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Climate Change And The World's Future

The Years of Living Dangerously

Is the danger all in our imagination or is it real?

Mind; Delusions, imaginations; danger, of: agki-p, bank-c, bos-s, camph, carn-g, corv-c, enal-c, falco-p, FL-AC, haliae-lc, kali-br, lac-del, lac-lup, lsd, macrin, maia-l, nelu, nitro, oena, ory-c, plb, Plut-n, pras, rhus-g, STRAM, succ, Tax, VALER

Why has the craving and desire for chocolate become so great? 

What will it take for people to take notice?

What will it take for legislators and rulers to make ethical and moral choices to protect the earth and citizens on the planet?

You will hear the voices of pure evil convince you that the temperature and climate changes are natural ups and downs of nature. The question for everyone to ask is if they are wrong or if they are right, what can humans do to make a difference? 

Do their smoke and mirrors put you in a state of inactivity, of status, of apathy, of numbness so that you have all given up, hopeless? 

Are you following the politics?

All our candidates motivate us with words of "CHANGE" yet they assuage us once they get into power. They make promises of improvement, while making laws to remove our inherent self empowerment. They pit cultures against culture, country and people against each other. We must take responsibility and take matters into our own hands. 

We must demand sustainable energy and change our habits. We MUST have clean energy, clean food, water and air. 

What will you do? What is your stand?

The real Indiana Jones - Harrison Ford searching for the truth. 

For further information aboutThe Years of Living Dangerously


Drought means hunger and starvation, which leads people to living dangerously and taking risks, acting unethically, stealing, killing just to feed their family. If it has not reached your part of the world, don't worry, it will. Field study shows why food quality will suffer with rising CO2

For the first time, a field test has demonstrated that elevated levels of carbon dioxide inhibit plants' assimilation of nitrate into proteins, indicating that the nutritional quality of food crops is at risk as climate change intensifies.


Findings from this wheat field-test study, led by a UC Davis plant scientist, will be reported online April 6 in the journal Nature Climate Change.

"Food quality is declining under the rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide that we are experiencing," said lead author Arnold Bloom, a professor in the Department of Plant Sciences.

"Several explanations for this decline have been put forward, but this is the first study to demonstrate that elevated carbon dioxide inhibits the conversion of nitrate into protein in a field-grown crop," he said.

The assimilation, or processing, of nitrogen plays a key role in the plant's growth and productivity. In food crops, it is especially important because plants use nitrogen to produce the proteins that are vital for human nutrition. Wheat, in particular, provides nearly one-fourth of all protein in the global human diet.

Many previous laboratory studies had demonstrated that elevated levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide inhibited nitrate assimilation in the leaves of grain and non-legume plants; however there had been no verification of this relationship in field-grown plants.

Wheat field study

To observe the response of wheat to different levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, the researchers examined samples of wheat that had been grown in 1996 and 1997 in the Maricopa Agricultural Center near Phoenix, Ariz.

At that time, carbon dioxide-enriched air was released in the fields, creating an elevated level of atmospheric carbon at the test plots, similar to what is now expected to be present in the next few decades. Control plantings of wheat were also grown in the ambient, untreated level of carbon dioxide.

Leaf material harvested from the various wheat tests plots was immediately placed on ice, and then was oven dried and stored in vacuum-sealed containers to minimize changes over time in various nitrogen compounds.

A fast-forward through more than a decade found Bloom and the current research team able to conduct chemical analyses that were not available at the time the experimental wheat plants were harvested.

In the recent study, the researchers documented that three different measures of nitrate assimilation affirmed that the elevated level of atmospheric carbon dioxide had inhibited nitrate assimilation into protein in the field-grown wheat.

"These field results are consistent with findings from previous laboratory studies, which showed that there are several physiological mechanisms responsible for carbon dioxide's inhibition of nitrate assimilation in leaves," Bloom said.

3 percent protein decline expected

Bloom noted that other studies also have shown that protein concentrations in the grain of wheat, rice and barley — as well as in potato tubers — decline, on average, by approximately 8 percent under elevated levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

"When this decline is factored into the respective portion of dietary protein that humans derive from these various crops, it becomes clear that the overall amount of protein available for human consumption may drop by about 3 percent as atmospheric carbon dioxide reaches the levels anticipated to occur during the next few decades," Bloom said.

While heavy nitrogen fertilization could partially compensate for this decline in food quality, it would also have negative consequences including higher costs, more nitrate leaching into groundwater and increased emissions of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide, he said.


In addition to Bloom, the research team on this study included Martin Burger, currently in UC Davis' Department of Land, Air and Water Resources; and Bruce A. Kimball and Paul J. Pinter, both of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's U.S. Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center in Maricopa, Ariz.

Funding for the study was provided by the National Science Foundation and the National Research Initiative competitive grants program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

About UC Davis

For more than 100 years, UC Davis has been one place where people are bettering humanity and our natural world while seeking solutions to some of our most pressing challenges. Located near the state capital, UC Davis has more than 33,000 students, over 2,500 faculty and more than 21,000 staff, an annual research budget of over $750 million, a comprehensive health system and 13 specialized research centers. The university offers interdisciplinary graduate study and more than 100 undergraduate majors in four colleges — Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Biological Sciences, Engineering, and Letters and Science. It also houses six professional schools — Education, Law, Management, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing.

Media contacts:

Arnold Bloom, Plant Sciences, (530) 752-1743,

Pat Bailey, UC Davis News Service, (530) 752-9843,

Global Climate Change Increases Risk of Kidney Stones

US researchers say that kidney stones may become more common as the temperature rises across North America and causes more people to become dehydrated. The U.S. "kidney stone belt" includes Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, the warmer states in the Southeast of the country.

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Comment by Dr. Harishchandra Shukla on April 30, 2014 at 10:26pm

Thanks dear Debby Bruck. For your kind Information I am posting again my view as to danger to human kind and role of Homoeopaths to play. It has taken from my text 'PREAMBLE' (Version 2.0).


© STATUTORY WARNING: The entire text contained in this elaboration is protected under the copyrights and intellectual property Act. It is taken from the chapter ‘Substance of subsistence’ from the textbook ‘PREAMBLE’ (ver. 2.0). Therefore, any infringement will be sternly treated as a punishable crime under the existing laws; except for those quotations which have taken from the works of other authors. No part of this text or work may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electrical, mechanical or photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior written permission of the author. For authenticated permission contact author at

                                                                                                    DR. S. HARIMANN



The Role of Immunañopaths to play:

The futurities would certainly be presenting most horrifying episodes on this planet earth. And probably they would be filled with harshest effects adverse for the forthcoming generations. But, indeed, they may bring about with them much greater role to play for Immunañopaths. Our role may turn much greater than ever before or anyone else who will have the similar profession at that time; however, if we get updated with the current understanding and knowledge. I am just going to reveal a trailer of the prospective of an ‘Immunañopath’ for you; because, I can just visualize it right now. What I am revealing right now, you may also probably imagine the same. Because, it may be a most probable episode in time to come and most expected scenario of that time.

In fact, our Superfine Naño Medicines are energy retaining hyperactive representatives of the substances, by which they are derived. By discharging retained energy at the corresponding elements, as stimulations, they pacify all the morbid expression/s of entity. Practically, they redress all the contributory elements responsible for the phenotypes of the diseases; namely, objective signs and subjective symptoms. They offer an extremely useful help in the favour of whole sickened entity. These medicines even during the utmost disastrous conditions or critical periods of life equally operate well onto the all corresponding human beings. Such a disastrous period may encounter anytime during the course of life or at any episode of life with any individual entity. For example: during an Atomic war and/or after any such occurrence and/or when an astronaut encounters any physical episode in space. Our medicines works at all states of affairs. Because of the ‘modus operandi’ of these medicines; these medicines are essentially compatible with ‘modus operandi’ of human GC or entity. In the corresponding individual beings, they positively provoke optimistic reactions via genetic material of entity, namely, ‘life energy’.

During the tremendous horrifying atomic war and/or after any such episode, the danger of extinction of a large portion or whole of living world cannot be ruled out entirely. The danger of atomic war is always looming on the world and it cannot be ruled out entirely because of several nations have acquired nuclear fission capabilities. Therefore, if, unfortunately such an event becomes real happening and/or if any nuclear powered nation obliged to use or misuse his existent atomic weapon/s; the aforesaid destruction shall be certain. The indescribable loss shall be certain in consequences of that. The entire or countless vegetables shall either become extinct or destroyed badly; especially, hitherto recognized medicinal plants, particularly those plants which have been identified well as extremely beneficial to the entire sickened humanity or whole living world.

During the course of all those circumstances, when there will be a serious shortage of all kinds of medicinal substances; yet, our Superfine Naño Medicines will be still at advantageous state. Firstly because of these medicines are utilized in a minimum possible doses; and secondly, it can be prepared even from those substances which are considered as an inert substance by others. Moreover that, in that particular environment (era), our medicines shall still demonstrate better efficacy. The reason behind this efficiency is that, at that time prepared medicines will come from then available substances. And that, as such medicinal memories (order of information or signature of the substance) of any Superfine Naño Medicine come from the GC of entity and/or atomic configuration of that substance, whereby existing medicine would have been prepared, our medicines will still demonstrate better efficiency. During the specific ecological situation, the adaptation mechanism enables and empowers all afflicted creature by such necessary genetic configurations, including genetic mutations, which would be highly required for their existence and stability of organism. Similarly, nonliving substances also attain such configurations, during the course of specific ecological situations, which would be in harmony with the living world. It may be due to specific kind of radiations.

The Futuristic Immunañopaths:

There is pin drop silence. A white-collared spectacled gentleman is attentively looking into his electron microscope. He is noting down something very noteworthy and special for someone else. Actually, he is an ‘Immunañopath’. After analyzing a drop of blood of his patient, he is feeding data into his personal computer. In order to identify precise abnormalities in his patient; he is taking pains of the realizing exact alterations existing in the exome of his patient. Now, he begins to examine his medicine chest and pick out a single vial. Now, he is examining an embossed metal strip, which is a naño-tag. The tag was fastened on bottle surface and it contains entire schematic data of that medicine. After detaching metal strip from the surface of bottle, he uses laser sensor to read it. After satisfying himself, with precise cross-matching of the sequences of exome of patient and medicine, he offers that medicine to his patient. And, of course, within a few days thereafter, a miracle occurs apparently. His one of the worse patients gets revived again with a perfect health and harmony.

It’s not the story of ‘Harry potter’ but soon become a reality in near future. The DNA collected from genetic material of any individual entity or a drop of blood or any other body cell is capable of revealing accurately the entire anomalies and abnormalities existing in the organism. The anomalies and abnormalities are the part of life and no one can escape from such situations. No one is absolutely normal on the earth. They always remain present in the organism and, time to time, as per encoding, disturb during the lifespan. The medicines shall then have, in future, naño-tag. They (naño-tag) will contain whole information regarding GC of the corresponding medicinal plant; namely, schematic data -- all characterizing attributes or potentialities of the medicine. At that time, the advanced computers will be deployed to scrutinize genomic data of the concerning individual entity that characterizes a patient. Those computational tools will also determine the category of emerging disease as well as estimate the magnitude thereof in given individual case of disease phenotype. On the other hand, they will also analyze characterizing data of the corresponding medicine precisely well; which would be imprinted on the naño-tag in barcodes. The naño-tag will be found then as a detachable metal strip on the corresponding medicinal vial. Instead Materia Medicas, the Immunañopaths will then use this metal strip as a reservoir of the whole information of the corresponding medicinal substance i.e. genomic information of the corresponding plant concerning medicinal memories.

Hereby physicians shall become competent enough in utilizing a corresponding remedy in proper doses for the presented case of disease. In so doings, the patients shall ultimately be revived again; however, without any side effect or harm i.e. least aggravation, in a very short span of time. They shall be benefited a lot with such a ‘modus operandi’. I offered you a vague portrayal of the futuristic Immunañopathic physician. He shall be endowed enough with most of innovative ideas and principles as well as approaches of the forthcoming medications. He shall not be much dependent on the Hahnemann’s conceptual theory of the diseases and cure. [Even today, some physicians use proprietary medicines (patents) and demonstrate their negligent act towards Hahnemann]. In order to determine causes of disease expressions as well as cure, whether given treatment has become effective or not, even now we often take advantage of the currently available technical help e.g. investigations of disease with different pathological investigations and imaging techniques. Over and above, in order to meet out challenges of the current scenario as well as quell down looming disorders; this description shall not only familiarize you with the better understanding as to disease causes and cure but it shall also equip you better with the upcoming much more intricate technologies – their aspects and procedures.



Comment by Debby Bruck on April 28, 2014 at 8:06pm

Dear Dr Shukla. Thank you for taking time to leave a comment. We must change the world together.

Comment by Dr. Harishchandra Shukla on April 27, 2014 at 10:13pm

A very informative article of great concern. Thanks for providing information.

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