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I am practicing Homoeopathy since last 18 years with the classical method. Still, in number of cases, I got partial result. Patient settles regarding his/ her chief complaints but not wholly. It might have happened due to the thematic prescription based on different aspects like Constitutional/ Miasmatic/ Totality etc. Since, last year I am learning RH aspect to perceive the mental state of the patient & in those partially settled patients, I am trying to use this aspect & I was astonished after seeing the result. It doesn’t mean that a Classical method is wrong or it doesn’t work, but it shows that one should learn different aspects for the betterment of mankind.

Actually, this patient came to me for Left Renal Calculi & cured with Bebr Vulgaris 30 Single Dose. Along with that she was suffering from Pain above Left Knee. I have tried number of medicines for the same on the basis of different modalities as well as her constitution without any result.

I have tried following rubrics considering the particulars without any result.
Complete Repertory:
• EXTREMITIES: PAIN, Lower limbs, Knee, Left
Androc, Apis, Arge, Asc-t, Aster, Ba-tn, Bac, Bamb-a, Bapt, Benz-ac, Brom, Calc-ph, Carb-ac, Caul, Chel, Chin, Dios, Eup-per, Kalm, Lith-c, Lycps, Ozone, Pall, Xan
• EXTREMITIES: PAIN, Lower limbs, Knee,… & all sub-rubrics

One day, the same patient came early in the morning & said…
Patient: Sir, I want to tell you something… but… I will tell you later.
Rubric: Hide, desire to
Patient: Sir, since 2-3 days I just want to remain in bed. Because of the duty, I have to wake up.
Rubric: Bed, desires to remain in
Patient asked casually: Sir, What may be the cause behind this?
Rubric: Light, desire for

This version was repertorised with Complete Repertory according to RH method.
Result of Repertorisation:
Chocolate: 3/3
Belladonna: 6/2
Stramonium: 5/2
Aconite: 3/2

I was astonished to see the Chocolate is the only remedy which was covering all three rubrics.

• Treatment: Chocolate 30, Single Dose
• Same day, patient turned back & told that since noon pain in the knee is stopped & till today it never pained again.


1. Hide, desire to: Here patient will not tell you that he wants to hide something.
It should be considered depending on the way patient expresses his feelings, his attitude while telling his symptoms. You can find it out that patient definitely tries to hide something like version of the above described patient.

2. Bed, desires to remain in: This rubric can be considered as it is if the patient expresses it in the same words as described in the above case. But, if you will analyze the dictionary & real meaning of the words in the rubric, then you can use same rubric in different way.
For e.g Bed is the comfortable place for the human being in whom he wants to lie down for rest or peace or comfort. Anything which provides the same comfort/ peace/ rest is nothing but the bed. So, when a person doesn’t want to change his service/ certain things which he is using since very long time e.g. Shoes, Chappals etc., you can use this rubric.
In the RH 1st volume by Master Dr M L Sehgal, the very first case explained by him, whom he cured, he explained it in detail regarding this rubric.

3. Light, desire for: Light has multiple meanings in the dictionary & you can use this rubric with respect to all of them. For e.g. Light means really a light i.e. opposite to darkness. So, if a person doesn’t know regarding anything, he is in dark about the same thing. If he wants to know regarding the same i.e. he wants to throw light up on it, you can consider the same rubric as described in the above case. She was in dark regarding the cause of her illness & she casually asked the question which indicates she wants to throw a light on it. If you are using this rubric, always find it out the casual approach of the patient for asking this question. Even if you don’t answer his question, it doesn’t matter.
Here it differs from the rubric Inquisitive in which there is no casual approach & person waits for perfect answer or he needs the complete answer of the question. He goes on asking till he gets satisfied answer.

If a person desires light in the same sense of light, you can consider the same rubric.
If a person likes comedy movies just to enjoy coming out of the heavy stress, you can use the same rubric.
If a person is obese & he wants to reduce his weight, you can consider him same rubric.
In the similar manner, you can use not only this rubric but the entire rubrics using proper logic.

Thank You!
Dr Prasad Rasal,

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Comment by Veeraraghavan A.R. on February 6, 2011 at 12:15pm
Thank you sir. I will see you at once with some other questions(Doubts). Veeraraghvan
Comment by Dr Prasad Arvind Rasal. on February 6, 2011 at 11:59am
Dear Veeraraghvan,
the part of the sentence was by mistake get deleted while posting. It is:"don't concentrate on sentences or words but on MAN behind these sentences". For e.g. the question,"How are you?" can be asked in SYMPATHETIC tone, LIGHT tone, INQUISITIVE tone, SUPERIORITY tone etc. So, the only words never shows the INDIVIDUALITY or MAN, but perceiving the MAN behind those words/ sentences are very important to individualize a patient.
Dr Prasad Rasal...
Comment by Veeraraghavan A.R. on February 6, 2011 at 3:03am
Thank you very much  sir, your answer for bed desire to be remain in - For e.g. a person who doesn't wants to change his job even though he is getting better salary than present but away from his present place.- is very nice and really opened some doors. But I am not understand your last sentence "don't concentrate on sent"
Comment by Dr Prasad Arvind Rasal. on February 5, 2011 at 1:33pm

Dear Veeraraghavan,

we can very easily differentiate between Quiet, Wants to be, Desires repose & tranquility & Bed, Desires ti remain in because in Quiet, wants to be, the patient is in a agitated state from which he wants an absolute quietness. He doesn't like slightest noise & desires an absolute tranquility. It is more related to his mental state for which he desires repose & tranquility. Whereas in Bed, Desires to remain in, the patient wants to remain in the same comfortable state or position. He doesn't want to change his condition whether related to his physique or mind. Bed is nothing but a place where a person gets relaxed in a comfort. Every time patient will not going to tell us that he wants to remain in bed but he will going to express the same feeling in different ways. For e.g. a person who doesn't wants to change his job even though he is getting better salary than present but away from his present place.

And regarding your second question: Also if some patient says, "I don't know how to get rid of my problem (disease)".

First of all, find out whether patient has tried to find out solution for his problem or whether he is only thinking regarding his problem? Groping is an ACT where a person tries to find out the solution everywhere to get rid of his problem. It is very close to gambling & finding out the solution in the dark by groping. Whereas in Delusion Blind, he is just thinking on the problem without doing any ACT. It is nothing but only FEELING because of his problem & he feels what to do as if he is in the dark or as if he is totally blind. And you have asked about Fear, Dark, of which is absolutely a different condition because if Fear is present in the patient, it should get expressed in his behavior, sentences, expressions. In fact, Delusion, Dark comes closer to earlier versions than Fear, Dark.

What I want to tell you is please, don't concentrate on sent

Comment by Veeraraghavan A.R. on February 4, 2011 at 11:00am
Dear sir, I have been practicing ROH method for the past two years. But even now I have some problem in converting patient's expressions in to rubrics. So please distinguish between some rubrics:"Quite wants to be, desire,repose and tranquility" and "Bed desire to be remain". Also if some patient says, "I don't know how to get rid of my problem (disease)", Here I confuse Its corresponding rubric - "Groping as in the dark" or"Delusion, blind he is' or 'Fear of dark '  Kindly explain
Comment by Veeraraghavan A.R. on January 30, 2011 at 10:40am
Dear Sir, Thank you for your kind reply. The idea "always use the broad rubric which covers all the remedies" given by you is really worthy. Thanking you.
Comment by Dr Prasad Arvind Rasal. on January 30, 2011 at 8:37am

Dear Veeraraghavan,

Many thanks for your questions.

Hide, desire to means generally the person himself wants to hide himself from the society due to any reason. For e.g. esp in children, due to shyness, these children in OPD hide themselves behind the persons or chair or anything. Sometimes, Patients wants to hide certain things while telling history due to certain reason. In Hide, desire to person shows or gives hints regarding the thing & still he don't want to disclose them while in Hides things patient hides the thing directly without giving any idea regarding them. We can get those things either from relatives or on observation. The difference, we have to perceive. If we took Hide, desire to, we cannot loose the remedy because all three remedies under the rubric Hides things are present in Hide, desire to. If you are in dilemma, always use the  broad rubric which covers all the remedies.  Thanks!

Comment by Veeraraghavan A.R. on January 29, 2011 at 12:46pm
Sir, if you do please explain the difference between 'hide desire to' and 'hide things' through the patients communications?
Comment by Dr Prasad Arvind Rasal. on October 13, 2010 at 11:29pm
Dear Dr Senthil,
Many Thanks for your suggestion.
Dr Prasad...
Comment by Dr.M.Senthil on October 13, 2010 at 10:23am
dear dr prasad arvind, sir in your case patient says as
[ " Patient: Sir, since 2-3 days I just want to remain in bed. Because of the duty, I have to wake up. " ] sir one possible rubric here is " mind- undertaking -things opposed to his
similarly some patients may say; dr i have no wiling to go allopathy, but my husband and
in-laws only compelled to take allopathy, here also the same above rubric may be considered....thank u

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