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On Sunday the 28th of October Mother Amma was in Utrecht and it seemed a good idea to end the first part of the Walk with a hug from her. Ten years ago, as Peter Chappell got a hug he decided to do something for the world and took off to Africa to treat AIDS patients. The rest is history. Today tens of thousands of people are cured from the most deadly epidemics in Africa with these.
And since we will transfer the Donations for the Walk to his organization ARHF, it seemed to link everything beautifully together.

Mother Amma has taken 31 million people in her arms so far and she goes on, hour after hour, day after day, hugging the endless lines of people queuing before her. Not only was I amazed by her devotion and stamina but, while waiting we could watch video recordings of her projects and accomplishments. It was  an almost endless list of places where she built houses for victims of earthquakes, tsunami’s, hurricanes, floods: gigantic numbers of people she fed and is still feeding, children whose education she is paying for, women development projects, hospitals she built where thousands of people are treated, the numbers are just astonishing!
What one woman can do! All is supported by volunteers: the wish to give seems to bubble up in the proximity of a woman who inexhaustibly gives so much. She is granted with so many  awards, titles and prices of honor that one wonders why she is not as famous as Gandhi.

I couldn’t help but ask myself why, when she comes to the USA to hand over a check of a million dollar to Clinton for the victims of the hurricane Catherina, this was not in the news. Or when she is the first to arrive in Haiti after the earthquake and the last to leave. Or why we don’t see the thousands of houses she built and gave to the tsunami victims, or the help she still gives in Japan? Why is this not on our News? Why don’t we ever read in the media about the accomplishments of people like her?

Mother Amma is an example for all of us. She shows that everybody can do something, if you want to give; there is always something you are good at. That’s why I wrote in the beginning: if you sympathize
with the Walk for Homeopathy: do something! Everybody can do something: walk or talk, smile, help, listen, cook, heal, create, invent, sing, support, built, write, or… why not; hug?

The little bracelet with the words “Embracing the World” is what I took from there and what I will wear during the Walk. Because that:is exactly the mindset of my project: giving something back for all the beauty and abundance mother earth gives; and show we care for all her creatures.

“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”. This is a quote from… Winston Churchill.

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Comment by Dr.Sharad Shangloo on December 15, 2012 at 9:09am

I am useing his PC1 in India and it is a wonderful remedy

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