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We are now familiar with layers of the patient, especially in terms of embryological layers, levels of similarity, suppression, etc… Here is the story of ‘layer concept’ in Homeopathy, which is not familiar to us

I first heard about Francisco-X-Eizayaga (Popularly known as Eizayaga) from my friend Dr. Guillermo Zamora, who is a Homoeopath practicing in Mexico. When my book ‘Be A Master of Materia Medica’ was translated into Spanish by B Jain Overseas Publishers, one question came to my mind that who made Homeopathy popular in Spanish speaking countries, because, after English, a larger number of homeopathic books are printed in Spanish. That means there are many Homoeopaths in that region who follow homeopathy. Finally, I came to know the fact that there are many homeopaths who promoted the system in that area, and Francisco-x-Eizayaga is one among them. Later, I went through some web pages about him and his great service for the promotion of Homeopathy world wide, especially Argentina and other Latin American countries.

An article about him, written by my friend Katja Schuett and published through hpathy, is worth reading.

Actually, I mention this due to my recent review of Dr Harsh Nigam’s book on Miasms published on Homoeopathic Heritage. Dr Nigam mentioned Francisco-x-Eizayaga and his ‘layer-concept’. We are indebted to Dr Francisco-X-Eizayaga as an aide in remedy selection when applying this layer concept and understanding the person in terms of superficial and deeper layers. This approach has become popular with a few doctors dealing with the same ‘layer concept’ in a modified manner for its practical utility. Unfortunately, we hardly read about Dr Francisco-X-Eizayaga in the contemporary literature by those who follow ‘layer concept’.

Along with Eizayaga, there are a few more homeopaths who worked for the promotion of our system in that region. The list includes Dr Masi, Dr Cadegabe, etc. Since most of their works were written in Spanish, people who can only read English really missed their works. Dr Manish Bhatia and his team deserve a special congrats for translating many Spanish articles into English.

Information courtesy:
Dr Francisco-x-Eizayaga
Dr Katja Schuett
Dr Manish Bhatia
Dr Harsh Nigam

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

Medical Officer, Department of Homeopathy

Govt of Kerala

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Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on February 16, 2015 at 9:18pm

Dr Rafeeque thank you for enhancing our knowledge on "Layer concept" and the surge of homeopathy in the Spanish speaking world. Let me add to this CUBA where lot of research has been done on epidemics. They being "politically"cordoned off by USA had to rely on homeopathy. They have now a success story behind them.     

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