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EV-D86 A Life Threatening Virus And Its Homeopathic Approach

EV-D86 A life threatening virus and its homeopathic approach.

In recent days a flu virus named Enterovirus EV- D86 is affecting many children specially preteens in many states in USA.

Since this is the beginning of Flu season in USA, this typical virus has caused a health alarm. It has become a serious cause of worry for many health care workers, and parents of affected children. Even CDC has not been able to find a solution with a vaccine as yet.

One aspect of this virus is that it causes serious breathing problem, beside other flu like symptoms. The breathing symptom is so severe that children have to be rushed to ER in hospitals and rushed to Intensive Care Unit, as it becomes a life threatening problem.

I will quote a news item aired on ABC news channel. A 13 year old from Colorado told an affiliate of ABC news, “My head started hurting and after that my lungs started closing up. I felt different”

In general parents reported to local news that their children suddenly had trouble breathing, faces went “white as ghost” and lips “turned blue”. However there is an opinion “ most of the runny noses out there are not going to be turning into this”

According to CDC, mild symptoms of EV- D86 can include fever, running nose, sneezing, cough, and muscle aches.

Taking the homeopathic approach of “like cures like” and matching the symptoms with the most appropriate medicine will give us medicines that can help to control and cure this problem, hopefully without the need for hospitalization.

Just for the sake of an exercise, I did a repertorization based on symptoms mentioned above on OPEN REP professional homeopathic software, which uses Boenninghausen's original repertory. I used the following rubrics.

1: Respiration Asthmatic ( marked by prolonged wheezing on exhalation)

2: Coryza Nasal discharge watery.

3:  Aggravation breathing

4: Aggravation, situation and circumstance, breathing deep.

5: Aggravation, situation and circumstance, Sneezing

6: Aggravation, sneezing.

7: Aggravation, situation and circumstance,coughing during.

8: Sensation and complaints generalities, dull vague undefined pain.

Medicines that came up were


Though BRY is on top, but MERC and PULS are given importance by the software.

By doing this exercise, I feel that if other homeopaths also do similar analysis on this present problem,with rubrics which they consider of value we can come to some common medicine which could be used for this type of epidemic.

I will appreciate your comments and criticism.

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Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on September 16, 2014 at 4:30pm

Debby thank you,my idea was just to stimulate our homeopathic community to see it from a different perspective (epidemic)I am happy that there is response,which only goes to show that many homeopaths are alive to the situation.I will check out The Kali family blog. 

Comment by Debby Bruck on September 16, 2014 at 3:44pm

Dear Dr Wequar - This was a useful exercise. The test would be in the actual situation with those affected by the illness. I posted this news notice on FaceBook  One comment by Jagannath Chatterjee shows very similar suggestions: Rhus Tox, Pulsatilla, Arsenic, Bryonia...would depend on case taking. A history of vaccination may need Thuja or Mezerium.

Joette Calabrese also presented her suggestions on her blog with Calcarea Carbonicum as the go to supportive system remedy; Kali iodatum 6C  for a wheezing condition, respiration, chest every 3 hours during a crisis. And, if dry cough accompanies wheezing, take a look at Ipecacuanha 30c every 3 hours. We typically think of Ipecac having nausea and bleeding; while Kali Iodatum may have fever or feel hot. Check out the Kali Family Blog

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