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Does Homeopathic Mother Tincture Work The Same As Herbal Decoction?

I'm in need of any comment on this issue, I have been giving herbal decoction to my client with homeopathy rx, phyllantus niruri for liver problem or strobilantes crispus for cancer n aids problem. Please comment, peace wasalaman.

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Comment by Alias Azhar on January 9, 2010 at 2:01am
dear gina peace wasalaman,
what ur comment on the cases that i pick from Dr clark book?
Comment by Gina Tyler DHOM on January 7, 2010 at 1:42pm
Dear Dr. Nikil-Yes I know they are HOMEOPATHIC,I am saying they do not work on the mental/emotional levels of the vital Force.
Comment by Dr Nikhil Kambli on January 7, 2010 at 1:23pm

these are all external applications ...

yes. you are right by saying that dilutions bring out more.....and give better results
but it doesn't indicate that when a medicine is prescribe in mother tinctures it is not homeopathic.

It becomes Homeopathic when applied through principles of Homeopathy .....
otherwise it remains
kindly go through 2 cases by Dr Hahnemann Materia Medica Pura..there would be a lot more in homeopathic literature...
if you want more egs? ?.

just because the medicine is in mother tincture doesnt make it unhomepathic..
Kindly look at homeopathic medicines like ipecac which were already in use as then "modern" or "allopathic" medicines ..which came to homeopathy...... and were used as medicines on basis of law of similars...........

aude spare
Comment by Gina Tyler DHOM on January 7, 2010 at 12:07pm
a partial list see link for full list;
Chrysarobinum *Acne 1* Locally as a cerate, 4-8 grains to the ounce, of vaseline.

Echinacea *Acne 2* Can be applied on face mixed with any facial cream.

Ichthyolum *Acne rosacea* Externally used as an ointment with Lanoline 20 to 50 per cent.

Cinnamonum *Antiseptic 1* 3-4 drops in 2 quarts of water and should be used as a douche.

Echinacea *Antiseptic 2* Bed sores, Carbuncles, Insect-bites, Gangrene.

Eupatorium Aromaticum *Aphthæ* Aphthous disease of mouths of infants. Used as a mouth wash.

Hydrastinum Muriaticum *Aphthous ulcers* To be used locally in the strength of 10 grains to 8 ounces.

Jaborandi *Baldness* Mix it with hair oil and apply it. It can be mixed with Arnica mother tincture also to get a better result.

Cedron *Bites* For insect stings and snake bites.

Adrenalin *Bleeding 1* To plug the internal bleeding surface, as in epistaxis to stop the bleeding immediately. 1 : 1000 solution.

Ferrum Phos *Bleeding 2* To arrest bleeding. Hæmorrhages are bright red and occur in pale, anæmic subjects liable to local congestions.

Mag Sulph *Boils* Small eruptions all over the body that itch violently.

Arnica Montana *Bruises, contusions, ecchymosis* Skin surface is not broken.

Apis Mellifica *Burns and scalds 1* With burning and stinging.

Cantharis *Burns and scalds 2* Relieves raw burning pain and promotes healing, covers acute nephritis. One gram of the tincture to one ounce of water is to be applied externally.

Momordica Balsamina *Burns* Used externally as a liniment and poultice.

Scrophularia Nodosa *Cancer, glands* For cancerous glands locally.

Citric Acid *Cancer, pains 1* Used as a mouth wash for cancer pains.

Lupulus *Cancer, pains 2* Painful cancer.

Cineraria Maritima *Cataract* One drop 4-5 times a day should be instilled in the eyes for several months.

Momordica Balsamina *Chapped hands* Used externally as a liniment and poultice.

Ichthyolum *Chilblains* Use locally as an ointment.

Cineraria Maritima *Corneal opacities* Especially after trauma.

Hypericum *Corns* Painful corns. It should be applied 2 to 3 times per day. It can be applied on painful acne
Comment by Gina Tyler DHOM on January 7, 2010 at 12:06pm
Mother tinctures (External Use). - Dr. Sayeed Ahmad Mother tinctures (External Use). Dr. Sayeed Ahmad D. I. Hom. (London). Chrysarobinum *Acne 1* Locally as a cerate, 4-8 grains to the ounce, ... - Cached -
see link for massive list of MT. NOT one time does it list use for; mental/emotional imbalances.
Yes homeopaths use MT,but it does NOT have the succussed powers to act on the higher levels of disturbances,only on the physicals.
Comment by Alias Azhar on January 7, 2010 at 11:20am
salam Dr nikhil,
in A DICTIONARY OF PRACTICAL METERIA MEDICA by CLARK. u can find a lot of homeopathy rx proving via herbal deccotion, i need ur commet on it.
peace wasalaman.
Comment by Alias Azhar on January 7, 2010 at 11:14am
peace n salam Dr nikhil ,
thanx n bravo for a very good comment.
peace wasalaman.
Comment by Dr Nikhil Kambli on January 7, 2010 at 6:13am

the answer to your question "homeopathic mother tinture is it work as same as herbal decoction"

NO THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.........(kindly read my above post)

@Teh Chye Ping

bryonia root was prescribed on HOMOEPATHIC PRINCIPLES only .....kindly go through the how he has actually worked on the case is given in introduction of materia medica pura vol 1

aude sapere..........
Comment by Dr Nikhil Kambli on January 7, 2010 at 6:07am
@Gina Tyler


i would like to add something you said

i don't think that it is right..........
for the following reasons....
1. Homeopathy was proven on law of similia
2. Most of the medicines have their provings done by Dr Hahnemann Herring himself rt from crude state to 30 potency and poisons in proving but toxicological data was added.
if mother tinctures can produce mental symptoms in crude state than why it cannot work at that level ? ??
Dr Hahnemann used crude substances .....and still he called it homeopathy!! the new masters and new teachers somehow don't want to accept it..

"homeopathy works completely on another level-pure energy-no physical properties "

kindly go through the provings...symptoms come from toxicological, poisonings to the effect of potencies............. Our basic law remains the law of similia and NOT the law of dilutions....
if a mother tincture or a crude drug is prescribed on law of similia then the prescription is still homeopathic in nature.....if prescribed according to principles......
remember Cinchona bark was taken in crude form to discover the principle of homeopathy by the master himself...

the use of mother tinctures is justified but the question to be asked is in what cases!!

aude sapere......

@Alias Azar

salam ....

you have just prescribed on organ pathologies........ these are not homoeopathic....
even prescription of mother tinctures should be with homeopathic principle in mind........
mixing two mothers is giving two drugs which have just labelled homeopathic but the application of principles make it homeopathic...........
kindly take , review the entire case with everything in your totality and first ascertain wheter you can cure the case or whether you can palliate only....but kindly do what is right for the patient....

Comment by Alias Azhar on January 7, 2010 at 4:26am
peace n salam to all that answer in this blogs,
thanx a lot dear Dr Guillermo your answer is the one that i been waiting for, thanx salam n peace to all.

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