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Earth Day Count Down Clock for April 22, 2013 or WHAW or Any Other Special Occasion

Earth Day Count Down Clock

Example of a clock code that really works

It may even be worth paying for 'Pro' version if you want to create colors.

found at

To use the website countdown clock widget illustrated above for free you will receive the basic black and white HTML coding. However, with a pro paid version you may change the background color and texture and the fonts.
Most of us here on Homeopathy World Community may be preparing for the upcoming World Homeopathy Awareness Week (WHAW) and perhaps not the Earth Day Celebration.

I got to thinking you may consider placing a Count Down Clock on your personal websites.This constant daily activity and visual cue helps remind us of our goal and our message.The widget above may be placed upon your own pages on your website, while a simple count down clock may just link you to another page without giving you any html code to insert, 
as illustrated here for WHAW

You many enter a paragraph 
description of your event as a special bonus when you register with your email address where you can also link to social networks like twitter.


World Homeopathy Awareness Week April 10-16, 2012
    This year's theme of "infertility" has exploded around the world due to many causes, including contamination of our world, our soils, waters and airways. The toxins may effect sperm count and normal functioning of the reproductive organs. Many people find partners later in life and decide to start a family when they reach an age when fertility becomes an issue. Our foods have less nutritional value and our sedentary lifestyles also affect our hormones. The use of drugs and pills can reduce a women's hormone functioning. Emotions can affect how the body works. With so many parameters people want to learn some safe, non-toxic means to improve their overall health, their immune systems and their potential to produce life. Homeopathy and homeopathic remedies may address the total health, fertility and infertility of people today.
 [Author Debby Bruck]

Alternatively, you will find a special free count down timers for any date you select that may be posted to your web page from the same supplier or even a free Count Down Clock and you may choose either an analog or a digital clock style.


You may find compatibility problems with some of these clocks, as in this instance. Perhaps it will work on your blog, wordpress or personal webpage or maybe not.

I hope this has been helpful, easy and fun. Just think, now you have a resource that you may use for all types of occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, deadlines for projects and much more.

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HomeopathyWorldCommunity. You may use this banner if linked back to HWC

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