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The Gleanings-II Part-2   

HEAD & SENSORIUM- (Contin.) 


Hemicrania: (Migraine)      Argentum Nit.

One of the best remedies for hemicrania. This is not a simple neuralgia. It is deep-seated neurotic disease, (sometimes epileptic in nature). It comes periodically with boring pain in the head, which is worse in the left frontal eminence; relieved by tight bandaging of the head. Excited by unpleasant mental emotions or by anything that depreciates the nervous system as:

  • Loss of animal fluid;
  • Loss of sleep or mental strain.

The severity of pain sometimes brings unconsciousness, or culminates in vomiting of bile. Sometimes pains are as if the bones of the skull are separating, with sensation as if head were enormously large. (CMM p.608)


Obstinate Headache: Zincum

Obstinate, persistent headaches, yet intermittent in its quality: now very severe, and now fading away, but continue returning. < from dinner and wine. (CMM)


Periodical Headache:    Ferrum Met.

Frequent congestive headaches, with pulsating pain, worse usually after midnight. The face is fiery red during the attack. Vertigo on suddenly rising from lying. Belladonna is very similar to it, except the time of aggravation. (CMM)


Headache of the Aged:          Baryt-C

Aggravation after working, after meals, and near a warm stove; the patient has a stupefied feeling.


Headache with suppression of menses: Lithium

Pain in the vertex with soreness of the eyes. It is difficult to keep the eyelids open. Pain from the left temple to the orbit of the eye. > after eating, < after awaking.


Cerebro-spinal Meningitis:   Am-C

Indicated in the beginning of the disease. He is cold and the surface of the body is cyanotic. Pulse very weak. (CMM)


Headache of School Girls: Calc. Phos.

Particularly when they get near the age of puberty, and are exceedingly nervous and restless. They want to go away from home, and when away, they want to come back again. They may frequently suffer from headache when at school. They develop very slowly, and are often chlorotic.  (CMM p. 680)


Explosive Headache (of School Teachers): Scut. Lat.

with frequent urination.


Headache of School Children, Teachers, Professionals and overworked Businessmen: Pic. Acid

Violent pain vertex, forehead and occiput, extending down spine. Congestive headache, head must be cool, < warm room, wrapping;  > rest.   (Kent, p. 797)  


Chronic Effects of Sunstroke: Nat. Carb.

It may have been years past, that the patient was overcome by the heat, and now with the return of hot weather he suffers from headaches.


Summer Headache or Sun Headache derives special benefit from Nat. C


Sun Headache: Usnea


Lumps like Nodules on Scalp: Kali – Iod.

These may be remote symptoms of syphilis or the mercurialization; or they may appear in a patient with the rheumatic diathesis.   (CMM p. 716)


Baldness of Young People: Bar. Carb.


Falling of Hair, Baldness: Sakookum Chuck


Headache from Wine: Zinc. Met.

For indications cf. supra ‘Obstinate Headache’. Other remedies worse from wine are Glon., Nux.Vom. Oxal. Ac., Rhod., and Selen. Both Conium and Zincum have aggravation from small sips of win; Conium is easily intoxicated thereby. (CMM p.634n)


Liverish Headache: Myrica

Dull, heavy aching in temples and forehead, on walking and moving, pain and stiffness in nape of neck.  (Boericke)


Headache without Acute Crisis: Bar. Mur.

Occurring in old people; heaviness rather than pain. (ibid.)


Catarrhal Headache from Blockade of Frontal Sinuses: Ammoniacum

Sensitive to cold; a remedy for the aged.  (Ibid)


Hysteric Hemicrania: Asaf.

With the derangement of stomach and bowels.


Headache from Shopping: Epiphegus\

Neurasthenic, nervous headache, esp. in women, from unusual activity. (ibid)


Habitual Sick Headache: Ger. Mac.

Summer complaints. Giddiness with diplopia. (cf. summer complaints: Nat.m., Usnea)


Gouty, Rheumatic Headache: Guaiacum

Pain in head and face extending to neck. < cold and wet. Pain often ends in a stitch, esp. in head.  (Clarke)

Severe Headache: Zinc. Br.


Bursting in Head after Stool: Ratanhia

When sitting with head bent forward, sensation as if scalp from nose to vertex were stretched.


Acute Congestion of the Head: Lycopersicum

Constant bursting headache beginning occiput, spreading all over.


Bursting and Pressing asunder Headache, beneath Skull: Prun.S.

Shooting from right frontal eminence, through brain, to occiput.


Neuralgic Frontal Headache: Rhodium

Shocks through the head. Fleeting neuralgic pain over eyes, in ears, both sides of nose and teeth. Nervous, tearful. Nausea from sweets. Also dull headache, stiff neck, rheumatic pains, down the left shoulder to arm.  (Boericke)  


Gastric Headache:   Kali-Bi.

Kali-Bichromicum produces gastric symptoms varying in severity all the way from those of simple indigestion to those of malignant diseases of the stomach. In milder form of dyspepsia it is indicated when there is a headache, the pain usually being supra-orbital. This may be periodical in its return, but is particularly excited by gastric irritation. It can be from a milder headache to a very severe attack with obscuration of vision at the beginning, and the vision returning when the headache worsens.  (cf. CMM pp. 725f)


Tubercular Meningitis: Iodoform


Severe Congestive Headache with > by Nose-bleed: Mellilotus

Face red, carotid throbbing. It also facilitates menstrual flow.


Headache from Worms: Sabadilla


Sarcoma of Antrum, extending to nose; Symphytum Off.


Cerebral and Basilar Meningitis: with threatened Effusion: Tub., Ver.V


Meningitis: Damiana

Two doses, one hour apart, induces sleep and removes headache.


Severe Right-sided Headache with Hypotention: Sang.

Has miraculously cured headache with low blood-pressure.


Eye-strain Headaches persisting after correct glasses have been given: Nat. Mur.

Full and bursting Headache with heat in Eyes:   Strych.


Vertigo with Ovarian and Uterine Complaints:   Con.


Premature Gray Hair: Thyroid, 30, 200

Will not only prevent gray hair, but help in restoring natural color. “30th. potency daily for one month; then 200th. every week for one month.”  (R. B. Das)

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