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A new study shows that children receiving the inactivated flu vaccine (the most common form) have a higher risk of being hospitalized. This is worth bookmarking as they'll be tremendous pressure next fall for children to get the flu vaccination.

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Comment by david hartley on May 24, 2009 at 4:22am
>study shows that children receiving the inactivated flu vaccine
have a higher risk of being hospitalized.
>With this data available- how the hell can CDC and FDA actually recommend
>the tri-valent vaccine-- especially for asthmatics. Sometimes I just don't get it.

Essentially, it is utter simplicity: Follow the money.
Money purchases influence over public policy.
Simplify this further: Money purchases public policy.
If you were high up the corporate food chain in an industry which is the MOST profitable (% profit on $ volume of sales) .. you would have a very large amount of $$ to throw around .. some goes to create propaganda (ad campaigns; use fear to inflame & create a perception of "need" for your product)
-some goes into debasing politicians; some goes into purchasing the allegiance of other individuals and organizations.

Until you (the top execs at pharma / vaccine inc.) fail badly in the spending of the very LARGE amount of $$ you have budgeted toward controlling public opinion and toward manipulating legislation & policy groups .. a few hundred of people dying and thousand more suffering is immaterial, what is important is your paycheck, your stock options.
You are 99.999% immune to criminal legal process which would otherwise radically alter your decisions and actions, after all, no one wants to be imprisoned.
Other than the possibility of capital punishment (death to corporations found guilty of perpetrating crimes against humans) .. &/or some alteration in current situation of protected criminal class) nothing is going to change in vaccine industry & public policy .. without some incredibly large catastrophe; even then, it may not change for the better.
Check out the "poll" linked from the front page of this homeopathy web community.

Poll has 4 choice re: using Oscillococcinum. Look at the comments.
Vaccine industry & friends .. have enough $$ and commitment to disinformation (purposeful dissemination of lies) to have cyber-attack squads on tap.
Until you or I or someone else-- figures out how to break through the mmm.. ah...
basic stupidity of "the masses" ... and reach people as individuals, show them a before-and-after .. this is baby Johnnie, perfectly normal & healthy before
... this is baby Johnnie, one day after vaccine, with fever and constant screaming;
... this is baby Johnnie, one week after vaccine, vomiting, non-stop screaming/crying, seizure disorder, convulsions, epilepsy, spasms, inflammation of the brain-encephalomyelitis, etc.
-- and baby Johnnie is one of thousands with practically the same acute response to vaccination
--- and Chief of CDC Dr Gerberding has confessed to the media (CNN) that vaccines can cause "autism like symptoms". The Autism epidemic is found only in those countries that have allowed mass vaccinations.
Now, if you or I sat at the dining room table with Mr. & Mrs. About-to-be Parents,
and gave them this information, saying that the vaccine would protect their new baby against 3 non-lethal diseases which typically have no sequelae, what do you suppose the outcome would be ?
Why is MMR vaccine still being injected into babies by the criminally complicit U.S. medical system?
Have a brief read:
Again, why is this activity, which can clearly be seen to at least LOOK LIKE a massive criminal conspiracy, earning gigantic sums of money, at extremely large costs in human suffering -- allowed to exist ?
Basic human weaknesses: greed, indolence, xenophobia, other fears..
-are multiplied and insulated from the negative consequences which are normal "checks and balances" on psychopathic behavior ... in corporations .. which are widely acknowledged to be categorizable under psychiatric standards as existing at the level of "a prototypical psychopath."
Every aspect of government, institutions, "economy," public policy, etc.
-are directly controlled or largely influenced by an interlocking mutual-interest group of "prototypical psychopaths" .. who, thus .. as a group.. have near-complete control over all large-scale policy.

Very simple.

warm wishes,
david 510.776.5914 fax: 510.336.6671
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web developer:
Comment by Dr. Robert Bruck on May 23, 2009 at 10:02pm
With this data available- how the hell can CDC and FDA actually recommend the tri-valent vaccine-- especially for asthmatics. Sometimes I just don't get it.

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