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Clinical observation of Arsenic Album 200C adjuvant with chemotherapy during cancer treatments

European Congress Of Homeopathy 2016 Vienna.

Abstract 311

Clinical observation of Arsenic Album 200C adjuvant with chemotherapy during cancer treatments

Type: Invited Speaker

Topic: Human Medicine / 02. Homeopathy in Adulthood / Adult Animals –

Second Day / 02.1. Oncology

Authors: R. M. Doctor, A. A. Chowdhury; Mumbai/IN

Introduction / Background


Clinical study of Homeopathic remedy Arsenic Album 200C in reducing side effects caused during Chemotherapy regimens in Cancer.


Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment using chemicals to destroy proliferating cancer cells. In its advantages and disadvantages, it not only kills rapidly dividing cancer cells but also kills normal cells of the bone marrow, digestive tract, skin & mucous membrane. Thereby causing disturbance in Gastrointestinal, Neuropathic, Dermatological and Psychological functions affecting quality of life of the patient.

Homoeopathy is one of the pathies used to reduce side effects of Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy & during palliative stage of Cancer.

Following ethical principles of clinical research in Homoeopathy the authors conducted an observational study using Arsenic Album 200C for reduction of side effects caused during chemotherapy regimens.

Aim / Objective / Question


Clinical observational study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of Arsenic Album 200C in reducing side effects caused due to chemotherapeutic drugs and improving quality of life in cancer patients.

Method / Description

Patient selection/protocol at Saifee Hospital (Mumbai):

No of patients: 20

Stage: III, IV during: Chemotherapy (6)cycle intervals.

Performance score: WHO Score


Breast Ductal carcinoma grade III, Adeno Carcinoma Pancreas stage III, Colon IV, Oesophagus III, CaLung III & IV Sqamous cell Carcinoma Tongue grade III, Liposarcoma III

Clinical features considered:

Gastro Intestinal: Changes in appetite, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting.

Peripheral Neuropathy: Burning (hot flushes), numbness.

Skin/Hair Alopecia,

Neuro psychological: Anxiety & restlessness.

Dosage / Repetition / Followup

Arsenic Album 200C was administered in divided dose pattern 2/3 a day for 3 to 4

Findings were noted down on weekly followup of the patients.

Result / Conclusion / Discussion

Results of Post Arsenic Alb 200C during chemotherapy protocols:

Gastro Intestinal: Reduction of hyper emesis & diarrhea, normalizing of gastrointestinal functions in 2 days post chemotherapy (WHO 0) 17/20 patients (85%), (WHO 2) 3/20 patients (15%)

Peripheral Neuropathy: Marked reduction of burning/numbness, hot flushes’ in ext (WHO 0) 15/20 patients (75%)

Skin / Hair: Poor response in controlling Alopecia during chemo cycles 18/20 patients (90%)

Neuro Psychiatry:

Marked reduction of stress levels of patients. Criteria's like anxiety, nervousness, restlessness were better in patients treated with Arsenic Album 200C (WHO 0) 17/20(85%)


Arsenic Album 200C given as an adjuvant during Chemotherapy cycles helps minimize Gastrointestinal & Neuropathic side effects.

It also helps patients cope psychologically & enables  patients to complete all prescribed cycles of chemotherapy with minimal side effects thereby improving quality of life in cancer patients.

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