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Monday I was waited for in Copenhagen airport by Signe Schepelern, I only knew from mail dialogues so far. She took me for a quick tour in the city before we met Jost (who flew in from Germany) and Michal (from Israel today as well). We were invited by Jeanette and Ole for dinner and to stay overnight. It was wonderful to sit around the table with homeopaths from 4 countries and immediately finding connection through that brilliant healing system homeopathy is.  Maybe it’s not only a healing system but rather a way of life.

Besides us being happy to see each other and having lots of things to discuss, we are here in Denmark with a mission: to Walk for Homeopathy. It was a bit surprising to hear that homeopathy is virtually unknown in the country and there are few homeopaths, most of them if not all trained abroad. It is all the more surprising because the therapist-homeopaths have a legal status , something we fight for a long time and is currently thwarted by the new draconic Belgian law. On the other hand the Danish government forbids importing homeopathic remedies except by some registered pharmacies, of which there are only two in the country. If they don’t have the desired remedy in stock, it can take up to more than a week to get it: not an option in an acute situation. Somehow the law was and is always a hindrance or ‘an obstacle to cure’ the people.

Tuesday our actual walk started. We took the train to Nyborg where Charlotte Yde and Merete Kinkvort met us. They figured out a walking track for us up to the coast. Again we were  so lucky with the unusual  good weather that it almost becomes the rule. Michal made lots of pictures of plants; we were picking cherries, black berries and ‘mirabelles’ along the way. We even had  a coffee break because our hosts were so thoughtful to bring hot water and cups.
The conversation was almost exclusively about homeopathy, an inexhaustible topic. What does it make such an interesting, endless subject? Do other people in other professions have the same thing or are we just monomaniacs? On the other hand my partner claims that it takes a monomaniac to become good at something.

After a long relaxed breakfast and taking a case we only left for the walk in the afternoon. But in this mild weather and long summer days it doesn’t matter if we don’t arrive before 7 ‘o clock. The golden yellow sloping hills alternating with shady woods bathed in a pre -Raphaelite light. We took our time,  If not for some  identifying flowers in the roadsides we stopped for picking prunes or berries.
Merete organized it today to bring our luggage with her car: it is a luxury and sheer pleasure when you can walk careless with somebody who knows the way and without heavy luggage. I couldn’t help but thinking about the hardships during the winter and be grateful for the gifts of summer!

A great day ended at Marie’s place, in her lovely garden near the fire. We met again a very hospitable person with an open heart and open house!


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