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Center for Certification in Flower Remedy Healing

This Announcement, in conjunction with Homeopathy World Community Advertisement Policy, would like your participation in this program. Please mention HWC when you visit and sign up so that the creator, Dr Bruce Arnold, knows of your relationship with this community. A donation will be made to help support and maintain HWC.


Dear HWC friends,

While researching my dissertation, I looked into programs that teach how to use flower essences as part of medical or psychotherapeutic practice.


I found high quality programs where you had to physically go and take classes. Some of them looked good, some not so good. Some were expensive, some were not. In any case, not everyone can take a period of time off to go take a course like this somewhere.


I found high quality programs that were completely Web-based which cost a great deal of money. I found Web-based programs that were not such high quality, whether they were expensive or not.


What I did not find was a high-quality, affordably priced Web-based course. I decided to do something about this. I have spent the last year planning it, and over six months in designing a curriculum, writing a manual, and preparing a website where it can be offered. Now that is all completed, the website is up and running, and I am glad to be able to announce this new resource.


It is called the Center for Certification in Flower Remedy Healing.

Visit to learn more.


There are two levels of certification, Basic and Advanced. For the practitioner, they lead to credentials of Certified Flower Remedy Healer (CFRH) or Master Flower Remedy Healer (MFRH). There is an option for non-practitioners who want to take the courses for home use, which costs half as much and conveys no credential. There is a certificate of completion for those who wish one.


Both courses involve both academic study and hands-on training, with individualized instruction and guidance by yours truly.


Registered members of Homeopathy World Community will receive a 5% discount, and a donation will be made to HWC to support its work for each registered member who signs up.


For further details about curriculum, cost, financing, etc., please visit the website. I would like to know what you think.

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Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on April 18, 2011 at 5:25pm

Dear Bruce Arnold

I like the clarity of your presentation. I would recommend the same books.

May I ask you a question:

Robert Bach strongly recommended to everyone wanting to use his remedies to test them on themselve before using them on others, in order to find out exactly what they do. He believed,that words cannot express all the effects they have.

My own experience with the Bach flower remedies tought me the same, -- only after testing them one-by-one on myself was I able to find the most suitable one for the situation -- we need to understand those 12 healers with our heart and soul, a written list of symptoms or conditions just will not do.

(likewise, I did provi9ngs with most of the polychrests myself)

With growing experience Bach himself and others likewise resorted more and more to single remedies rather than mixtures. This is due to a more complete experience of each essence.

Where is this aspect reflected in your curriculum for the basic / advanced course?

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