about the joints of the fingers. The best remedy for these small ulcers about the joints is SEPIA.


Septic Conditions of the Skin:       Myristica Seb.

A remedy of great antiseptic powers. Inflammation of the skin: cellular tissues and periosteum. Hasten suppuration and shorten its duration.

  • Fistula. Carbuncles. Panaritium (Felon, Onychia, Paronychia).
  • Hasten suppuration; often does away with knife.
  • Suppuration of the middle ear.
  • Tongue white and cracked.
  • More powerful than Hepar. and Silic.


Suppuration, to promote:    Arnica

“Arnica promotes the evacuation of pus and promotes the appearance of pus on the surface of the sore…It produces crops of boils all over the body. They begin with soreness and go on to suppuration, and are followed up by another crop. It may also be used in boils and abscesses, which have partially matured, but which, instead of discharging, shrivel up by reason of absorption of the contained pus. Arnica given internally and applied externally redevelops the abscesses…With the object of preventing pyaemia, some surgeons use Arnica after operations, applying it locally and giving it internally at the same time.   (CMM 241)



Unhealthy Skin, Slow Healing of Wounds:       Cham.

Every little scratch on the skin suppurates. Other remedies are: Hep., Merc., Lyco., Sil., Sulph. (CMM 688)


Septic Condition or Boils, with Enlarged Liver:              Insulin.

Dose: 3 to 30c.


Prevention of Boils: Sil.


Indurations after Boils and Abscesses: Sil.

Following the treatment of boils and abscesses or other inflammations of the kind involving the parenchyma of an organ, you may have plastic exudation which results in indurations. This induration Silicea will cause to be absorbed; thus placing Sil. along side Graphites which tends to absorb indurated surfaces, even going so far as to effect the obliteration of the cicatrices. The same has been said of Phytolacca, but it lacks confirmation. Sometimes it would appear that Sil. is unsuccessful in these indurations. Then a dose of Sulphur, interpolated, makes Sil. act better.   (CMM 545f)


Cicatrices, Removal of:   Graphites

This remedy seems to cause the absorption of the cicatricial tissue. It was noticed in the workers of Graphites. Dr. Guerensey has made use of this property of the drug for removal of cicatrices that form after mammary abscesses. Even the disfigurement of the eye after surgery was corrected with this agent.      (CMM 496)


Specific for Skin Therapeutic: Acne and Styes: Arctium Lappa

Eruptions on head, face and neck. Pimples and Acne. Styes and ulceration on the edges of the eyelids. Crops of boils.  (Anthracinum). (Boericke)


Boils, Recurring, styes and Phlyctenula: Calc. Picrata

Recurring, chronic boils, particularly located on parts thinly covered with muscles tissue, as on shinbones, coccyx, auditory canal, with epithelial scales. (Boericke)


Summer Boils:      Kali-i

When crops of boils appear on head, chest and back.       (CMM 719)


Pustular Eruptions: Variolinum


Skin cancer, Psoriasis:    Kali-ar., Natrum-ar.


Hair, on Unusual Parts: Carcin., Med,.Thyroid., Tub., Lyc., Thuj.


Hairy Skin: Abnormal Growth of Hair: Med., Tub. Thuj.


Fungus Diseases, Ringworms, Actinomycosis,Tumors, Ulcers:    Kali-i. 


Blisters from Burns:      Kali-m.


Chronic Urticaria:       Bovista

Marked skin remedy, producing all shades of skin diseases: e.g., eczema, tetter, urticaria, moist eruptions forming thick crusts. Pruritus ani. Pellagra.


Chronic Urticaria, Hives: Ichthyolum


Urticaria without Itching:     Uva Ursi


Urticaria, Violent Itching:       Tilia Europa

and Burning like fire after scratching.


Urticarial Eruptions, Tendency to:         Calc.c.


Urticaria , Angioneurotic edema:    Thyroid.


Chronic Urticaria: Sul.Acid

“No remedy is so successful in relieving itching, tingling, formication of the skin of lichen, prurigo, and chronic urticria.  (Pharmacodynamics)


Chronic Urticria:       Strophanthus


Persistent Itching, with Desquamation:        Fluoric Acid


Severe Itching, > hot bath: Rhus-ven.

Eyes nearly closed with swelling. Great melancholy; no desire to live. Vesicles, erythema Nodosa, erysipelas.


Shingles, Herpes Zoster:        Ran-b.

“One has over and over again seen shingles clear up with two or three doses of Ran-Bulbosus, 10M (T. K. Moor)


Shingles: Variolinum


Herpes Zoster:     Ars. Alb.

Aggravation Night, 12 to 4 a.m.


Numerous Small Nodes Under the Skin:     Kali-ars.




Fatty Tumors Under the Skin:        Bar-c.

Of use for fatty tumors, which occasionally appear here and there over the body. It is very easy to remove these with the knife. But it is much better to cure them by medicines, if one can do so. (CMM)


Summer Cutaneous Affections:       Sarsa

Eruptions following hot weather and vaccination. Boils and eczema. (Boericke)


Offensive Ulcers:              Nymphaea Odorata

Also early morning diarrhea and ulcerative sore-throat. (Boericke)


Pityriasis Rubra:        Natrum-ars.


Entire Inability to Sweat: Graph., Hep., Alumina

(T. K. Moor)


Splinters in the Skin, Favors the Expulsion of: Anagallis

Possesses the power of softening flesh and destroying warts. (Boericke)




Urticaria: The itching is very annoying. It occurs about the joints, particularly about the ankles. Wheels form on different parts of the body, and these itch, smart and burn. Especially do we find Nat.m. indicated when these symptoms accompany intermittent fever, or occur after exposure to damp cold, especially at sea side. Exercise makes this nettle-rash notably worse. Just here we find Nat.m. complementary to Apis. Apis is an excellent remedy in the treatment of urticaria. But it is not so effective in the chronic form of the disease. Here we will have to use other drugs as Sulphur, Sep., Nat.m., and Calc.

Herpes: Particularly characteristic of Nat.m. is, what is called, Hydroa-labialis. They are little blisters which form on the borders of the lips, and which accompany every marked case of chills and fever, indicating Nat.m. They are akin to what are commonly known as fever-blisters. Hep., Nat.m., and Rhus-t. are the remedies which have these symptoms most marked. Arsenic also has it. [Practical Tip: in the very beginning of these cold-sores, the application of Camphor will stop the trouble. If however they are well advanced, Hepar. relieves them and prevent their return. Camphor is not curative remedy, but Hep. is.]

Herpes Circinatus is a variety of ring-worm, calls for Nat.m. Other remedies for this trouble are Bar.c., Sep., Tell., and Tub.

Eczema: Another form of eruption calling for Nat.m. is an eczema,, which appears in thick scabs, oozing pus, and matting the hair together, a Crusta Lactea, in fact. (CMM 705)


Ringworms or Ring-shaped Patches of Eczema: Tell.


Eczema:     Thyroid.


Chronic Eczema, Following Vaccination:       Malandrinum


Gouty Eczema:              Urea, Uric Acid.


Gouty Eczema with Diabetes:    Urea, Uric Acid


Eczema, Alternating with Internal Affections: Graph.


Eczema after Menopause: Manganese


Eczema on Sea-side, or Sea-travel:        Nat.m.


Eczema, in Phthisico-Strumous  Subjects: Bacitub., Ars-i., Calc.i.


Eczema: After Abuse of Salves, Zinc or Mercury Ointments:          Hep.s.

Purulent discharge, and worse in the morning and accompanied by itching. Ulcers bleed easily and are extremely sensitive, and emit an odor of old cheese. (CMM 688)


Eczema, with Thickening of Skin: Ran-b.

And formation of hard, horny crusts or scabs.


Eczema with Fiery Red Skin:    Tub.


Moist Eczema: Face, Arms, Wrists, Forearm, Hands: Primula Obcon.

Papular eruptions, excoriating; purple blotches on back of hands. Side right.; Rhus-t. side left. (Boericke)


General Eczema: Crot-t., Rhus-t.


Thickened and Split Nails:        Ant.c.

If after an accident which has split the nail, the latter does not heal readily, but grows cracked and thick, Antimony Crud. will make it grow as it should. “I’ve also used the drug successfully in treating a split hoof, in the case my own horse.” Also deficient growth of nails. (CMM 579)


Glossy Nails:       Tub.


Suppression of Itch by Ointments: of Sulph. and Mercury: Causticum


Small Syphilitic Warts and Condylomata:

Kept constantly moist with a wash of diluted Nitric acid,  are removed certainly and painlessly. Dose: a drachm or two of dilute acid to a pint of water is sufficient. (Hughes, Phamacodynamics)



Fig-warts, Dry, Pedunculated:       Staphisagria


Carbuncle:              Rhus-t.

Indicated in the beginning, when the pains are intense, and the affected parts are dark red. If given early Rhus may abort the whole trouble. If not, you may have to resort later to Ars., Carb.v. or even Anthracinum. (CMM 230)


Prickly Heat:        Syzygium Jamb.Ө


Crop of Small Boils Intensely Painful: Tub.


Vitiligo (Leucoderma):          Sepia; Thuj.




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