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By: Hans Weitbrecht

Mrs. D.C 33 years of age presents with the following:

First consultation: 20.03.1999

Main symptom:
--Hard lump, inflamed in left breast. It cannot be moved physically -in growing?-. the size of a pea. Some redness and heat externally. The glands underarm left were swollen, hard, and unmovable as well.
---The patient previously went to the medical doctor, who prescribed several courses of antibiotics with no effect and now took a tissue-sample for further investigation.
---the patient was under great distress, fearing cancer, also because her mother died of breast cancer early.
---Haemorrhoids bleeding -continuing problem , more prominent now-
---the following symptoms were found:
She was generally <: after intercourse, <: wet cold air, <: cold becoming.

Despite the doom and gloom she was unusually vivid, so this formed part of the disease picture.

Breast tenderness: period before< ( -long-time-)
Asthma: up till 2 years ago, treated with steroids
Mouth gums receding/ bleeding, -ongoing for a long time-
Sinuses: chronic recurring infections, <: damp weather, treated with ATB’s
Depression during puberty. -treated with Valium-

Rx.: Phos Q 2/ every second day 3 teaspoons of the second glass. [7 doses only, 10 shakes each time before taking the remedy to the stockbottle]

29.03.1999: Phonecall:

premenstrual gone/ haemorrhoids more prominent/ lump in breast bigger but painless.
Rx.: continue

Second consultation: 22.04.1999

--Breast: slight tenderness, no redness, inflammation went.
Size of lump smaller and movable. Glands swollen soft under arms.
Tissue-sample came back positive in meantime.
Sinusses Ok.
No signs of Asthma.
Haemorrhoids come and go.
Sleep/ Appetite good. Felt more energetic when taking the remedy.

Rx.: Phos Q 3/ every second day 3 teaspoons of the second glass. [7 doses only, 10 shakes each time before taking the remedy to the stockbottle]

Third consultation: 29.05.1999

Pain in right shoulder continuous over the last few days without cause of a tingling nature, extending down the arm into fingertips.
Breast: No pain, Lump hardly be felt, swelling glands underarms gone.
Asthma: return of tightness in chest nighttimes. -not bad-
Period pains: cramps in abdomen, tender breasts < 2 days before period.
Gums OK. No sinus trouble,
Haemorrhoids not back.
Sleep/ appetite grand. In good spirits.

Rx.: Calc-c Q2/ every second day 3 teaspoons of the second glass.
[7 doses only, 10 shakes each time before taking the remedy to the stockbottle]

Report back:12.07.1999

The wheeze went and the lump in the breast disappeared subsequently.
All through the summer in good health.
Rx.: no remedy, wait and see

Fourth follow-up: 10.12.1999

Over the last week:
Return of a slight wheeziness, and she found herself clenching the teeth,-which she used to do as a child.
Periods now clotted and heavy with headaches and tenderness of breasts.
No lumps in breasts, glands free.
No haemorrhoids,
Rx.: Calc-c Q3/ every second day, 3 teaspoons of the second glass.
[7 doses only, 10 shakes each time before taking the remedy to the stockbottle]

I met the patient end of 2001 and after the last dose everything disappeared and there had been no more health-problems since.

Heard,from a friend, that patient moved back to Canada and remained in good heatlh till today (2007).

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Comment by Anna Bryant on October 9, 2009 at 5:16pm
Hi Hans, That makes sense.
The case hinges on your initial perception "Despite the doom and gloom she was unusually vivid, so this formed part of the disease picture."
I think you mean that despite the gloomy circumstances (being suspected at that point of having cancer) she was nevertheless of a joyful nature during the initial consultation.
Vivid means very distinct and brilliant, like say a bright pink colour on a grey background and is not really a word for an emotion.
It's such a great case it deserves a bit of clarification.
I hope there are more cases to be posted; they are interesting and inspiring.
Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on October 9, 2009 at 1:44pm
Hi Anna
The term serenity may not be chosen very well,-- joyfulness is better. Joyfulness as a mood --
Comment by Anna Bryant on October 9, 2009 at 12:18pm
Great case but the part I don't follow is:

So – the individualized disease picture (par.: 153) is


How is serenity a symptom? The definition of serenity is peace of mind, tranquillity, calm. Rather a sense of being undisturbed.
Comment by TRILOKI. NATH MEHTA on October 8, 2009 at 11:35am
2 doses of Hydrastis -30 allowed the lump to disappear miracally
Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on September 21, 2009 at 5:17am
Hi Debby
Yes, that is the process which i run in each case. It follows exactly the steps set out in the Organon. Of course, with the years one becomes very quick, and not all is written down in every detail anymore.
Comment by Debby Bruck on September 21, 2009 at 2:19am
Hans ~ This point-by-point explanation was extremely helpful in understanding the case and the thinking process. Is this how you approach each case determining from presenting symptoms what is common/uncommon, current and prominent? With your years of experience you probably see the totality of the case with the underlying miasm.

I like the football analogy.
Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on September 20, 2009 at 6:53am
Work – out

First we bring some order in the symptom picture:
( I numbered the attributes)

Locality: mamma
1) inflammation of left breast
2) sensation burning, heat
3) fear it could be cancer
4) unusual vividness despite doom and gloom
5) concomitant symptom: glands swelling immovable under arm left side

6) Hemorrhoids,
7) bleeding increased since onset of mains symptom

8) tenderness breasts
9) < before menses

10) intercoursebr /> 11) wet-cold weatherbr /> 12 getting coldbr />
D) ASTHMA (not present)

13) bleeding
14) receding

15) chronic recurring infections for years
16) in winterbr /> 17) wet weatherbr />

1) In inflammation of breast we usually find redness and swelling, knots are rather rare,-
2) Normal for inflammation
3) Normal giving the circumstances
4) Uncommon, therefore decisive
5) Not uncommon
6) Was there before, therefore does not form indication for first remedy
7) Uncommon for a inflammation of the breast, -- individual!
8) Unchanged since breast problem, therefore not relevant
9) Unchanged since breast problem, therefore not relevant
10) Unchanged, therefore not decisive for first selection
11) Dto.
12) Dto.
13) Unchanged since start of breast problem
14) Dto.
15) Dto.
16) Dto.
17) Dto.

So – the individualized disease picture (par.: 153) is


Phophorus has the Serenity as a cure-combinable attribute, Calc-c does not.
Phos has bleeding as a cure-combinable attribute, Calc-c too.

For Verification:
Inflammation of glands: Phos has it a s acure-combinable attribute, Calc-c not.

Now we give Phosphorus and know that exactly the breast problem will improve as long as our individualized Aspects are still present, and no new and hefty aspects appear.

Therefore the decision is clear when she rings back first time:
Bleeding still there, serenity there, no new and ailing problems = CONTINUE

Follow-up visit:
No new-new symptoms = continue. Confirmation, that Phos does exactly what it should. The older things don’t move yet.

Next follow-up:
See-See,--like predicted an completely new symptom comes up and as expected the Asthma comes up as a concommiting symptom. And -- the bleeding has stopped. – As sign that Phos won’t get us any further at this moment.
So: draw new disease-picture:


Shoulder pain: right side
1) Tickling
2) Extending down arm
3) Return of asthma


The shoulder pain with tingling down the arm is just tension,-- nothing special.
But the asthma coming along with it is unique. – Both arriving after Phos has finished acting.

Therefore the following is decisive for the next remedy:
Tightness chest,

< after intercourse

Calc-c has all three modalities in cure-combinable fashion.

So Calc-c now.

If one deducts from the totality of symptoms what is determining for the Phos, (and what Phos will do when applied), and then individualizes the left over symptoms, then one will end up with Calc-c inevitably. Therefore Boenninghausen would have sen this patient home with a dose of Phos, followed by a dose of Calc-c.
Whoever is acquainted with Psora will have spotted that the whole case is the doing of Psora.

Consultation 12 – 07:

Result as expected.
I only give remedies if the indications are there. If there are no clear indications, then the liveforce wants to be left alone to work things out. The liveforce will call for help whenever it will need it by distinct symptoms.

Consultation10 – 12

And now the liveforce is calling for help again. From the symptoms its’s clearly Calc-c again.

One could argue, that Calc-carb would have been the remedy straight from the start, but the suitable remedy for the disease was Phos.

It is a bit like football:
If the ball is in a difficult angle to the goal it is better to move the ball over to a better spot and then shoot. Remedies always work at their best if the symptoms are clear.
Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on September 20, 2009 at 5:32am
hi Debby
Iwill post a detailed work- out of this case, then it becomes clear why and when to change -- as soon as I find time.
I give remedies whenever there are indications for them,-- so in this case, if there is no indication even after 10 years, I won't give a remedy.
Comment by Debby Bruck on September 19, 2009 at 8:57pm
Thank you Hans. How did you know when to change from Phos to Calc? Does she not get another dose of constitutional once a year or so?

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