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Like antibiotics, steroids are one of the most abused class of drugs in the orthodox medical field .

At one time, they were reserved for the extreme emergency cases. Today, they are being used on the most trivial of conditions. Why? They give the appearance of an instant miracle cure which matches the expectation level of the client..

Steroids mimic the action of the adrenal glands, the body's most powerful regulator of general metabolism. Far from being a wonder drug,  steroids cannot cure one single condition. All they do is suppress the body's ability to express a normal response. 

The medical community seems to have a particular blind spot about these drugs, refusing to believe that steroids can cause the terrible carnage.

Also the patients who had already consumed steroids, become exteremly difficult cases for Homeopaths to cure, because of it's power to  supresss the normal responses of the patient.

We Homeopaths must stop steroid in all such cases, gradually or immediately depending upon the prognosis of the case and commence with the miasmatic treatment.


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Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on April 11, 2011 at 5:17am

Agree, well put, indeed, -- sometimes the patient does not want to come off the steroids, then I have to wait with homeopathy till such time when he is off steroids.

One of my best cases is a case of Lupus, where it took the lady half a year to come off steroids, which she took for the previous 12 years permanently.

This is a case of ten years standing, and is almost cured, except the occasional cough and cold. the lupus gradually packed in and left under homeopathic treatment. she never returned to steroids, even when tempted.

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