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Cinderella's stepmother syndrome and Homoeopathy

©   Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma M.D. (Homoeopathy)

  Dr. Swati Vishnoi B.H.M.S.

  Dr. Preetika Lakhera B.H.M.S.

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Cinderella syndrome and Homoeopathy.pdf


Cinderella’s stepmother syndrome is named after Cinderella who was fairy-tale character oppressed by her stepfamily until she magically attends a ball and ultimately marries a prince. During this tenure, she suffers with a lot of abuses, anxieties and depression. In this way she represents a syndrome often seen in day to day life.


Cinderella's stepmother syndrome is the term used to describe the behaviors that stepmothers display in order to become more accepted by the family. (Causa occasionalis/ Psora/ Syphilis/ Sycosis)


Cinderella complex - fear of being independent causes unconscious desire to be taken care of by others.

Cinderella syndrome - false accusations made by adopted children of being mistreated or neglected by their stepmothers.

Cinderella dermatosis - skin disease characterized by ash-gray macules occurring most often on palms, extremities, buttocks, and scalp.

Cinderella stepmother syndrome - overcompensation by a stepmother in an effort to be accepted into new family.

Cinderella-in-reverse syndrome - the stepmother’s sacrifice to be better than best and her tendency to overcompensate at her expense.

Mini wife syndrome – the extraordinarily attached daughter becomes insecure and depressed after entry of a stepmother.

Super Stepmom Syndrome - Stepmothers feel the pressure and expectations from all angles; their husband, his kids, the ex-spouse and her kids as well (if she has any). As a result, some have a tendency to react to the emotional stresses within the stepfamily by becoming over-involved.

Evil stepmother syndrome - stepmother feels pleasure in teasing and neglecting her step children.


Step mothering is itself the seamless hurricane for depression. The main causes are as below-

Loneliness and Estrangement

Stepmothers often feel detached from their husbands over stepfamily issues. (Psora)


When people ruminate, they over-think or obsess about situations or life events, such as work or relationships. There starts a cycle of rethinking the past, worrying excessively about the future, not taking action, going over and over the same issues, letting concern spread to other issues, until there is a rush of concern and a feeling of being stunned. (Psora/ Syphilis)

Relational Tendencies

The combination of the stepmother’s relational tendencies with that of her often less emotional or relational husband and a bunch of annoyed step children may cause a lot of depression. (Psora)


The stepmother’s sacrifice to be better than best and her tendency to overcompensate at her expense may lead to Cinderella-in-reverse syndrome. (Psora/ Syphilis)

Disempowering double standards

Stepchildren are allowed and supported to dislike and resent their stepmothers, while a stepmother must always show unconditional love for her stepchildren. (Psora/ Sycosis)

Punching bag syndrome

Often, stepmothers get blamed for things they are not responsible for. (Psora/ Syphilis)

Unsupportive husbands

Remarried men with children may expect their wives to be more maternal than they were with their children. Such expectations can crash with women’s schedules and desires. (Psora)

Professional preference and bad advice

Stepmothers often face a lot of bad advices and forced acts which they never expect. (Psora)


The monoamine-deficiency theory postulates that the underlying pathophysiological basis of depression is a reduction of the neurotransmitters (Psora/ Syphilis) serotonin, norepinephrine or dopamine in the central nervous system. Serotonin is the most extensively studied neurotransmitter in depression.


Role of neurotransmitters in depression

Psychosocial stress and stress hormones like neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, glutamate and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) as well as neurocircuitry, neurotrophic factors, and circadian rhythms are responsible for depression.


  • Preoccupation with position in the family
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling of rejection
  • Feeling if ineffectiveness
  • Feeling of guilt
  • Feeling of hostility
  • Exhaustion
  • Loss of self-esteem


Cinderella syndrome- Acet-ac. achy. ACON. Act-sp. adam. aeth. agar. agath-a. agn. aids. all-c. aloe Alum-p. alum-sil. ALUM. Am-c. am-m. AMBR. Aml-ns. ANAC. androc. ang. anh. ant-c. ant-t. anthraci. anthraq. antip. Apis Apoc. Arg-met. ARG-N. arge-pl. arizon-l. ARN. Ars-i. ars-met. Ars-s-f. ARS. Art-v. asaf. asar. aster. atro. aur-ar. aur-br. Aur-m-n. Aur-m. Aur-s. AUR. aven. Bamb-a. bapt. bar-act. Bar-c. bar-i. bar-s. BELL. Benz-ac. bism. bit-ar. bora-o. borx. bov. bros-gau. bruc. BRY. Bufo bung-fa. cact. cadm-s. cael. calad. calc-i. Calc-p. calc-s. calc-sil. Calc. camph. cann-i. cann-s. cann-xyz. canth. caps. carb-an. Carb-v. carbn-s. CARC. Carl. CAUST. CHAM. CHEL. chin. chinin-s. cic. Cimic. cina cist. clem. cob-n. cob. coca Cocc. Coff. colch. COLOC. colum-p. Con. cop. Cortico. cot. Crat. croc. crot-c. crot-h. cupr-act. CUPR. cur. cycl. cygn-be. cypr. cypra-eg. dendr-pol. des-ac. DIG. Dios. diosm. dioxi. dream-p. dros. Dulc. dys. elaps Epig. epiph. euon-a. euph. euphr. falco-pe. ferr-ar. ferr-p. Ferr. fic-m. fl-ac. form. fum. GELS. Germ-met. gink-b. Glon. Glycyr-g. goss. gran. granit-m. Graph. grat. guaj. haliae-lc. HAM. hecla HELL. helon. hep. hip-ac. hippoc-k. hura hydrog. HYOS. Hyper. IGN. ilx-a. indg. iod. Ip. irid-met. iris Kali-bi. Kali-br. Kali-c. KALI-I. kali-n. Kali-p. Kali-s. kalm. kiss. Kola kreos. Lac-c. lac-del. lac-e. lac-h. lac-leo. lac-lup. Lach. lachn. lath. laur. led. lil-t. limest-b. lob-c. lob-s. loxo-recl. luna LYC. Lyss. m-ambo. M-arct. m-aust. mag-c. Mag-m. mag-p. mag-s. maias-l. Manc. mang. Med. melal-alt. meny. MERC. MEZ. Moni. Morph. mosch. Mur-ac. musca-d. myos-a. myric. Naja Nat-ar. NAT-C. NAT-M. nat-p. Nat-s. Nat-sil. neon nept-m. nicc-met. nicc. Nit-ac. NUX-M. NUX-V. Oci-sa. ol-an. ol-eur. olib-sac. olnd. Onos. OP. opun-s. Orig-v. Orig. oxal-a. ozone PALL. Par. paull. pers. petr-ra. Petr. PH-AC. phel. PHOS. phys. Pic-ac. pieri-b. pin-con. pip-m. pitu-a. plac. PLAT. plb. plut-n. Podo. positr. pot-e. psil. PSOR. ptel. PULS. pyrid. pyrus rad-br. ran-b. ran-s. Rheum rhod. Rhus-g. Rhus-t. rib-ac. ribo. ros-d. RUTA sabad. sabal sabin. sacch-a. sacch. Sal-fr. Samb. sanguis-s. sanic. sarr. sars. scut. sec. sel. Seneg. SEP. seq-s. Sil. Sol-o. Spig. spira. spirae. SPONG. squil. stann. STAPH. Stram. stront-c. suis-em. sul-ac. SULPH. SYMPH. syph. taosc. tarax. tarent. tax-br. teucr. thuj. til. toxo-g. TRITIC-VG. TUB. ulm-c. Uran-n. urol-h. valer. vanad. VANIL. Verat. verb. vib. vinc. viol-o. viol-t. vip. visc. zinc-o. zinc-p. Zinc.


MIND – ABSORBED acon. agar. aloe alum. am-c. am-m. ambr. androc. anh. ant-c. arge-pl. arizon-l. Arn. Aur-m-n. aur-s. bar-c. bell. bov. bros-gau. bruc. bufo calc. cann-i. cann-s. canth. Caps. carb-an. Carl. caust. cham. chin. cic. clem. Cocc. con. cupr. cycl. dendr-pol. dream-p. dulc. elaps euphr. falco-pe. fic-m. germ-met. grat. guaj. ham. HELL. hydrog. hyos. ign. indg. ip. irid-met. kali-s. kiss. Kola kreos. lach. lil-t. limest-b. loxo-recl. mag-m. mang. merc. MEZ. mosch. mur-ac. nat-c. Nat-m. nat-p. nat-sil. nit-ac. NUX-M. Nux-v. ol-an. olib-sac. Onos. Op. petr-ra. phel. phos. plb. Puls. pyrid. ran-b. rheum Rhus-t. ribo. ruta sabad. sars. sel. sep. spig. spong. stann. staph. stram. stront-c. SULPH. thuj. tritic-vg. vanil. verat. viol-o. vip.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - abused; after being – children carc.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - abused; after being - indignation; with carc.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - abused; after being - marriage; in Anac. ARG-N. aur. carc. chin. hura hyos. Lach. lyc. Lyss. Naja Nat-m. puls. Sep. stram.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - abused; after being am-m. ambr. anac. calc-p. carc. caust. coff. cur. Hyos. Lac-c. lyc. Lyss. Med. NAT-M. petr-ra. Staph. stram. thuj.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - ambition – deceived aur. bell. merc. nat-m. Nux-v. plat. puls. verat. zinc.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - anger – suppressed acon. agar. anac. ars. Aur-m-n. aur-s. aur. bamb-a. carc. cham. cocc. COLOC. colum-p. Cortico. crot-c. cupr. dendr-pol. falco-pe. fum. Germ-met. gink-b. haliae-lc. hell. hep. Ign. ilx-a. Ip. kali-c. lachn. LYC. lyss. mag-m. Moni. Nat-m. phos. pin-con. podo. pot-e. puls. ruta sep. spong. STAPH. stront-c. tritic-vg. ulm-c. vanil.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - anxiety - prolonged; from aur. carc. pic-ac.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM – anxiety aur. calc-p. calc. carc. cimic. cocc. hyos. ign. kali-p. lyc. nit-ac. op. ph-ac. RUTA samb. SIL. Spong. staph.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - cares, worries - loved one; over a COCC. vanil.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - cares, worries Ambr. arg-n. ars. Calc. carc. Caust. COCC. con. cygn-be. cypra-eg. germ-met. hippoc-k. ign. kali-br. kali-p. lyc. mag-c. nat-m. nit-ac. NUX-V. Ph-ac. Phos. pic-ac. sanic. Staph. Vanil.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM – contradiction anac. aur-ar. Aur. cael. cham. elaps ham. helon. ign. LYC. med. nux-v. olnd. sil. spong.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - criticized; from being agar. gels. ign.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM – disappointment acon. agath-a. all-c. alum. ant-c. apis ars. aster. Aur-m-n. Aur-s. AUR. bell. Bry. calc-p. caps. carb-v. carc. caust. cham. cocc. colch. Coloc. dig. Gels. grat. hyos. IGN. kali-c. Lach. Lyc. MERC. NAT-M. nat-s. Nux-v. Op. PH-AC. phos. plac. plat. Podo. PULS. ruta sep. spig. STAPH. Tritic-vg. vanil. verat.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - embarrassment - poor job performance; of lac-e.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM – embarrassment Ambr. Bar-c. bar-s. bung-fa. carb-v. chin. coloc. crot-c. dig. dys. ferr. gels. germ-met. hydrog. hyos. Ign. kali-br. lac-e. lac-h. loxo-recl. melal-alt. Merc. Nat-m. Op. petr-ra. ph-ac. phos. plat. plut-n. puls. sep. staph. SULPH. tarent. vanil.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - emotions – sad calc. caust. nit-ac. ph-ac.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM – emotions Acon. aloe alum. am-m. Aml-ns. ant-t. ARG-N. arn. ars. asar. Aur. bar-c. Bell. Bry. calc. camph. caps. carb-an. Caust. Cham. chin. cic. cimic. cist. Cocc. Coff. colch. COLOC. con. croc. cupr. cycl. ferr. Gels. graph. hep. HYOS. IGN. ip. kali-c. kali-n. Lach. laur. Lyc. m-ambo. m-arct. m-aust. mag-c. mag-m. merc. mosch. nat-c. Nat-m. nit-ac. Nux-m. NUX-V. olnd. Op. petr. PH-AC. Phos. plat. podo. Psor. PULS. ran-b. rhus-t. samb. sars. sec. sel. seneg. sep. Sil. spong. stann. STAPH. Stram. stront-c. sulph. teucr. Verat. verb. zinc.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - failure - social failures pers.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM – fear ACON. Act-sp. arg-met. Arg-n. ars. Bell. calc-sil. calc. carc. Caust. cocc. coff. cupr. GELS. glon. graph. Ign. kali-p. lac-del. lyc. med. nat-m. Op. ph-ac. phos. puls. sil. Spong. stram. verat.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - fortune; from reverse of ambr. con. dig. lach. stann. staph. SYMPH. VANIL.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - friendship; deceived aur-m-n. aur. ign. mag-c. mag-m. nux-v. ph-ac. rhus-g. sil. sulph.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM – fright ACON. act-sp. agar. anac. androc. Apis arg-met. Arg-n. arn. ars. Art-v. aster. aur-m. Aur. Bell. bry. Bufo calc-sil. calc. camph. carb-v. carbn-s. carc. Caust. cham. cic. cimic. cina cocc. Coff. coloc. crot-h. Cupr. dulc. GELS. Glon. Graph. ham. hep. Hyos. Hyper. Ign. iod. Kali-br. kali-c. kali-p. lac-del. Lach. laur. LYC. lyss. mag-c. Manc. merc. Morph. nat-c. Nat-m. nit-ac. nux-m. Nux-v. OP. Petr. PH-AC. PHOS. Plat. PULS. ran-b. Rhus-t. sabad. samb. sec. Sep. SIL. spong. stann. Stram. sulph. Vanil. verat. verb. vib. visc. zinc-p. zinc.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - grief – prolonged aur-s. carc. caust. cocc. kali-p. ph-ac.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - grief - silent grief anthraci. carc. NAT-M. tub.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM – grief Acet-ac. acon. alum-p. alum. am-m. AMBR. aml-ns. anac. ant-c. Apis Arn. ars. art-v. aur-ar. Aur-m-n. aur-s. AUR. bar-s. Bell. Bry. cadm-s. cael. Calc-p. calc. caps. carc. CAUST. cham. chin. clem. Cocc. coff. colch. Coloc. con. Crat. crot-h. cycl. cypr. cypra-eg. dig. Dros. elaps Gels. Graph. hippoc-k. Hura Hyos. IGN. ip. Kali-br. kali-c. kali-p. LACH. laur. lob-c. lob-s. lyc. mag-c. naja nat-c. NAT-M. nat-p. nat-s. nit-ac. nux-m. Nux-v. Op. paull. PH-AC. PHOS. phys. pic-ac. Plat. psor. Puls. pyrus rhus-t. Samb. Sep. seq-s. Sol-o. spig. STAPH. stram. sulph. tarent. tritic-vg. tub. Uran-n. VANIL. verat. Zinc.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - honor; wounded agath-a. aur-m-n. Aur-s. aur. bamb-a. carc. cham. ign. kola lac-leo. Nat-m. nat-s. nux-v. pall. plat. podo. Staph. sulph. verat.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM – indignation acon. ambr. Ant-c. aur-m-n. bell. bry. carb-v. carc. chinin-s. Coloc. ferr-p. ferr. gels. hecla Ign. ip. lac-leo. led. Nat-m. Nux-v. oci-sa. plat. sal-fr. STAPH.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - love; disappointed acon. androc. ant-c. asaf. Aur-m-n. Aur-s. AUR. Bell. Bufo cact. Calc-p. carc. Caust. Cimic. Coff. Con. cypra-eg. dig. ham. Hell. hippoc-k. HYOS. IGN. iod. kali-c. kali-p. Lach. NAT-M. Nat-sil. nux-m. nux-v. oci-sa. orig. ozone petr-ra. PH-AC. phos. pitu-a. PLAT. psor. rhus-g. sacch. sal-fr. sep. seq-s. STAPH. stram. sulph. tarent. til. tub. vanil. verat.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - mental exertion agar. Alum-p. alum-sil. ambr. Anac. arg-n. arn. Ars-i. ars-met. ars. aven. bar-act. bell. Calc-p. calc-sil. calc. caps. Carc. chin. coca cocc. con. cupr-act. CUPR. cypr. Epig. epiph. fl-ac. Gels. graph. HAM. hyos. ign. iod. iris kali-br. Kali-c. KALI-I. Kali-p. Kali-s. Lach. lyc. mag-p. med. melal-alt. mur-ac. NAT-C. nat-m. nat-p. nux-m. NUX-V. Ph-ac. phos. Pic-ac. pip-m. psor. rhus-t. rib-ac. ruta sabad. sabal scut. sel. sep. Sil. SPONG. STAPH. TUB. vinc.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM – mortification Acon. agath-a. all-c. alum. am-m. ambr. anac. Apoc. Arg-n. ars. aster. Aur-m-n. Aur-m. Aur. bell. Bry. calc. camph. carb-an. carb-v. Carc. caust. Cham. Chin. cocc. COLOC. con. Dulc. falco-pe. form. gels. graph. haliae-lc. ham. IGN. ip. kali-br. lac-c. Lach. LYC. Lyss. m-ambo. merc. Mur-ac. NAT-M. nit-ac. Nux-v. oci-sa. Op. PALL. Petr. PH-AC. phel. phos. plac. plat. podo. positr. Puls. ran-b. Rhus-g. rhus-t. sacch-a. Seneg. sep. sil. spong. STAPH. stram. Sulph. symph. Tritic-vg. vanil. verat. vip. zinc.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - neglected; being sacch.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - offended; being acon. ANAC. ang. calc. Cham. cocc. Coloc. dros. glon. gran. Ign. lyc. Merc. Nat-m. nit-ac. Op. Pall. Seneg. Staph. stram. sulph.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - position; loss of bry. glon. Ign. nux-m. Nux-v. op. pers. petr. Plat. staph.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - pride of others grat.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - protection - parental protection; excessive bar-c. calc. sil.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - rejected; from being Aur-s. Aur. carc. Caust. LYC. Nat-m. Pall. sep. Sil. sul-ac. Sulph. thuj. TRITIC-VG.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM – reproaches agar. AMBR. Aur. bell. cadm-s. calc-sil. carc. Cham. cina coloc. croc. dulc. dys. gels. germ-met. ham. Ign. lach. med. mosch. nat-m. nit-ac. nux-v. OP. ph-ac. Plat. sep. Staph. Stram. sulph. tarent.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - responsibility – unusual aur-m-n.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM – responsibility aur. carc. mag-m.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - scorned; being acon. adam. alum. ang. Aur-m-n. Aur. bell. BRY. carc. CHAM. coff. Coloc. falco-pe. ferr. ham. hyos. ip. lyc. lyss. NAT-M. NUX-V. olnd. Par. Phos. Plat. podo. sep. Staph. stront-c. sulph. Tritic-vg. verat.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM – unhappiness Acon. ambr. Ars. carc. caust. Cham. coff. dig. Ign. lyc. nat-c. nat-m. nit-ac. Nux-v. phos. Plat. sep. sil. spong. stram. sulph. verat.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - unusual; anything ambr.

MIND - ANXIETY - conscience; anxiety of achy. adam. agath-a. aids. alum-p. alum-sil. ALUM. Am-c. am-m. ANAC. androc. arizon-l. arn. Ars-s-f. ARS. aster. atro. aur-ar. aur-br. Aur-m-n. aur-s. AUR. Bamb-a. Bell. bry. cact. calc. canth. carb-an. Carb-v. carbn-s. Carc. Caust. cham. CHEL. chin. cina cob. Cocc. Coff. Con. croc. crot-c. cupr. cycl. DIG. dioxi. dream-p. falco-pe. ferr-ar. ferr-p. Ferr. Germ-met. granit-m. Graph. Hell. hip-ac. Hyos. Ign. irid-met. Kali-bi. kali-br. kalm. lac-e. lac-h. Lach. limest-b. M-arct. m-aust. mag-c. mag-s. Med. Merc. Moni. myric. Nat-m. neon nit-ac. Nux-v. olib-sac. Orig-v. Orig. ozone petr-ra. Ph-ac. phos. pieri-b. Plat. positr. PSOR. Puls. rheum Rhus-t. ruta sabad. Sal-fr. sanguis-s. sarr. Sil. Spig. spira. spirae. staph. Stram. stront-c. SULPH. symph. Thuj. Tritic-vg. vanad. vanil. Verat. zinc-o. Zinc.

MIND - ANXIETY - duty; as if he had not done his alum. ars. maias-l.

MIND - ANXIETY - family; about his acet-ac. Aeth. ambr. apis ars. aur-m-n. bora-o. calc-i. calc-sil. calc. carc. Cocc. crot-c. cupr. dendr-pol. Dulc. falco-pe. form. hep. lac-del. oxal-a. petr. phos. plat. podo. puls. rhus-t. sulph. taosc. tax-br.

MIND – BROODING acon. alum. androc. anh. arn. Aur-m-n. aur-s. aur. bamb-a. bar-i. bell. bit-ar. calc-s. calc. canth. caps. carb-an. carc. caust. cham. chel. clem. cocc. con. cycl. cygn-be. dulc. euphr. Gels. goss. hell. IGN. ip. kali-p. kali-s. Kola lach. lil-t. lyc. mez. mur-ac. Naja nat-m. nat-sil. neon nept-m. nit-ac. nux-v. olnd. op. ozone petr-ra. Ph-ac. plat. plb. Podo. ran-s. Rheum ruta sabad. sacch-a. sal-fr. sep. spig. spong. stram. sulph. symph. thuj. tritic-vg. ulm-c. Vanil. VERAT.

MIND - DELUSIONS - betrayed; that she is adam. dros. falco-pe. hydrog. lac-h. ol-eur. petr-ra. rad-br. Rhus-g. urol-h.

MIND - DELUSIONS - deceived; being bamb-a. crot-c. dros. Ign. lyss. naja Nat-ar. nicc-met. nicc. ozone ruta spong. Staph. stront-c.

MIND - DELUSIONS - neglected - duty; he has neglected his arizon-l. Ars. aur-m-n. aur-s. AUR. crot-c. cur. cycl. dream-p. dulc. falco-pe. hell. hyos. ign. kali-br. kola lac-e. Lyc. melal-alt. myos-a. naja nat-ar. petr-ra. ptel. puls. ruta staph. symph. ulm-c. vanil.

MIND - DELUSIONS - worthless; he is adam. agn. anac. aur. falco-pe. lac-c. lac-h. nat-ar. positr. thuj.

MIND - DWELLS - past disagreeable occurrences, on aids. am-c. Ambr. anthraq. arg-n. asar. Aur-m-n. aur-s. Benz-ac. bora-o. bros-gau. bung-fa. calc. caust. Cham. Chin. cob-n. Cocc. Con. cop. cur. cycl. dros. Dulc. elaps fic-m. form. glon. goss. granit-m. haliae-lc. hep. hydrog. hyos. IGN. Kali-c. Kali-p. kali-s. kiss. kola kreos. lac-h. lac-lup. lil-t. luna LYC. meny. mez. musca-d. NAT-M. Nit-ac. op. opun-s. phos. pin-con. plac. Plat. positr. psor. puls. Rhus-g. rhus-t. ros-d. sal-fr. sanguis-s. sars. Sep. spong. staph. suis-em. Sulph. symph. syph. thuj. tritic-vg. vanil. verat. visc.

MIND - EMOTIONS – suppressed aeth. arge-pl. arizon-l. aster. carc. caust. coff. cot. cupr. des-ac. falco-pe. Glycyr-g. Ign. lath. lyc. mag-c. Mag-m. naja nat-ar. nat-m. STAPH. Tritic-vg.

MIND - MENTAL SYMPTOMS Acon. agar. agn. alum. am-c. am-m. ambr. ANAC. ang. ant-c. ant-t. antip. arn. ARS. asaf. asar. AUR. bapt. bar-c. BELL. bism. borx. bov. bry. calad. Calc. camph. cann-s. cann-xyz. canth. caps. carb-an. carb-v. Caust. Cham. chel. chin. cic. cina clem. Cocc. coff. colch. coloc. Con. croc. cupr. cycl. dig. Dios. diosm. dros. dulc. euon-a. euph. euphr. ferr. Graph. guaj. hell. hep. HYOS. hyper. IGN. iod. ip. kali-c. kali-n. kreos. LACH. laur. led. lil-t. LYC. m-ambo. m-arct. m-aust. mag-c. mag-m. mang. meny. Merc. mez. mosch. mur-ac. NAT-C. Nat-m. nit-ac. nux-m. Nux-v. olnd. Op. par. petr. ph-ac. PHOS. plat. plb. PULS. ran-b. ran-s. rheum rhod. rhus-t. ruta sabad. sabin. samb. sars. sec. sel. seneg. Sep. Sil. spig. spong. squil. stann. staph. STRAM. stront-c. sul-ac. Sulph. tarax. teucr. thuj. toxo-g. valer. VERAT. verb. viol-o. viol-t. zinc.

MIND - SADNESS - friends, as if having lost affection of Aur. Ham. Puls. thuj.

MIND - SADNESS - misfortune; as if from AUR. Calc. chinin-s. cycl. ph-ac. phel. phos. puls. rhus-t. staph. sulph.

MIND - SADNESS - mortification, after CARC. Ign. Puls. spong. Staph.

MIND - SADNESS - past events; about aids. luna psil.

MIND - SADNESS - quarrel with husband, after Anac. tritic-vg.

MIND - SADNESS - vexation, after calc-p. kali-bi. Plat. Puls.

MIND - SADNESS - wrong way, as if having done everything in bros-gau. Naja



 Chapter 13. Psychosocial Issues and Female Sexuality > Postpartum Depression Williams Gynecology, 2e ... According to the DSM-IV, postpartum depression refers to the diagnosis of major depressive disorder within 4 weeks after childbirth. However, in research and most clinical settings, any depression developing within 12 months following childbirth is considered to have postpartum onset...

 Chapter 16. The Endocrinology of Pregnancy > Management of the Mother Greenspan’s Basic & Clinical Endocrinology, 9e ... depression. Partial or total thyroidectomy, especially in the second trimester, is a reasonably safe procedure except for the risk of preterm labor. ...

 Chapter 223. Common Medical Problems in Pregnancy > Postpartum Blues, Depression, and Psychosis Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine ... Between 15% and 85% of normal postpartum women may experience the blues (postpartum blues), which present within the first 10 days after giving birth with a peak incidence at the fifth day. It can be difficult to distinguish from a true depressive disorder given that symptoms include mood swings...

 Chapter 24. Fatigue, Asthenia, Anxiety, and Depression Adams & Victor's Principles of Neurology, 10e

 Chapter 24. Fatigue, Asthenia, Anxiety, and Depression > Depressive Reactions Adams & Victor's Principles of Neurology, 10e ... Particularly troublesome may be the patient's tendency to hypochondriasis. Indeed, most cases formerly diagnosed as hypochondriasis are now regarded as depression with superimposed anxiety. Pain from whatever cause, a stiff joint, a toothache, fleeting chest or abdominal pains, muscle cramps...

 Chapter 24. Fatigue, Asthenia, Anxiety, and Depression > Fatigue, Asthenia, Anxiety, and Depression: Introduction Adams & Victor's Principles of Neurology, 10e ... In this chapter, we consider the clinically related phenomena of lassitude, fatigue, nervousness, irritability, anxiety, and depression. These complaints form the core of a group of "symptom-based" disorders that are a large part of medical practice. Although more abstruse than paralysis, sensory...

 Chapter 4. The Health of Women/Mothers and Children Understanding Global Health, 2e

 Chapter 7. Diagnosis and Management of Depression Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics, 7e

 Decision-Making in Clinical Medicine > CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINES Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine ... as quality indicators. Examples include the proportion of acute MI patients who receive aspirin upon admission to a hospital and the proportion of heart failure patients with a depressed ejection fraction treated with an ACE inhibitor. ... 297e...

 Depression & Other Mental Health Issues Current Diagnosis & Treatment: Geriatrics

 Depression > MOOD DISORDERS: MAJOR DEPRESSION & RELATED CONDITIONS Behavioral Medicine: A Guide for Clinical Practice, 4e ... Major depressive disorder (MDD) is associated with considerable disability, morbidity, and mortality. Epidemiologic studies demonstrate that depression causes more disability and social and role impairment than most other chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension...

 Encyclopedia Homoeopathica

 Mental Disorders > MOOD DISORDERS Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine ... Mood disorders are characterized by a disturbance in the regulation of mood, behavior, and affect. Mood disorders are subdivided into (1) depressive disorders, (2) bipolar disorders, and (3) depression in association with medical illness or alcohol and substance abuse (Chaps. 467 , 468e...

 Psychiatric Disorders > Major Depression Williams Obstetrics, 24e ... TABLE 61-2 Symptoms of Depressive Illness a Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” feelings Feelings of hopelessness and/or pessimism Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and/or helplessness Irritability, restlessness Loss of interest in activities...

 Radar 10

 Weight Loss, Unintentional > Alternative Diagnosis: Depression Symptom to Diagnosis: An Evidence-Based Guide, 3e

 Women > Depression in Pregnancy Behavioral Medicine: A Guide for Clinical Practice, 4e ... Women with a history of major depression are at highest risk of depression in pregnancy. Other risk factors include discontinuing or decreasing antidepressant medications. In the absence of suicidal or homicidal ideation, nonpharmacological treatments are advised. Psychotherapy for depression...

Plastic Wrapped: The Homoeopathic Proving of Cling Film 
Deeks S.
This book will introduce you to Plastic Wrap, a new remedy in the homoeopathic materia medica. It was made up at Helios Homoeopathic Pharmacy, UK by Pema Sanders and Jan Mathew in 1997, and can be ordered from Helios.

A proving took place at the beginning of 2004, under the auspices of The South Downs School of Homoeopathy in Sussex, UK. The information has been tried and tested in practice during a five year ‘probation’ period, and sixteen cases are presented in the book. We have confirmed the domain and potential of this contemporary remedy.

There are rubrics and a materia medica; also the record of a ‘meditative’ proving from 1997. It concludes with an essay, which draws parallels between the remedy picture and the Cinderella/Ashenputtel/Catskin type of fairy tale.

In the appendix there is a description of the chemical constituents of a typical cling-film. Reference is made to the extent to which other petroleum derivatives, such as DDT, with hormone affecting chemistry, are found everywhere in the world’s oceans and larger rivers.

The book is designed with two purposes: 1) for the homoeopath to learn about and prescribe the remedy, and 2) for the more general public to gain an insight into how we ‘prove’ a medicine before using it. I believe that the territory of this remedy suits such a purpose. The use and disposal of plastics is currently topical. As you read it, you will notice features of contemporary urban life. The late Princess Diana is a familiar figure who lived out the themes of the remedy.

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