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The Gleanings-III Eyes and Vision



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Amblyopia (defective vision approaching blindness):  Zincum Met. 

Amblyopia, accompanied by severe headache, which is probably dependent upon some organic change in the brain or its meninges, the pains are particularly worse at the inner canthus of each eye, and the pupils are contracted.  (CMM p. 639)


Amblyopia of the Aged:  Bar. Carb.

The patient cannot look long at any object; sparks before the eyes when in the dark. (ibid)


Opacities of the Cornea:    Zincum M.

Following the repeated and long-lasting attacks of inflammation of that membrane. Zincum Sulphuricum is the best choice here. (ibid)


Pan-ophthalmitis (inflammation of all the tissues of the eyes) or Orbital Cellulitis: Rhus Tox. It is a pathologic specific here. If no other remedy is indicated here, it should be given as a specific. (ibid. p.235)


Asthenopia (poor, troublesome vision):  Gummi Ammoniacum

Asthenopia, when the eyes smart and burn, especially if used at night by artificial light. The eye become injected, and often throb, esp. the inner canthus of each eye. It thus stands between Belladonna, which is used for the affections of the eyes from over-work, when there is great congestion, and Ruta, which is indicated for irritability of every tissue of the eyes, from overwork or from using the eyes on fine work.


Asthenopia from Loss of Semen: Jaborandi, Kali Carb., Lil-Tig., Nat. Mur ., and Sepia. The last named is also used for blurring of sight with prolapsus uteri.


Chronic Ophthalmia (Scrofulous, Tuberculous):    Graphites

“We have no remedy …that excels Graph. In this complaint.” (Farrington) Thickening of the eyelids, esp. edges [blephritis], which are covered with scurf and scales. The angles of the eye are especially worse. The lids are cracked and sometimes bleed. Turning in the eyelashes; hardened styes may appear, along the edges. Phlyctenular ophthalmia: little vesicles form on the cornea and other parts of the eyes, with pussy burning tears. Comp:


Calc. Carb., indicated on the constitutional basis: e.g. sweat on the head, cold, damp feet.

Arsenicum Alb., with usual symptoms, lids spasmodically closed.

Sulphur: the edges are redder than normal, while in Graph. they are paler.

Euphrasia: Phlyctenular ophthalmia, and excoriating discharge.

Mecurius: The patient is <night, heat and glare of fire.

Hepar Sulph.: Very similar to Graph. Throbbing in and about the eye. Suppurating styes form on the lids. Hepar suits the suppurative process better than Graph. Hepar child won’t allow you to touch his eyes: so sensitive to pressure. (CMM p.496)


To Retard growth of Cataract:  Phosphorus

Other remedies are: Bar.C., Calc.C., Con., Mag.C., Nat.M., Sec., and Sil.


Pterygium:  Zincum

Particularly if there are smarting and stinging pain at the inner canthus. Also, Gelsem.


Granular Lids:  Zincum Sulph.


Eyelashes Growing Inward:  Borax

The conjunctiva, esp. the palpebral portion is affected by Borax, giving you soreness, especially marked along the borders of the eyelids. The eyelashes growing inward, instead of outward, and irritate the eyeball. One should remember it as a remedy, which can help trichiasis, or wild hair, and here it can be compared with Alumina, Ars., Euphr., Graph., Merc., Rhus-t., Sep. and Sulph.  (CMM)


Dim Vision with Heart Troubles:   Lachesis

Dim vision worse on waking. Dark spots appear before the eyes. Sight suddenly seems to fade away; feeling of faintness and palpitation of the heart.


Atrophy of the Retina: Nux-V., Phos.


Cysts on Eyelids ( Tarsal Tumors):   Platanus Occ.

Five drop doses morning and evening; also locally.


Tarsal Tumors and Chalazion: Staph., Thuja.  


Strabismus:  Gelsemium

“I’ve over and over again cured strabismus or squint with medicines, sometimes with Gels.6 alone”.              (Burnett, Backward Children)           


Muscular Asthenopia:  Rhododendron

Darting pain through eyes to head, before a storm.


Tiredness of Eyes from Reading:  Ammoniacum

Stars and fiery points float before the eyes.



Near-sightedness, Easily tired Eyes:  Pilocarpus

Very important remedy for eye ailments. For full scope read Boericke.



Staphyloma, Inflammation of the Cornea: Ilex Aquifol.

Nightly burning in orbits; rheumatic inflammation of the eyes. All symptoms > in winter.                                                                                                                                          (Boericke)

Catarrhal inflammation of the Eyes:                           Hydrophyllum

Hot lachrymation with itching, swollen lids, and dull headache.


Styes, crop off:  Uran. Nitricum


Ciliary Neuralgia:    Prunus Spinoza

Bursting pain in the eyeballs; shooting like lightening through the brain to occiput. Sudden pain in left eye as if would burst. > lachrymation. Also Rhododendron.


Irido-Choroiditis: (eyes feel as if bursting)  Prunus Spinoza


Opacity of Vitreous Humor:   Prun. Spin.

Also Cholestrinum, Senega, the last, promotes the absorption of fragments of lens, etc. after the surgery.


Corneal Ulcers:  Lac. Felin.


Hemorrhage into Inner Chamber after iridectomy:  Ledum Pal. 


Cataract, Corneal Opacity, left by corneal ulcers: Mag.Carb., Sil., Naphthaline.


Gonorrheal Conjunctivitis, worst cases:  Merc.Cor


Ciliary Neuralgia after removal of eyeball:  Mez.


Detached Retina:  Naphthaline

For many pathologies of the eyes read ‘Naphthaline’ in Materia Medica.


Night-blindness:   Physostigma

Day-blindness:  Ranun.Bulb.


Color-blindness:  Santonin

Other symptoms: Sudden dimness of sight, Strabismus due to worms, Dark rings about the eye.


Amaurosis, from the atony of the retina:   Strychninum

It also helps in Diplopia, and night-blindness.


Cataract following Occular Lesion:  Tellurium


Vertical Hemiopia:  Titanium


Muscular Weakness of the Eye:  Tilia Europa

Confusion and gauze before the eyes, also Diplopia.


Unequal Pupils, One Dilated, the Other Contracted:   Colchicum

[Dr. Simson has cured a typhoid case owing to this symptom.]


Difficulty in Adjustment of Glasses:   Alumina (Kent. P.73)  

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