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This article is a corollary of my previous article on the coming of age of the Theory of Chronic Miasms, wherein we talked disapprovingly of the patents in homeopathy []

A patient visited me from Islamabad. He had bilateral renal calculi, and had been treated by a homeopathic practitioner there, for more than a year. He showed me the prescriptions, which consisted of many homeopathic potencies and patents touting cure-all for renal problems.

Five to six medicines had been mentioned there of various companies. The last medicine, however, caught my attention. It was ‘Gaspass."What’s this?’ I asked the patient. He replied that one day he told the doctor that he had much flatulent distension those days, and that the doctor at once prescribed this medicine, to be taken td. or bd. It created a jocular moment among us. When my patient asked me that how should he introduce himself to me if he ever phoned me from Islamabad. ‘Very simple’, I replied. ‘Use the code word ‘Gaspass’: saying ‘I’m the patient of Gaspass Doctor,’ and I would at once recognize you.’ And now he always introduces himself with this code and I at once recognize him. But, how many codes would one invent for homeopathic doctors for homeopathy has now innumerous such preparations, with such silly names, touted as homeopathic remedies.

This practice should come to an end. It is besmearing the noble face of homeopathy, and bringing bad repute: qualifying for the decree of errant quackery.  This is totally baseless and bogus practice. This is inferior allopathy at best, for there is no such thing as scientific research in the formation or concoction of such nostrums.  They choose a main rubric from the repertory and take out all the black letter (and sometimes also italic) remedies and mix them together in arbitrarily selected potencies, and give it an appropriate or a silly name, according to their mental accomplishment.

There is no place in homeopathy for such practice. But we all know that this practice has been perpetrated for at least three scores and ten years, all over the world; and by all the recognized pharmacies of America, Germany and France, and other western countries; and, following them, in the subcontinent of Indo-Pak and Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. You will find some 90% of homeopaths using and prescribing them. Sometimes you will feel perplexed when you at last come to know that the patient, who is reacting erratically to your prescribed medicine, is using a homeopathic toothpaste for many months or years. Sometimes you come to know that the patient whose case you just have taken is in the habit of using some such nonsensical nostrums as Gaspass, as a carminative, or some sort of ‘homeopathic appetizers’ or sexual tonics of assorted dubious descriptions. These nostrums can create sort of acute miasms (or disposition to many sorts of malaise).

Sometimes, after the failure of your prescription for many weeks to impress the patient in the expected way, you come to know that the patient is taking some such preparation in a routine way. I’m very strict in advising my patients never go to a homeopath—when out of station—for help incase of contracting any acute disease because of any reason. I tell them to consult an allopathic practitioner instead, for the singular reason that homeopathic potencies work on a different and deeper level than the allopathic drugs. The latter don’t go that deep and never complicate the case or the chronic miasms. Allopathic drugs, that are used for acute diseases are mostly short acting and superficial. They do not spoil the case, while homeopathic potencies certainly do. Homeopathy works in unison with the immune system and flows with the life force that is abidingly working to keep the body system free of disease. Allopathy, also helps the immune system but in an erratic and indirect way. It lowers or controls the temperature (with antipyretic drugs), kills pathogenic bacteria (with antibiotics), though, in addition, it adds drug toxins—if mega doses are used and for long periods—to the blood stream of the patient that spoils or destroys the healthy flora along the killing of the pathogenetic one.

It is very unfortunate that the pharmaceutical houses and industry that should be the back-bone and strength of the profession, by upholding the principles of homeopathy, are trying to become its undoing.  By touting their nonsensical nostrums as homeopathical preparations, they are bringing bad repute to homeopathy. Sloth-eaten persons are falling a ready prey to the self-aggrandizement and unfathomable greed of the pharmaceutical concerns. They are creating a progeny of the like of ‘Gaspass doctors’, who are innocent morons who know everything but homeopathy.


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