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Eustachian Catarrh Deafness Cured By Homeopathy My Experience

Last year during end of Jan 2010 when the winter was cold and there were draughts of cold air I had one again caught a cold 2 nd time in the season.

Each time when ever I feel ill I will try to find a better medicine in homeopathy so I could get relieved in a faster way, I also keep a daily diary or note it on my iphone, all symptoms are carefully noted any change in any symptom is noted with time so it helps when patients come for similar complaints and I give medicine and I can confidently say you will be better in such and such time.

Now this time during the cold attack I felt better with my symptoms but I noticed I had few symptoms left out like dry cold or little cough etc maybe once in a day just for few minutes. But again during those days I had frequent exposure to cold air , the climate would go warm and back cold and one day at night I felt my ears heavy.

The sensation was as if it was blocked with itching inside as days passed by I kept taking different medicines but my symptoms kept getting worse the heaviness got worse, I felt like a plug like sensation and the same feeling when your ears get blocked due to air pressure during a flight . But these symptoms was continuous for the full day. 

I tried different homeopathic medicines but did not get relief.

Symptoms were still getting worse I could not hear what the other person was saying and what ever I talked I could hear it more myself,  it is the same echo when you put both your fingers in your ears and talk you will notice that each word spoken would echo highly inside making it difficult to hear the other person while talking, even during sleep I would wonder when I heard strange noises inside my ear , by which I used to get anxious and could not sleep, as all this was the first time I had experienced , now over 15 days passed with no Relief.

The more severe symptoms went by causing lot of pain and deafness. I felt i was getting only little Relief With my homeopathic medicines due to my failure in selection of medicines and it was going severe, were in my clinic I could not even hear what my patients tell me so I consulted an ENT. He gave me a course of Allopathic medicines for 10 days but at the end of 10 days also I was only 10 % better.

Now sitting on my table helplessly I kept wondering that now there must be some way I can be treated and I must try homeopathy again. There must have been some fault some where as even after taking several homeopathic medicines i still have my complaints.

Lying in front of me was the ENT's prescription and behind that was his diagnosis and it was written just

Eustachian catarrh deafness

Now I just wanted to know which medicine covers this symptom and at that time my software was on the testing phase,  so I pulled out my phone and wrote exactly what the ENT wrote Eustachian catarrh deafness

to my surprise I was happy that the result showed one medicine mercuris dulcus


Now I rushed to my medicine stock to find if i had it in LM, or centesimal 30 , 200 , 1m etc but realized I did not have the medicine , after searching I finally found mercuris dulcus in 3c potency.

I took a little powder about 1 grain and dissolved in 1/2 glass of water and drank it. And sat on my desk and within just 15 minutes there was just one pop and I felt my ears opening up and in a span of few hours I was 50 % better and I could hear everything no echo also and I just 1-2 days I was normal and totally free from all complaints.

So I wondered why did not I think of taking it earlier. In Homeopathy we had wonderful medicines but you have to find a medicine which matches the symptom or the chief Complaint which is been suffered most. Now if I take my other symptoms like anxiety or loss I sleep my medicine would not help.

  • As I had suffered for 25 days each and every symptoms was noted and I found that there are many hidden medicines with a good curative effect in homeopathy it is how you find it.
    As after that I had a few cases and was surprised that even they felt the pop out and felt better in just 15 minutes.

  • I get many similar cases frequently, a Few days back I recall a lady was suffering since many days from deafness, plug like sensation in the ear, cold etc. I could confidently say you will feel better in just 15- 20 minutes.

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Comment by Dr Gopal Patel on October 11, 2012 at 7:53am
Yes will surely post more cases of personal experience as in that its the struggle failure and then success to treat oneself. When we fail to get a quick result I try to find why this medicne did not work and why another med worked so quickly this study on self makes a wonderful practice. I am not using any software commerically availale for any cases taking or repertorization I prefer to use my own custom made versions.
Comment by sajjadakram on October 11, 2012 at 4:57am

A personal experience brings confidence. You can post some more cases for the interest of homeopaths.
Which software you are using at the moment?.

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