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Cured Cases of Miasms Exhort One To Make A Scientific Enquiry

Cured cases of miasms
Exhort one to make a scientific enquiry

Dr. M. A. Usmani

Usmani Resource Page

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In many of my previous articles I’ve discussed curing long standing and un-responding cases with nosodes, chosen on the basis of hereditary history, or strong nosological background of the patient. The extent of curability of such nosodes is simply amazing. For example Bacitub, (a name, I gave to a combination of Bacillinum with Tubeculinum) has, in my hands, cured such vast variety of cases that one is left simply aghast with wonder. I’ve cured, or favorably influenced, many non-responding cases of fistulae in ano, disabling arthritis, chronic migraines, sinusitis, asthma and myriad other recurring ailments. I’ve cured a full family of recurrent cough, from infants to the tottering old age, with one to three doses of Carcinosin, spread over few months to a year.

The latest case is a well-documented case. Mr. Vaqas, age 35, an ex-badminton player, suffering from severe vertigo, owing to cervical spondylosis. His X-Rays shows “narrowing space between C3, C4. He would experience severe vertigo, to the verge of fainting, on turning his head, or looking under his table, or making a queer angle of his head. He had stiffening pain in his nape of neck. On the strong history of tuberculosis I gave him Tubeculinum Koch 200, followed by 1M potency within half an hour, on May 8, 2014. Coming after a week he reported 70% better. Next week, May 22, he reported ‘80% ok’.

This was a routine orthopedic case. Long term pain-killers, muscles relaxants, and physiotherapy were his prescription, with some nostrum for his sensorium or vertigo. Now, since he is not benefited by the last mentioned measures, which were nothing more than ‘time-spending’, or sheer palliation. What did homeopathy do here?

  • It did not kill pain;
  • Not relaxed muscles either;
  • He never underwent any physiotherapy, during my treatment.

Then how he got cured? Did homeopathic medicine make any correction in the spinal column? Had the narrowing space between two cervical vertebrae been widened within a week? I suppose not. There is fault with our concept of disease. Disease is altered life. What is life? Life is a flux: a dynamis, a dynamic continuum. Disease, in the form of a miasm, or a hereditary morbid disposition, alters (morbidly, of course) the flux of life. Like life it is also a continuum, a process, mimicking life. It has taken hold of you at your quick. Behind every defect, every morbid symptom or feeling this flux is there. Every ailment that you have is tinged with this ubiquitous morbid flux. Disease is not an entity. You can’t prescribe a definite remedy for that which is in a flux: continuously changing. What you feel like prescribing today, you won’t be prescribing, six months later, for the same patient. Your miasmatic remedies are not remedies in the strict sense of the word. Medicine can’t influence flux. Your nosodes are morbid flux: a whiff—as I’ve already explained in my previous article. By the curative whiff of the indicated nosode, all the symptoms disappear that were being generated by that morbid flux.

The morbid flux, i.e. the miasm, is an all-engulfing flux, no matter when and where it is generating symptoms at that moment of time. It will give its hue and character to the symptom complex. A Persian couplet says:

Ba her rangay ke jama me poosh Mün andaz-i-qadat rä me shanasam

'By whatever garb you may bedrape yourself, I recognize you from your stature or demeanor.'

So having recognized the engulfing miasm, select the right miasmatic whiff, in no less than 200 potency. There is no idea of symptom-similarity. You can leave the miasm untouched by bothering about and curing the symptoms only. So, worry for the miasm, symptoms will take care of themselves. And don’t confine yourself to limited numbers of miasms. There is no sacrilege involved here. Such names as ‘Pseudo-psora’ is totally a misnomer. Call it properly as Tubercular Miasm. Similarly there is Cancer Miasm; for which Carcinosin, Scirrhinum, inter alia, are the representing miasmatic remedies. Similarly there is marsh miasm, to which we can give the name Malarial Miasm. You’ll find people in your practice who fall very sick during the wet spell of season, as Monsoon in Asia. Chills are the main feature of their malaise. Chills and chills, no heat no perspiration. Chills can be very regular, and prominent, heat can be very insignificant. Malaria Officialis, is the miasmatic remedy, followed by Aranea Diadema, or Cedron, according to symptoms. Any one from the last two mentioned remedies can be the genus epidemicus, in certain circumstances. What causes malaise in sizable communities, or create propensity or disposition thereto, may have miasms underlying that malaise. So be creative, find miasms and create or discover their miasmatic remedies.

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Comment by Dr. M. A. Usmani on June 3, 2014 at 8:30am

Here I want to enlarge a bit: 

When I say ‘morbid flux’, I do not mean that there are two fluxes: normal  and morbid, at that existential moment, in the body. When morbidity (or miasm) enters into life, the normal life flux takes the form of morbid flux. Behind every symptom of any organ of the body the presence of that morbid flux is there. Every acute ailment—or recurrent ailments, can be treated in two ways. One, the symptomatic way, on the basis of similarity (or according to similia), without bothering about the miasm; or, two, on the basis of the miasm, active at that moment, and administering a strong whiff of the similar nosode or the miasmatic remedy. The latter remedy restores the normal flux by annulling the morbidity of the system. Here the detail of the individual symptoms loses its importance. Order has been restored without considering or bothering about the detailed individual ailments. Cough, for example, is cured of all the siblings of a family, and the parents, by a single nosode—i.e. Carcinosin—selected not on the individual symptoms of all the separate persons (in which case as many remedies might have been selected as the number of individuals), but on the basis of prevailing miasm, which took away the substratum of the underlying the cough. 


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