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Comparison Between Apis Lachesis Hyoscyamus Homeopathic Remedies

Apis | Lachesis | Hyoscyamus 

We are going to compare the jealousy of Apis with the jealousy of Hyoscyamus and Lachesis. Apis, Hyoscyamus, Lachesis and Nux vomica are among the most jealous remedies, along with Calcarea sulphurica, Medorrhinum, Pulsatilla, Staphysagria and Stramonium. How do we differentiate between these remedies in this rubric? It is the other components of each remedy which will differentiate them from each other. 


Main Ideas

This is a very simple way to explain it. Apis will be busy and restless, Lachesis will be sarcastic, Hyoscyamus will be shameless and foolish, Nux vomica will be quarrelsome, along with being jealous. 


Study the Context

This is a practical way in which we usually explain the difference. But there is another way and that is to try and understand why and how the jealousy of Apis comes and why and how the jealousy of Hyoscyamus comes. If we understand the context in which the jealousy arises in each of these remedies, then we shall also be able to understand the other components. First it is necessary to look at all the components. 


Violence When Threatened

One of the components of Apis is violence: there is shrieking and violent activities. Violence is called for as an adjustment when there is a situation of threat. When a person feels threatened, he becomes violent. Therefore, the Apis situation is one in which is required some kind of threat. The kind of threat has something to do with death, because there is a presentiment of death and a fear of being poisoned. Death and this fear have something to do with being alone because there is fear of being alone and desire for company. 


Grief Expressed

This is therefore a situation where there is a threat from outside. There is also a lot of crying. Crying is usually the reaction to grief. So, along with this threatening situation, there is grief involved. This is a situation which involves both fright and grief. Now, there is also jealousy and busy industriousness. So there is fright as well as grief; she has to be busy and she has to be jealous. Also she has to be lascivious. When you combine all these, the situation which you come to is of a young widow, or any person who has lost his partner. Left to herself, this widow feels threatened, feels grief, feels frightened and needs to find the company of a person of the opposite sex, therefore she has to become more lascivious. She also has to compare herself with the position of other people. She has to feel jealous of the people who are secure. Unless she feels jealous of their position, she is not going to try for security. Apis is a known remedy for widow. All these components come together to form the situation which is Apis. Once you understand the situation of a threatened widow, that is Apis, you know how all the components come in this state. 


Frequently Indicated Remedy

What we have to remember is that the states we are talking about are very common. We must not imagine that they are to be found in a very special and rare situation. Then you will not see any Apis people around. You will see a remedy indicated as frequently as that situation is found in human life. If the stress situation which causes the state of the remedy is frequently found, then that remedy will be found often in practice. The rarer the stress situation required to cause the state of that remedy, the rarer that remedy is found in practice. That is why Sulphur is found frequently indicated. What most of us require in today’s world is hope, a good self-image and philosophy in order to survive the stress. Sulphur provides these three qualities. It is a much needed state and so it is a most frequently indicated remedy. 


Elements of Hyoscyamus

If we look at the components of Hyoscyamus, we will find violence like Apis, which again means a threatened situation. There is also jealousy, like Apis, which means the need to compete. Thirdly, we will see “Cheerful”, “Laughing”, “Joking”, “Smiling”, etc.; “Lasciviousness” is also present, as in Apis, as well as “Suspicion”. 


No Loss and No Grief

When we put these components together, we can see that the situation is similar to Apis, but there is no grief. This is not a person who has lost something. Cheerfulness, laughing and singing are usually to attract attention. That means somebody is not giving him proper attention or somebody is going away. At the same time, he is very suspicious because this is also a threatening situation. So, he is threatened and he needs to attract attention. This is a typical situation of a man who is in love with his wife, but she is having some kind of extramarital affair. Here, the man is suspicious and jealous. He feels afraid and threatened that his wife may do something to him, and he can get violent. At the same time, he loves her and so needs to attract her attention by laughing, shamelessness and by sexual behaviour. The jealousy of Hyoscyamus is what he actually needs, to be jealous of the other person, in order to do something to get his wife back. 


The Ego of the Snake

The Lachesis situation will have different components from both Apis and Hyoscyamus because Lachesis is deceitful and egoistical. Lachesis is always talking about himself and slandering other people. The Apis jealousy is not going to be helped by slandering others or being egoistical or deceitful, nor will Hyoscyamus be helped by this kind of behaviour, but this state will help a person who is in a very strong competition. There is only one place and that place has got to be filled by the most able person. This person has to prove he is better than others to get that one place. You can say Lachesis is a person in a competition. 


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