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Easy Step to Remember the Chapters of Kent’s Repertory

I have seen many repertory teachers flattering the students by asking them to recite the chapters of Kent’s Repertory in chronological order. Gone are those days!!!

Before you read this, first make an attempt to recite the chapters without referring the repertory. If you can do it easily, then you need not use this method.

Please remember, this is only a method to remember the chapters in order, so the points here may look funny or illogical :)

1. Mind is our supreme authority – MIND
2. When mind is not strong, we get vertigo – VERTIGO
3. When we get vertigo, the head rotates – HEAD
4. The rotating head irritates the eyes – EYE
5. The eyes help to enjoy vision – VISION
6. The vision helps to see the beautiful ears – EAR
7. Our ears help to hear the fireworks– HEARING
8. The sound of firework is followed by the smell of smoke – NOSE
9. When we feel a smell of smoke, we cover the face – FACE
10. While covering the face, mouth should be open to breath – MOUTH
11. The mouth contains the teeth – TEETH
12. The teeth grind food before it reaches throat – THROAT
13. The throat is protected by the external throat – EXTERNAL THROAT
14. Throat takes the food to the stomach – STOMACH
15. Stomach is situated inside the abdomen – ABDOMEN
16. The outlet of abdomen is rectum – RECTUM
17. What comes out of rectum is stool – STOOL
18. Once the stool is out, the bladder has to be emptied – BLADDER
19. The bladder receives the secretions from kidneys – KIDNEY
20. The kidneys swell when prostate is enlarged – PROSTATE GLAND
21. The prostate compresses the urethra – URETHRA
22. Still the urethra drains the urine out – URINE
23. The longest outlet for urine is the male genital – GENITALIA MALE
24. Females are also have it, but short – GENITALIA FEMALE
25. Females are very talkative – LARYNX AND TRACHEA
26. The larynx and trachea help respiration – RESPIRATION
27. Obstructed respiration results in cough – COUGH
28. The cough expels the expectoration – EXPECTORATION
29. The expectorations cleanup the chest – CHEST
30. The chest is supported by the back – BACK
31. The back is connected with four extremities – EXTREMITIES
32. The extremities help to do exercise till we feel sleepy – SLEEP
33. When we sleep, we get chills – CHILL
34. Chills often lead to fever – FEVER
35. Fever is better by perspiration – PERSPIRATION
36. The perspiration moistens the skin – SKIN
37. The skin covers the body in general – GENERALITIES

© Dr Muhammed Rafeeque
(Should not be published without prior written permission)

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on December 3, 2014 at 10:59am


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