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Day 27 | 30-Day Challenge | Be Discerning When Reading The News | Call Them For Balanced News

Day 27 | 30-Day Challenge

Be Discerning When Reading The News | Call Them For Balanced News

Hello HWC – Everyone has seen the media news that has spread like wildfire about the negative remarks originally posted by the BBC News from the Sense about Science Student Group.

It boggles the imagination that a major news media outlet can print an article without first doing a background check and research into the validity of information.

Unfortunately, the continuation of these types of hyped articles detracts from how serious we can take these articles and the Good Name of the BBC. I hope they will take a good look at the reporters and editors that review and filter their news.

Sure, they are trying to beat the reporters on the ground from every other news outlet. And publication these days is tough. But, don’t you think they should take a close look at the source of information. Who is feeding them these hyped up articles? What are the politics behind this kind of reporting?

The people are not stupid. They can tell propaganda from factual information they experience for themselves. They can research on the internet the journal articles and clinical experience that shows Homeopathy Works!

I refer you to our Forum Discussions with the Topic BBC News and The Guardian. Is it strange that all of these bogus and outlandish threats against homeopathy originate in a country that provides homeopathic hospitals and a long history of homeopathic quality care? There is something fishy going on. A battle between the pharmaceutical industries, the fear of losing dollars from the medical industry to the quality care and time devoted homeopaths provide to their clients.

Industry is hiding behind the name of “science” “scientific facts” and “statistical manipulation” rather than evaluating their own failing industry. The drug recalls, the disatraous side-effects and the way drugs are passed out for every named disease without assisting people to improve their lifestyle and reduce stress. Instead mass hysteria and fear feed the people. Let’s stop, look and listen. Re-evaluate where we are in the medical system and read the news with a discerning eye.

Please go to Homeopathy Action Alert and send in your comments, complaints and views. Use the internet to get your voice heard. Just Do it!

Let’s close with aphorism #20 -
It is impossible only through the efforts of the intellect to recognize the spirit-like force itself, which, hidden in the intimate essence of the medicines, gives them the power to change the way people feel and thereby to cure diseases.

It is only through its effects on the human economy that we may experience and clearly perceive it.

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