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Dialectal Homoeopathy by Dr. K.C. Chandran Nambiar

Dear Dr. Nambiar,

Your view that the environmental contaminants while potentising a drug, would also be potentised to the same extent as the original drug, appears logical. However, the same contaminants would be added to each and every drug in potencies, and account for the effects of the other factors as suspected. However, lets us not forget that the manufacturing of Homoeopathic Medicines is now regulated under GMP norms, which take care for the suspected contaminants, and thus the chances of the contaminants being administered in the potentised form are minimised, and what we use in actual practice is the single potentised medicine and not the added suspected contaminants. If the theory of environmental contaminants is accepted than a single drug potentised in different cities, or different countries would have different effect, but in actual practice this is not so, where proper manufacturing norms are observed. Yes, there are cases with deep pathological conditions, or with mixed miasmatic barriers, wherein a properly selected constitutional medicine is supported by a physiological level medicine, or an intracurrent medicine. This generally happens in deep seated incurable conditions. The use of polypharmacy, may be justified in cases where palliation is the only choice; however using it under the garb of dialectical Homoeopathy, may become suicidal for the Homoeopathic system of Medicines, which is based on sound principles. In my own practice, I do not boast that I am giving only single remedy always, but such cases form hardly 5-10% of the patients, and I am happy with this approach. I am however deeply impressed by Dr. Praful Vijaykar, who has actually demonstrated that it is possible for us to follow Hahnemannian Principles. Let us try our best to take each and evey case to the best of our capability, and as in the words of Dr. R.P. Patel , " Every Case that we take is a new World we enter."

So, never say die!. Let us keep the flag fly in true colors.

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